Consumers Energyrestart if service delayed unnecessarily

K Aug 03, 2018

When the power went out after I was unable to keep up (being on maternity leave & not having normal income) I was able to gather up enough to have it restored. The problem was that when I tried to pay it with a few different methods I was then notified that "no more than 3 ‘transactions' are allowed per account per day". I was not notified of this prior to the situation & since I only had a little bit here & there I was not permitted to make my final payment until after midnight the following day. This inexplicably ridiculous policy extended my stress which had already been excessive postpartum. It is extremely difficult to change especially runny & explosive diapers in the dark by candlelight. There is no logical reason to refuse payment when someone has a perfectly acceptable form of payment available. I would consider seeking alternate companies for electric service because of this most absurd policy. To make matters worse when I initially discussed the problem it was 4:30 in the afternoon (after putting cash onto a prepaid card)... and the supervisor had approved it to be turned back on anyway because I had been doing everything possible to make the payment & with a verbal contract to pay it in the am. They were supposed to return my phone call by 5:30 to assure breakers were off but did not. When I called back at 5:40-5:50 I was refused the same help I had previously been promised and told no one had made any prior notes. That supervisor was completely rude & told me I had plenty of time since my initial payments posted in the 11am hour. She expected me to drive across town and manually pay it at the service ctr (but I didn't even find out about this problem until closing time at 4:30) & all of this was in between making food for 40-70 refugee/immigrant families. Luckily we did not plan on using any equipment in my home. This experience has dramatically increased difficulties in my life. I would appreciate it if they would revise this policy for future users & provide some sort of recompense for all of this insanity.

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