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not putting the real grilled chicken on the house salad, not letting customers know, an it make the salad taste different!!!

On the grilled house chicken salad, they think people don't know the difference the real grilled...

rude managment

Very rude manager. His Name is Dan Higgins. I asked a employee if she wanted to take her break and she said...

foreign object in salad

I visited our local Zaxby's and ordered a salad to go. When I arrived home, I found this piece of metal...

rude manager

There's a manager there by the name of Tony or Antonio Lane who is very RUDE. There hasn't been one day that I've been there on his shift and he hasn't had a bad attitude. He's ALWAYS angry as if he don't like his job. I feel the service and atmosphere would be better if he wasn't there. He walks around with an attitude like he's mad at the world. I've decided to just stay away from that particular Zaxbys which is located closer to my home. (SOUTH SLAPPEY) I'll go out of the way to eat someplace else.

quantity of food

I have been a customer of this Zaxby's since it opened. Today I went by for my usual weekly lunch and went through the drive. When I arrived at my office and opened my plate you can imagine my disappointment at my lunch. I am a creature of habit and order the same meal nearly every time (Big Zax Snax Meal). When I opened it I was surprised to see 3 small chicken strips that were no larger than my pinkie finger and about 12 French fries. If I had not already been back at my office I would have returned it and asked for a refund. Usually the portions are large enough that I cannot finish the meal. Today I was quite able to finish and then still be hungry.

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young employee working off of the clock

Thursday night. 9/11 . Employee was told to clock out by manager. The store was busy so the employee told the manager she would clock out and "Help" since they were very busy. Manager allowed employee to continue working even though she was no longer on the clock. Store very unprofessional. This should NOT have happened. Manager seemed as if she did not know what she was doing exactly. (buena vista road)

Resolved rudeness

On 7-24-14, shortly after 6pm, I stopped at this Zaxby's to get dinner. The order was taken by a trainee...

Resolved rude employees

The mangers and most employees there are so rude . They don't speak nicely and don't seem like they...

Resolved employee legal conspiricy

We met at our local zaxbys to discuss an on going court case in what we thought was a good environment with...

Resolved bad service, worse food

I have been a customer at this particular store for over 3 years. At first everything was great. My last 3 visits, in the last 2 months, well, let's just say strike're out! When I started spending my money at Zaxbys, I always got a thank you. My food was hot and fresh. And a manager was always there to make sure everything was great! Now, it seems like, they just try to get me out of there as quickly as possible. No one ever says anything to me, except the order number now. My food tastes like its almost recooked. And I'm not sure this particular store even has a manager anymore. I haven't seen one in over 2 months. Anyway, I used to feel like I was appreciated every time I stepped through the door. Now I cant even eat the food that I paid for. Does anyone care about this store anymore or just about the dollars in the register. They won't get anymore of mine!

Resolved I have a horrible manager

I work at zaxbys and my manager has been saying inappropriate things to me. He is the general manger he is 24 and I am 16 I know I should tell him to stop but I am passive but I'm concerned that this will become an even bigger problem next time he does something I don't like I plan on speaking up but as of right now I am really scared to go to work!!

Resolved will never eat here again!

Hello! I use to love coming to Zaxby's to get a salad and some chedder bites. Recently, I had a experience that will not allow me to ever eat here again. About 2 weeks ago, I went through the drive through to get a salad and chedder bites, and opened my box before leaving the facility, and was shocked to see a ROACH in my food. I know things happen at times, but I am not sure how someone could not have seen this?! I was disgusted, and I will never eat here again.


  • Ri
    ricki rogers Nov 20, 2008

    i ordered two zaxby's snack meals with diet cokes, when my daughter and i got home with our meals all we had was chicken skin(no meat)deep fried with our fries.we were very disappoited and i would either like my money back or tww free meals.

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  • Ro
    rockstar123 Jul 09, 2009

    The chicken fingers don't have skin... wow. trying to get something for free!

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  • Tr
    tristaw089 Jun 04, 2010

    Went to get a salad and my crouton was a piece of bread cut up. Was totally upset and will never go back to zaxby's again.

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  • Bl
    Blackjack21 Jun 05, 2010

    You won't go back over a crouton? And just an fyi, all homemade croutons come from cut up pieces of bread.

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Okay, first I love zaxby's!!! I eat there 2 or 3 times a week. But my last couple of visits, is causing me to...

Resolved food and coustomer service

Went to Zaxby's and got super old and cold fries. Went back up and asked for fresh fries. The counter person went over to the manager and told her I wanted fresh fries. The counter person then brought the nasty fries back and the manager then proceeded to tell me that the fries were fresh. I again asked for fresh fries and went to sit back down. I was brought more fries in which most were super old and cold only a few were hot and fresh. I worked as a fast food manager in several other fast food restaurants and know enough to 1. Not argue with the customer. 2. Get rid of the old fries, most people are willing to wait for fresh foo. 3. Even if I knew the food was within the proper holding time to make the customer fresh food. Without happy customers you have no income and the employees either lose hours or a job. This is not the first time that this has happened to me at this store but it sure will be the last time. Maybe the big bosses need to go on Under Cover Boss and see what is going on in their stores. There are several other places close by for me to pick from. I did not realized that asking for my food to be fresh so that it tasted good was such a big issue. Even my chicken sandwich was borderline. I know that store used to be busier now I know why it was so dead when I walked in there.

Resolved roach in food

I had order the wings and things mild i got home and was eating my food and a roach was in my sauce. that wa...

Resolved customer serice

I was very dissatisfied with the service I received at Zaxbys located in Newnan, Ga off of Interstate 85 on Bullsboro. I simply asked the manager to place a piece of grilled chicken under the faucet to wash off the salt. The manager refused to wash the chicken because he stated it would affect the cook time. Who has ever heard of such??? I stressed the importance of limiting my salt intake due to a medical condition. He could have cared less. He said, "in training, we can not change the meat in any way." I was very frustrated and ordered the food anyway. The manager came to our table and said there was only 480mg of salt in the grilled chicken. I looked up the nutritional information on the website and there was actually 480mg of salt in the bun and 870mg of salt in the grilled chicken. That pretty much maxed out my salt intake for the day. What an idiot.

  • Why The Long Faces Jun 17, 2012

    Why would you eat processed food if you have such a salt limitation? Nearly everything you get when you eat out is full of sodium. If you want salt free you need to be eating low sodium/low cal food.

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  • Da
    Dacustomerisnotalwaysright Jul 03, 2012

    Sounds to me like the manager was trying to help you as much as possible. You sound really rude. I would have just walked away from you. The manager, at least, took time out of his busy day to try and help you. If he said that something could not be done, then I am sure it was because he was not allowed to. I doubt he really has the time to figure out ways to mess with customers. You, as a customer, did not have to eat there. If you are dissatisfied with any policies at any restaurant you go in, you have the right to leave. Did he force you to eat there? I don't think so. Sounds to me like you should have gone somewhere else to leave. Also sounds to me that you need to find something to fill your time with if you have time to come on here and try to ruin people's lives. @#!&*

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Resolved rude beyond belief

Our order was grossly mismanaged. When we called to let them know they forgot half of a 40.00 order, and gave us no condiments, napkins, forks... the manager was extremely rude, saying that its the customers perogative to ask for condiments and utensils. Did not offer to replace the food, never offered a refund. Unbelievable. We will NEVER go to this particular frachise again.

Resolved complaining about zaxby sauce

ordered a nibbler meal and exchanged the fries for onion rings. when i got the onion rings i din't get...

Resolved rude worker

Drive through worker asked us to repeat our order several times, she was very difficult to understand, highly...


I used to work at a zaxbys here in augusta and just let me say that the managers need to get there acts together...occasionally rude to customers and just becuz i left on bad terms dont mean they have to yell at each other when i go into the place to's like they are warning everyone up there that i am there and gonna start stuff...for one i will not do that and two i didnt do anything to anyone so they need to chill...other than that...the food is awesome but the crew is not...well most of em...

  • Ge
    george20 Aug 14, 2011

    A manager name Kystal Lovett is not manager material at all.Shes rude, lazy, and she do not do anything to better zaxbys.They allowed her to become a manager and she clearly dont need to be one.Before she leaves for the day, she doesnt check after the employees to make sure that everything is clean, set up, and done for the night shift employees!I recommend that she either be put down to a employee and learn from the managers there no or to be fired.Im tired of hearing my child come home complaining about they be busy but Mrs.Lovett doesnt help.If nothing is not done about the problem, i will notify the state.And will never come back.

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