Zoosk / withdrawing money from my account

London, England, Greater London, United Kingdom

My subscription was due to automatically renew so 4 days before that time I contacted Zoosk via the online dating account I had with them. I filled out the details for 'Cancellation' and promptly received this e-mail acknowledgement (titled "Subscriber request received: cancel"):
"Thanks for contacting Zoosk! This is a courtesy auto-response to let you know your support request (ref number given here) has been received.
While this message is from the Zoosk auto-response robot and not actually from a real person, rest assured that we've received your support request and have assigned it to a customer support representative.
Email support is reserved for Zoosk Subscribers. As a Subscriber, you can expect a personal reply in 2-3 business days or less!"
Note that they acknowledged they had received my request to CANCEL and they promised a reply WITHIN 2-3 business days or less! (their excalmation).
So what happened? It has been SEVEN DAYS since that e-mail and they have NOT REPLIED AT ALL but have TAKEN A NEW MONTH'S SUBSCRITION from my bank account. I have written to them again but, as before, NO REPLY.
And comments from others here that many odd things happen on this site are true in my experience, for example:
1. I received many 'matches' from Zoosk via Carousel (of woman who ZOOSK SAID actually WANTED to meet me) but when I paid coins to contact those women they seemed to have no interest. So I am left with no idea if these women were actually genuine.
2. It seems that most women cannot reply to messages sent to them! The women also need to pay a subscription but women are used to not doing that (next time i will not be born a man!) ... so why does Zoosk not recognise that fact and simply make its money by ripping-off (sorry, I mean "charge") the males?
BUT MY MAIN GRIEVANCE is that they have TAKEN my money even though they acknowledged my cancellation 7 days ago.
They need to be sorted out legally by the authorities.

Aug 28, 2014

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