Conservicewater bill

N May 23, 2016 Review updated:

I live in Atlantic City, NJ and I am also a section 8 recipient. My biggest problem I have is my water bill. First if all I rent, I don't own. I work hard, take care of my children and responsibilities. My complex in which I live in have developed new owners and with that have tacked on this so called scamming company. Now I have paid my water bill when it started in 2013. I've noticed I was paying more than home owners and we have yet to see any water meters. I've stopped paying in 2014. Now it's only been two years and there is no way in hell my water bill should be $6900.00. I absolutely do not think anybody in their right mind should pay this, some people around here don't have to pay a water bill. That is totally not fair. I need some help Please


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