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Zales / poor quality merchandise as well as terrible customer service!

1 Baton Rouge, LA, United States Review updated:
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Zales has terrible customer service and the quality of their merchandise is very poor. My fiancee paid $4,000 for my engagement ring only to have a diamond fall out 3 months later. I'm not the type of person who is rough. My daily activities include going to class and homework. Zales has given me the run around since day 1. My merchandise was never in the store on the promised date. The first incident occured when I brought the ring in to be resized. The ring was supposed to take only a week. When I went into the store to pick it up I was told that the ring had not been sent off to the jeweler yet. The second incident happened when one of the diamonds fell out. I was sitting in class and just so happen to glance at my hand and noticed and empty place. My ring was a past present future ring so it looked as if it was missing teeth. I immediately informed my fiancee. We took it into the store on October 30, 2007. The sales associate informed us that it would take 2-3 weeks to come back. Three weeks from that date was printed on our receipt as the promised date. Three weeks later I went into the store to pick it up only to be told that it actually takes 4-6 weeks. About 5 weeks later I called to check on the status only to be told that it usually takes 6-8 weeks and that the original person who had told me 2-3 weeks was new and didn't have the right information. 8 weeks later which was last week on January 2, 2008 I called the corporate office. They really couldn't give me an exact date. They said that the repair center only accepts emails not phone calls and to call back on January 8, 2008 which would be exactly 2 months since my ring was actually sent off to the repair center (yes, my ring sat there for 9 days before being sent off). When I called the store on January 9, 2008 I was told that the repair center sent an email to the store saying that it would be another 3 weeks before I would receive my ring. The Zales staff in Baton Rouge, LA are very rude. Every time myself or my fiancee would call the to check on my ring we were treated very badly. After my fiancee paid $4,000 for a ring the last thing I would expect would be for a diamond to fall out after only 3 months. We have been engaged for 6 months and half of that time my ring finger has been empty. I will never do business with Zales again. I will also tell every single person that I can to do the same. I attend college out of state so imagine how sad and depressed I was when I went home back to California for the Christmas holiday without my ring. Every where I went people constantly asked about my ring. I had nothing to show for my engagement, only a terrible story about Zales. I honestly think we should all try to get a class action lawsuit going. This is really absurd. I'm afraid to get my ring back after hearing all of these horror stories about the diamonds not matching and not being clear.

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  • Ki
      22nd of Jan, 2008
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    If you bought a ring from them,& have records of in repairs you should have NO trouble at all where that store should be replacing your ring for free since you had it there for repairs and after getting it back your stone fell out... Unless I read incorrect. Either way they the should be fully responsible for your ring..if they continue to stall you ask them to refund the cost of ring..I know you'll need to find another ring but better than the stress of worrying what youre getting from them. If they still have your ring state you will be filing complaints with the better business buearu (to corporate office),besides contacting an attorney. If you have a local news channel there that focus' on fraud I'd call them also & see how fast you get your ring back..

    I'd never buy an item from them learned my lesson years ago when they sold something as 14k/diamonds to find out later it was 10k

    Wish you luck, sorry to hear your happy event turned out so sour.
    When youre in the store next time make sure you speak loudly where other customers are aware of their tactics. They will act quickly to get you helped & out of the store they dont want to lose customers

  • Ma
      4th of Feb, 2008
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    I work for Zales and I am embarrassed to hear your story. The story should have offered to exchange your ring right away, since you had it for such a short time. I do understand though, if you would have wanted to keep the original and not exchange. (since this is the ring he put on your finger).
    Under our diamond warrenty...if a diamond should fall out or should crack we sent these repairs to our corporate offices for repair and not to a local jeweler.

    Currently all of these "corporate" repairs are taking 8 WEEKS. We just learned of this in Jan/08. Prior to this the turnaround time was 4-6 weeks.

    I hope by now that you have your ring back. If not, call back to the corporate office and tell them that you want the Director of Stores involved. Trust me...this get the ball rolling.

    Just know that not all Zales stores treat their customers as you were treated. Your story upsets me...such a bad reflection on those of us in the company that do care about our customers. If it means anything at this point..I am really sorry for all your trouble.

  • Je
      21st of Jan, 2009
    0 Votes

    Zales are doing this to alot more people thaZales should be put out of business. They dont care and dont know how to fix things the 1st, 2nd, 3rd or 4th time and they still wanna be paid for the repair.. my stone fell out of a necklace and they cant fix it right and when i asked for the money back.. they sent the necklace back to have the stone removed so they can give it back to me with no stone in it. I give up but Im writing to whoever will listen.

  • Br
      11th of Feb, 2009
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    My fiance' bought my engagement ring in July of 2008 and just now in Jan. of 2009 i look down this weekend and a diamond is missing... it's a past present and future ring, so i completely understand the girl above that says it looks as if a tooth is missing out of it!! I also live in the Baton Rouge area, which is where my fiance' purchased my ring from(the LA Mall). I brought my ring in today(02/11/09) and the lady working at Zales tried to tell me that they wouldn't be able to fix my ring because i hadn't brought it in for the inspection. I obviously didn't buy the ring for myself, so I had no clue I had to bring it in for inspections every so often. After I argued the last sentence with her for a good 5 minutes she went ahead and did the inspection, I'm not really sure WHY because I had an entire diamond missing... She then proceeds to do my paper work and hands it back over to me to sign, she informs me I shouldn't look for my ring to be in until APRIL8TH!!! Are you kidding me!?!?! I'm getting married in July. I have my engagement party in MARCH. I didn't realize it would take half my engagement to have it fixed, and now after reading all the horror stories of other problems other people had after they got their rings back, I'm completely terrified to get mine back. I'm going to be heartbroken if I don't have my ring for my engagement party. You spend $3grand on a ring, you expect it to last!

  • Ma
      15th of Aug, 2009
    0 Votes

    When you say that the ring sat there for 9 days, the situation is that the diamond replacements are sent in with the "home office box" to control costs and if that was the first box sent then that is when the ring went to H.O.

  • Ab
      10th of Sep, 2009
    0 Votes

    I bought my custom made pendant and diamond chain from and really happy, the BlueNile will never have such a good pieces. is the best jewelry store!

  • Ke
      1st of Jul, 2010
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    I agree with all the problems with Zales, we have been waiting for 4 months and still my ring has not been repaired. I would like to just get a refund of what it will cost to replace it now. Not when I purchased it 5 1/2 years ago. Zales can not even replace it for less that 10, 000. We paid 7500.00 in 2005. I think if they can not fix it that they should refund me 10, 000 to go somewhere else. Zales is just a big scam. They sell you crap and then when it breaks they say that they can not fix it but you can upgrade with them and buy some more crap. Corp Office is a joke too. They need to have a law suit brought against them

  • Dk
      3rd of Feb, 2011
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  • Jo
      4th of Jun, 2011
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    I have bought the past present and future ring also..but i found out the diamonds are not real when i took my ring to a jeweler to have him check it out..after being repaired at the Zales repair shop.. so please have your ring examined by an expert when it is returned. The diamonds might not be real. I am now filing a lawsuit with the consumers protection bureau for Zales the rip off company.

  • Ja
      24th of Apr, 2012
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    I have bought a number of items from Zales & have never been disappointed. My husband replaced my wedding set about 6 months ago & one of the small baguette diamonds fell out. I really wasn't very upset about, I have lifetime insurance on it for everything. I took the ring into the store & they immediately took care of the paperwork & sent it off for repair. The lady helping me told me when the ring would be back & I placed the repair ticket in the folder. They also told me I would receive a courtesy call when the ring was ready to be picked up. While @ work today, I am trying to remember when the rings are supposed to be back. Not having the paperwork with me, I simply called the Zales store with the intention of asking about when they were expected to be back ( I was only wanting to know b/c I'm going on a trip & would love to have the rings). Imagine my surprise when a very obnoxious, brash, lady cuts me off in mid sentence & informs me if I haven't received a call, they don't have the merchandise back. I would be notified when it was received in the store. I guess this rude lady thought she had the gift of reading my mind. I didn't even get the question out of my mouth. With that being said, i hung up on her, & I can assure you I will never purchase anything from Zales again. Unfortunate, too as my husband loves to gift me with jewelry. I'm only sorry he spent $6, 000.00 on a wedding set from Zales that will have to be serviced by nasty people for years to come. My complaint refers to the Zales store located in the Mall of Louisiana, Baton Rouge, LA.

  • Ab
      1st of Jul, 2012
    0 Votes

    My boyfriend recently bought my engagement ring from Zales in the mall of cortana in baton rouge. The people there have been really nice so far. I really hope I do not have any diamonds fall out like I've read. All of the complaints about the staff seem to be at the mall of Louisiana, so I will not be going there

  • Kr
      7th of Jan, 2016
    0 Votes

    I'm currently going through the same thing. It's been two months since I have been waiting for my ring to be sized, I was told 4-6 weeks. I'm going to Kay jewlers next time.

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