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September 22, 2017, Visited Zaxby's 6707 Commonwealth Ave, Jax, FL 32254, Client 153, Jill C at 7:21 PM. After waiting in the drive thru line for over 20 minutes to place an order, upon arriving at the window the associate did not greet me at all. She handed my food thru the window and said "here you go", closed the window and came back to hand me my drink and closed the window again. Not once did she say "thank you", "have a great day", or anything. I could not believe it, so I waited for about 3 minutes until she realized I was still there . She then opened the window again and said nothing. I asked of her name and she said Jill and closed the window again. I left with the intention of calling the store and asking for the store manager to tell them my experience. When I arrived home, I called the store Jill answered; and, asked if I could speak to the store manager, said she was the manager. I explained how I waited in the line for over 20 minutes and how I felt her customer service was not good, She said "Oh I'm glad you told me". Even after explaining my experience and how I felt she did not apologize or say thank you; actually she became very arrogant and starting being sarcastic. I asked if there was anyone else I could speak with and she once again said she was the manager in charge. I said okay, I would contact corporate office, she said "that's fine, you want me to give you the number". My response was no, I would send them an email. She said "you go ahead" and hung up the phone. I have never experience such poor customer service, nor have I ever taken the time to contact a corporate corporation to complaint; and, to find out she is the store manger, that is truly unacceptable. After the experience with Jill, I truly did not enjoy my meal and was tempted to take it back to the restaurant.

If Jill is in fact the store manager, I strongly recommend she receives Customer Experience Training, demoted, or be removed from interacting with customers.

Sep 22, 2017
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      Oct 18, 2017

    I went to Zaxby's. Drive thru. Yesterday Tues 10-16 17. I purchased a BLT dinner, and an order of onion rings plus a couple more dinners.The Bacon on the BLT was Raw, gross me out the onions looked as if they were over cooked and gresay.Thats it I rather eat at home than blow my money out the window, My advice close your window and just serve people inside.All fast food places are getting like this, the people that go to the drive thru get nasty left over crap.

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