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terrible experience

I received a a nice little ring as a gift, it was from this Zale's in rehoboth, Tanger outlets. I am walking on the beach just a day later and wouldn't you know it, I look down, and the setting is empty!! The stone was gone.

I took the ring back and explained how the stone fell out somewhere. It took several weeks to get a response back from them. They kept stalling- later I found out it was because they thought I had purposely pulled the stone out of the ring! They weren't going to replace my day-old-piece of garbage precious stone because they thought I had stolen it! Finally, after weeks of calling I got the manager who replaced it free of charge.

They are not so friendly and their rings literally fall apart!

  • jamesisajeweler Apr 06, 2009

    Hello to you i'm James The Jeweler in Atlanta, Ga and i read your complaint here and in the future should you have any problems with jewelry stores contact THE JEWELER'S VIGILANCE COMMITTEE TO FILE A COMPLAINT, THIS ORGANIZATION WILL DEAL WITH THE JEWELRY STORES FOR SURE.



    Normal business hours are 9am to 5pm,
    Monday through Friday (Eastern Time)
    excluding National Holidays.

    Telephone: (212) 997-2002
    Fax: (212) 997-9148

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account closing

I opened an account with Zales with no propblem, even though my cedit isn't the greatest. I was a very...

crappy service after sold us jewelry

Zales in clackamas town center in clackamas oregon were suppose to clean and inspect my wifes diamond earings and my mens diamond ring... The ring was not buffed or cleaned and my wifes ear rnigs we real foggy whe they suppose to be done.. We finnaly took them to fred meyer and were done like they were suppose to be... Zales never again!!!

  • Wh
    whistledick Mar 21, 2009

    OBTW...we purchased these ring sets a year before...this was inspection time

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poor workmanship/worse repair service

We purchased an engagement/wedding ring from Zales in Tulsa in May of '08 the sale went very smoothly, not pushy, etc. The original price of the ring was approx $5000, marked down to $2500 with additional % off savings beyond that - this should have been my first clue! Luckily I purchased the lifetime service policy for approx $130. On receipt of it being sized, I noticed one of the small diamonds was not present (they apparently didn't notice or thought I wouldn't) therefore it was sent back for an additional 2 weeks - so, I buy a ring, and am immediately without it for 4 weeks. It was due to be checked in Nov, which it was - not much checking, just a quick look and told it was fine and my receipt marked that I'd been in. Two weeks later, in December, I look down to see an enormous hole where one of the large diamonds had been. When taking it back it, I was surprised how indifferent they were to having to replace a 1/2 caret diamond. It was promised back in 2 weeks, it's now been 3 weeks and they tell me they are just now getting repairs back that should have been back 4 weeks ago - Lovely! I've already told them I will have it checked with a diamond tester upon it's return. Plus now I'm hearing they could easily go out of business this year - possibly from the crummy customer service????? And replacing diamonds? I wish I could just get our money back and I'd go elsewhere!

  • Ug
    UghhtheAnger Nov 17, 2010

    Can you submit a picture, I'm having the same problem, and wonder if it's the same ring...

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special orders

On the 9th of December I ordered a ring for my wife off of the Zales website. It was a special order ring and...

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bad worst customer service

What kind of a Zale Store Manager who will put her own employee down and bully them at the same time. I witness in many occassion and instances an employee in Zale is being bullied by his and her own Zale Store Manager. I can't believe how the Zale Store Manager bully her own employees. Also; what kind of Zale Store Manager who come to work late and leave early before her schedule end. Who also the first one who go to lunch and stay for lunch for hours. I am very disappointed! Imagine I waited for this Zale Store Manager to take care my refund but she was in Nordstrom Cafe for along time eating and enjoying chatting and bragging how she would fired her employees as she just do not like them personally. I bought a ring from the Zale Store Manager which she charges my credit card twice. When I called the Zale Store Manager about my credit card being charges twice, all she can do is just come to the store and will refund you by voiding the transaction then she just hang-up without letting me know when. This Zale Store Manager is grumpy and have a very nasty attitude. She is more busy gossiping about her employees than helping them which make me sick as every time I come to the Zale Store all she do is complain how unhappy she is with her all employees. No Zale Store Manager who is in the right mind and who has a proper training who will put down her own employees. I recommend for Zale Corporation Management to help this Zale Store Manager in Pentagon City Mall
to train this Zale Store Manager as she is lacking a lot of customer service training as she do not know how to talk to people specially to her own employees and loyal Zale customer.

  • Je
    Jessica Navaro Jan 17, 2009

    Zale Store Manager Pentagon Center Virginia very nasty, cruel, unpleasant bad customer service attitude.
    Bought and purchase a ring but since she is having a bad day she denied me a customer service in stead she
    recommended me to buy a ring at Kays Jewelry Store downstairs. Zale Store Manager rather continue
    arguing with her employee than helping us customer.

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  • Je
    Jessica Navaro Jan 18, 2009

    I have the same experience the Zale Store Manager in Pentagon City Mall treated me very nasty.
    I was looking for an engagement ring she send me in stead to Kays Jeweler store because she is busy
    talking to the phone. She denied me service. I hope the Zale Corporation notice these Zale Store Manager
    unpleasant attitude. She sat all day in that chair talking. So, sad!

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employee fraud activities

I was approach by zale sale employee using her zale employee discount just to get a sale.
I feel very uncomfortable and feel very disapointed because I have never been offered
By any sale lady in any sort of establishment before. I thought the african zale sale lady
Is crazy. But when she said she can give me her zale employee discount I thought it was
Unusual. I think this is a bad business in zale corporation if they allow these kind of
Fraud activities by their zale employee. Is this a common practice just to get a sale?
Not that I do not mind accepting it but I just feel aweful.

worst customer service zale store manager

Zale Store Manager Pentagon City Mall Virginia witness bullying and harassing employee Pakistan in front of many customer. I am amazed how the Zale Store Manager embarass her own employee in front of the customer. I am shopping at Zale Jewelry store looking for an engagement ring and all of the sudden; the Zale Store Manager throw her tantrums as she claim she is pregnant and could not help to be upset as her employee named Tony is stupid and damn and could not comprehend English. I thought that was very cruel on her part to discuss her problem to us customer. Then she proceeded in telling us customer how her employee beat each other up that made her feel very upset all the time and another Asian Lady employee who is interested on her husband. Zale Store Manager claim she does not want any foreigner works in her store. As she despite foreigner who came to America who does not know English at all. I was insulted because I am also a foreigner from Burma. From now on; I wont shop at Zale Jewelry Store in Pentagon City Mall as the Zale store Manager is very nasty and prejudice.

  • Je
    Jessica Navaro Jan 18, 2009

    Zale Corporation should decipline the Zale Store Manager in Pentagon City Mall for Management Training as there should not have any bullying and harassment exist in there store using power tripping. It is very sad that the Zale Sale Employee who is Pakistani experience that humiliation. I commend the Zale Sale Employee Pakistani for keeping up his cool and for being calm and collective.

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misleading price discount

Went to zale jewelry store pentagon city mall to purchase a diamond ring and talk to an old asian sale rep. And promise that I will be back to purchase it with my fiancee. The next day I came back to zale jewelry store with my fiancee and unfortunately the asian sale rep. Doesn't work. So I end up talking to another a new hire sale rep. And because the new hire sale rep. Could not give me the exact amount of discount she ask me to wait as the zale store manager still at lunch in nordstrom cafe. I waited for over an hour still the zale store manager at lunch. So me and my fiancee decided to browse around the mall. For over four hours later we came back to the zale jewelry store and the zale store manager can only say, she enjoy talking to the helzeberg jewelry manager and forget the time, no apology in her part. Then store manager says, well you should have not waited that long. Then she proceed in ringing the ring to the cash register without asking me the price of the diamond ring. When I told the zale store manager that I was given a discount by an older asian lady sale rep. All the zale store manager say is that the zale store sale asian lady do not know what she talking about. Then she she said; look if you do not want this ring, let me know your holding my time as there more customer out there who need my help. Not realizing I waited for her for four hours. I feel bad and I promise myself not to there anymore as the customer service is suck and very nasty specially the attitude of the zale store manager.

scam billing

My husband and I went to zales to purchase rings for our wedding. We ordered our rings and they took our sizes and they switched the sizes. My husbands ring came back a size 6 and my ring was sized to 8. This was done one month before we got married. I had to return the rings to have them resized. The sales clerk was snotty to me and it was their fault the rings were sized incorrectly.

We received a Zales card. The agreement with the card was 12 months no interest. We paid every month faithfully. Not one time we were ever late. Until the last payment. It arrived at Zales one day late. So now they have decided to add 29.00 late fee to the already paid balance. We owe them nothing on the balance.

Now just a 29.00 late fee for one day being late.

  • Re
    ReesePualani Jun 01, 2010

    Did you think to call the customer service line? If you do not have a history of making late payments, they would have refunded that $29 late fee. Also, all billing is done thru citibank, and is automated. If your payment arrives to the billing dept one day late, that late fee is automatically added to your bill. If you read your billing statements for any credit card, they always say to make sure you are sending the payment with enough time to get there before the due date. I hope the situation with your rings got resolved, sometimes mistakes happen at the vendor level too, not just at store level.

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emerld cut diamond ring

Re:Emerald Cut ring purchase price $ 4, 799.99

Myhusband purchased this ring November 2004 ...I began to notice a color change after I had the Zales people send it off for a sizing. It is white gold and it started showing a yellow tint about 1 year ago. I said something to my husband and he could not see it. But, I am a women and love pretty jewerly so, I was difitenly noticing it. I brought the problem up at the store and the manager said it needed to be sent off and have it polished etc. She sent it off and it took 3 weeks to get it back but, she said she sent it somewhere else (because it was not done right) and so it did not get back from that place for over a week after I had another visist with her. I received it today and one of the diamonds in not centered where it should be...This was not this way until it had be sent out of the Lawton store to the repair shop and then sent out to the 2nd repair shoP. I love this ring b ut, the service is no good. I expected to be contacted before it was sent out the second time. Someone is not doing their job ... after spending way over $10, 000 with Zales since August 1982 I feel like they are taking me for granted and do not appreciate good customers. Ii have good jewerly but, it cannot be serviced by every Tom Dick and Harry .. who does the repairs etc for Zales? some wierdo that has not education in jewerly? I intend to take this up with the manager asap...Then I will have to wait another month or so to have the stone reset. Every time we go in the store we have to deal with someone different.My other complaint is that I purchased a band that matches my Zales Diamont 1 ct. and I was told that I would have to pay for the sizing...what is the deal there. Do you require everyone to pay for sizing???? I never knew that...If you want to sell something you have to have it sized to fit the customers finger. What has happend to good service for what you buy????????? I really would love just to have my money back or a new ring...)Please check this out and give me a answer...June Cantrell, 3405 Rambling Oaks, Duncan, Ok [protected]

  • Ju
    just so you know Apr 01, 2009

    This is in response to your concern about your ring's color--if it was white gold (which I'm guessing it was), it is normal for it to lose its white color over time. "White" gold is not really white--it actually has a yellowish cast to it, like the one you describe. White gold jewelry is usually plated with a substance called rhodium to give the metal its white hue. It will need to be replated every so often to keep its white color. As for the rest of your complaints, sorry I can't help you, but I hope everything turned out all right.

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terrible experience

My husband purchased my princess cut solitaire at zales in Jan of 2000. When trying to pick out a band to go with my solitaire I was discouraged from the idea that I liked and wanted to see on my finger, being told it wasn't a good look. Another idea I had, a jacket, was also shot down. I was told that the ring was too wide and it couldn't be done. My current jeweler showed me that it was not only possible but very stunning! The look I was going for back in 2000 was very popular last year and this year, 2007-08. This was only the beginning of my experience with Zales. In March 2000, only a couple of days before my wedding and barely two months after the ring was purchased, I lost my diamond still attached to the head it was set in. The gold in the band where it had been attached appeared to be pitted. The store gave me a loaner ring to wear to my wedding while they fixed mine. When I received my own ring back it had the wrong head. I was told they had no way of knowing which head was originally on the ring even after I presented my papers (with photo on the certificate) to them along with the broken ring when it was brought in for repair. I was upset and just wanted to take my ring, even though it was not right. I was told that even in a couple days or so if I decided that I wanted to have the right head put on the ring I still could. When I asked for my certificate for the new diamond that was replaced I was told to keep my old certificate and that the diamond was a match to my original one. I thought they knew what they were talking about so I left with no new papers for this new diamond. Only days after this all took place I was having some snagging issues with the prongs that were on the ring (the wrong head) and took it in only to realize that there were two cracked prongs. I had them put the original style head on the ring at that point. I eventually took the ring in to Helzburg's and was told that I should indeed have been given a new certificate for the new diamond because no two diamonds are alike. I also asked another jeweler from one of the city's most reputable jewelry stores and was told the same exact thing. I went back into Zales with this information and they argued me out of it. That was the end of it. I took no further action. I wish I had but it has been almost 9 years since the purchase of the ring. As one woman stated in another post about Zales... "I am now stuck with a ring that I do not like and has no sentimental value to me."

  • Re
    ReesePualani Jun 01, 2010

    I'm sorry you had such a bad experience. You should have returned the ring after you started to experience those problems. It is definitely not ok that all this happened to you. But it is also your job as a consumer to watch out for yourself and not let people talk you into something you don't like. If you didn't like their ideas and suggestions for your ring, you should have left that store and gone elsewhere. It is their job to try to make you happy so that you buy, not only that ring, but lots of other things from them. But, under no circumstance, did they hold a gun to your head and make you sign that reciept and buy the ring from them. It is not the salesperson's fault that some people let themselves get talked into buying something, they are there to make money!

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bad service

I ordered several items fom Zales. I did this in response to tons of emails I received from them regarding sale. I placed my order per internet on Fri. 9.00am. I paid nearly $40.00 for next day Saturday delivery . It stated orders needed to be placed before noon. No problem ships out of same state with no time difference. Well, I was to receive email confirmation with 15 minutes. Hours go by NO EMAIL CONFIRMATON. So I called and talk to Zales rep. She assured me that they had my order and it was in stock and delivery was going to be on time. Well, here it is Saturday almost 3:00 p.m. and no fed-ex package. You must be at home to sign for their deliveries. So I called...they still did not send email with tracking info. Zales stated that indeed IT WAS NOT SHIPPED..had no explanation why. Great
a day lost due to their stupid rules ( signature required) No email really no nothing. So I told the rep. CANCEL...she said that she could not. Well their stupid rules state you can if YOUR ITEMS HAVE NOT SHIPPED (no problem there.) than you can cancel. She said just refuse package I said NO JUST DON"T SEND THE DAMN PACKAGE. I had read really bad reviews on ZALES...I should have listened. Will not shop there again.

  • Al
    Alex More Oct 04, 2008

    Its just going to get worse at Zales, My family has been shopping at the same Zales store for 15 years. And yes they at times have some really stupid people working there. But the jeweler/goldsmith has been incredible and we have gone there many times just because of him. He has done custom rings for us in the past, as well as years of repair work. Now Zales has made the decision to start sending all there customers jewelry out of state to huge 24 hour a day repair houses. They dont care anything about quality anymore. All Zales wants is to get their ring sized for next to nothing ! Now they tell me it will take 3 WEEKS for a ring to be sized or just to have my white gold ring repolished and rhodiumed. 3 WEEKS can you believe that? weve never waited more than 3 or 4 days!!! How do they think that will work when I can go to any other mall store and get it done fast. ??? Now think about your ring, its going to be boxed up with tons of other peoples stuff, mailed out and sent somewhere else to be just one of thousands instead of your one and only. Or what if you buy a gift, give your loved one a beautiful ring...then have to take it away for a month just to get sized! And then hope its the correct size. I told the manager that we have to take or business to another store with a local jeweler. Her response was "oh well, thanks for our previous business" then she turned and walked away. Can you say "customer service"

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  • Ma
    marie69 Aug 15, 2009

    What else do you expect her to say? Do you honestly think that it was her decision to change the repair process? This is a chain with over 700 locations and the managers are just glorified salespeople. To focus your frustration on her is WRONG! If you are that indignant then call their home office in Irving, TX. The # is 972-580-4000.

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  • No
    no ring Sep 14, 2011

    i purchased my fiance weddindg ring on a friday only to be promised that it will be back by wednesday... Our wedding is Friday...I called to check on my ring (on Wednesday because no one tried to contact me to let me know anything)...Only to be told it wont be back till friday..the day of my wedding? i couldve went elsewhere if id known what a big inconvenience they have caused...i will never shop with them again!

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  • He
    heath2011 Sep 14, 2011

    why did you wait til the last minute to get a ring? Poor planning on your part does not mean they have to ignore everyone else to attend to your needs

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  • Be
    Ben0519 Aug 22, 2012

    I agreed.they suck.i ordered a watch from the web, it said only takes 1-3 business days to ship, then I waited 3 days there is no email about the new update. So I go ahead call and cancel my order. The rep. Said they can't cancel my order for sure because it's been verfied?really? If the product has not shipped yet, why can't u cancel?its a she put a note for me to the sales department, then they did take the pending charge off my CC without saying anything to me. I'm glad because I thought its all over.but a week later they sent my the email with tracking number said my order has shipped? WTF?i called to customer service to complaint, that guy just kept saying he's sorry and it's my fault to spent money on something else if ur cc goona go over?really? f*** that, now just wondering if they gonna charge my CCDor the second time after they authorized to cancel the charge on my CC!!will not shop at zales anymore in my life

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gives runaround & horrible customer service

My husband and I went to the Laguna Hills Mall Store to have his wedding ring resized(which is on warranty). They we nice at first, the only problem was none of the staff had a clue what they were doing. Thats pretty scary when they are handling expensive jewelry. They said it would be ready in 3 days at the most and they said they would give my husband a call when it was ready..Well, a week went by and no call. My husband then called Zales and the girl he was talking to didnt know how to look up his name and didnt know where he ring was. We were pissed and on top of it she hung up on him. He calls back a second time and she told him she didnt know how to look it up and she could not help him.
So he then called customer care and after getting redirected 5 times he finally got through to someone. Customer care then said they were going to send the district manager out to that store to train everyone how to handle jewelry. Shouldnt that be done before they start working with customers and really expensive jewelry!! So in the meantime my husband gets the number to the person that is resizing it and he said it would be ready the next day. Well another week went by and they still said it wasnt ready then called my husband moments later saying it was ready. Well which one is it.
He went in to pick the ring up this morning only to get yelled at by the manager for calling customer care to complain. Instead of the manager apologizing he yelled at my husband, I just cant beleive it!!! I am in customer service and they are the most unprofessional company Ive ever dealt with. I bought all my wedding jewelry from there and I now regret it because if there is a problem then I will have to deal with these incompetent, rude people.
Lastly, when he did pick up the ring this morning there is a seam all the way around the ring that was never there. So now we have to go back and deal with that which we are probably going to be hassled by the manager and his employees. Its awful whenwe paid so much for it.

  • Sh
    Shurt Dec 04, 2009

    Since they adopt the policy of sending out merchandise this has been bad very bad

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I will never set foot in this store again

I bought a pendant online from Zales, because the lady in the store quoted me a higher price. When I received it, there were 4 diamonds missing. I called customer service and they said I would be charged for replacing the diamonds, or I could send it back. I told her that the pendant was sold out and my lifetime gtd says they would fix the problem. She said no, the store would not fix it without charge. I wonder how they can get buy with saying one thing and doing another? I will never set foot in this store again.

  • Ni
    nikky Sep 09, 2008

    yes..they say something and do something...i even experienced horrible service...we cant do anything except listen to their options given to us

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  • Ms
    ms Nov 05, 2008

    I brought a 1 carat zales signature princess cut diamond ring from zales about 2 yrs ago. When I brought it there was a small cut in the diamond and I told the sales agent about it, they say that's how diamond suppose to be and I believe them it was my first time shopping for diamond. After a year later, it was visible to see it was a cut. I brought back to the zales store and they say they will replace it. It took them 1 month to replace my diamond, when I recieved my diamond they didn't have the certified card with it. They told me the corporate will mail it to them. Now, it has been two months later, I haven't heard nothing from them. I called them once every two week to found out, guess what the manager said, they e-mail the corporate and they haven't gave them a respond back and it has been going on and on, the same excuse every time I called them. From now on, whoever lived in Richmond, California, please do not shop at zales in hilltop. The sales people who works there is not good.

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  • Ma
    marie69 Aug 15, 2009

    You mean "the sales people who work there are not good" :).

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My wife turned a new diamond ring into Zales to have it sized and three weeks later, we still have yet to see the ring. We fear it may be damaged beyond repair and their subcontract jeweller may be trying to cover his mistakes. We receive daily phone calls regarding delays in the shipping of the diamond they LOST and the replacement for the other one they BROKE!?

I am tired of the excuses and delays and no one at Zales seems to care about the emotional toll this is taking on my wife and the repeated trips to the mall to get them to fix their mistakes.

I sent a firm e-mail to their customer "service" and I have not received a response from them which does not surprise me, even though I threatened litigation if the ring is unserviceable due to their carelessness.

So, if you live in Utah, DO NOT SHOP at Zales or have repair and service work done on your jewellery if you want a smooth, painless experience.

  • Ni
    nikky Sep 09, 2008

    the same thing happened to me...when i gave my ring to be resized they changed the diamond and gave me back...i challenged them about the exchange and i was right...number encrypted on the diamond and the certificate didnot match...the regional manager accepted the mistake and promised me to give a good quality ring but all their promises are meant to be broken...after all the stress and time spent after months they gave me another option to take back my money...thats it they are not going to do anything...

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  • Ja
    JacD96 Dec 30, 2009

    My brother and his fiance ordered their wedding bands 2 1/2 months in advance. They planned on having them engraved before the wedding. Zales ordered the wrong bands!!! So, they had to not only get married with the wrong wedding bands, but now they have to turn them in and wait for the right ones to come in. That is just bull! On what was supposed to be one of the most memorable days of their lives, they had to deal with the extreme disappointment of being unable to get married with the bands that they will wear for the rest of their lives.

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rude customer service/possible rip off

I paid for my fiance's wedding band and everything went fine in the store, a little slow. I had to ask...

customer service

My ring came in a full half-size larger, it fell off my hand. The shop witch took it away from me and put it on the sizer and said it was the size we ordered, but didn't show us the sizer.

We came back the next day to an equally clueless old bag who did show us the ring on the sizer (it WAS too big) but then claimed it couldn't be fixed because of the style. Luckily someone set her straight, and the ring was shipped to another store with a jewelry fixer in residence.

THAT Zales store lost the ring, claimed the first store had it. We played phone tag for hours. I hate to admit how cheap I was for going here - the jewelry is ok but the workers are IDIOTS.

  • Kr
    Kristin Aug 15, 2008

    My fiancee purchased a beautiful ring at a zales outlet. We got the warranty, and when the center stone chipped after I fell down the stairs, breaking my wrist, we brought it back. That was June 28th, 2008. I was told it would be a month before I received my ring back, which I thought was preposterous. I've played phone tag with the store, corporate, the "custsomer service" people, all to no avail. Now I've been told that my ring won't be back until after I get married. They gave me a "spare" but the stone quality is junk and I want to be married with the ring I was proposed to with. They've had it for eight weeks to change one stone.

    Horrid yourself a favor and shop elsewhere.


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  • Ja
    James H. Cantrell Oct 25, 2008

    I am doing to same thing as we speak...I will follow up on my situation in a few days.

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  • Sa
    Sabell Mar 11, 2010

    I am pretty sure that Zale's has a policy about NOT greeting people. When I walk into Subway, I always hear a "welcome to Subway" from behind the counter. When I walk into another jewler at the mall on a busy day, like Kay's or Benchmark, I usually don't get service right away, but the employees at least make eye contact and let me know they will be with me as soon as possible. That makes me feel welcome and comfortable. I walk in to Zales, and unless there have been NO other customers in the store, I have NEVER been greeted. I find this policy not only disrespectful, but rude enough to loose my business. I also noticed that when I was being helped on a weeknight (when for a long time I was the only customer in the store) the other customers weren't greeted for who knows how long!

    On the night we purchased my fiance's ring, I had been in the store earlier and I asked him to come to try on the ring. I waited for him sitting outside the store on a bench. When we returned, one associate was helping a lady try on a ring, the other was showing a couple how to use the internet kiosk. I waited patiently for about 5 minutes, and the guy at the kiosk was just standing there, looking over the shoulders of the customers who were looking at the Zale's website. I asked if he could get the ring out that I liked. He refused, stating that he had other customers. I thought maybe it was a theft prevention measure. So we waited another 15 minutes until the lady who was trying on the ring left. I was annoyed, but I liked the person who helped us, so I let it go. We tried on the ring and purchased.

    Since then, I've been in that store and other stores WITHOUT being serviced. I feel like an introuder. The associates avoid eye contact because they are with another customer and don't recognize my presence.

    But what got me the most, was yesterday there was a FedEx guy waiting patiently. They made him stand there for at least 20 minutes. I walked the store twice, tried to make eye contact with the salesmen, and sent three text messages, answered a call, made dinner plans for 40 minutes from then, and continued to wait. I wanted to buy a necklace I had been eying, but after not getting any service, I left, and continued down the mall. About 15 minutes later, I was walking by the store again, I considered going in, but there were two families with children and I didn't want to keep my date waiting. I thought about how I'd wasted a trip to this mall specifically for the necklace and how the FedEx guy must feel. That guy was on the clock, he gets a performance review on how quickly and effectively he delivers the packages, and the employees at Zales made him wait !

    Does Zale's really think their customers are so vain they will no purchase if the employee behind the counter acknowledges another customer?

    Shop somewhere else if you want customer service. If you're a price shopper, save yourself the trip, purchase online.

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rip off

In February of 06 my fiancé bought me an engagement ring from zales in Layton Utah, within having the...

how can they get away with this stuff?!

My husband bought my engagement ring in the Rancho Cucamonga, CA Zales store March of 2006. By May 2006, I'd lost a diamond. I don't do labor, I will admit to wearing my ring all day/night... but I assumed that was what you were supposed to do with an engagement ring!!! It took two weeks to get the diamond replaced. When I got it back, the tint seemed a bit off, and the cut didn't fit the setting (tad too small on one side). I didn't complain about this... I was happy to have it back. By July 2006, I had to take it in AGAIN for another missing diamond! I couldn't believe how ridiculous it was that I'd only had the ring for a few months, and already had to replace two diamonds. It's heart breaking enough that part of the ring that holds such sentimental value is not whole anymore, as far as items that were there the night he proposed!!! I got it back just intime for my August wedding. Two months later, ironically enough as I am sitting with a friend and exchanging scary "I lost a diamond" stories... I glance at my ring, and to my surprise (not sure why I was surprised, but nonetheless), My prongs are broken! WHAT THE! Again, I work in an office. Short of washing my hair or doing the dishes, these hands are never anwhere near anything strong enough to rip out diamonds or break prongs! This time, it literally took 8 WEEKS to get my ring back! Knock on wood... I got it back November 2007, and I haven't had anything wrong since. I'm just waiting for it!

Here is the kicker. My little sisters fiance asks me to ring shop with him. We looked everywhere... ended up in the same Zales where my husband bought my ring. We laughed about "we shouldn't purchase here, who KNOWS what might happen with this ring!" But it was the perfect ring... she was thrilled when she saw it. It fits her personality to a T! So, for a moment, everyone forgot that it was purchased at Zales, and all fears were set aside to enjoy her sheer happiness everytime she looked at her left hand. Low and behold. The poor girl takes it in to have it sized. She just picked it up, and her fiance called with a horrific story. Not only is the ring now missing 4 diamonds (small specs on the side, but still, they are missing!)... but there are three gashes in the ring (one on the inside, two on the sides) which we can only imagine were left from a vice or something that held the ring during the re-sizing. I cannot believe this, I don't know what to say... I feel horrible for even suggesting Zales to my little sisters fiance. And of course, when her soon to be husband calls the shop completely outraged, they tell him "you have insurance, send it in, we'll have it fix... or you can have it replaced with another that looks just like it." Yeah, that's what they told me. Do they not realize the significant value of a ring he gave her the night he proposed? HELLO! I understand they won't comp the ring... but why the hell does Zales have such POOR quality jewelry, why the hell are we all complaining about the same thing... and they are STILL in business?

Signed, PLEASE tell me where to go from here!

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    TISHA Apr 09, 2009


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  • Ko
    konz Apr 21, 2009

    hi i was just browsing for a ring for girlfriend and i was just curious to read your story... am like this ... rings are man /women made right??? parts can break but its how & what the company does to fix the problem and with sincerity... and if they dont show compassion towards there valued customers thats when there showing that they are getting too big to kiss [email protected] . so now i feel that im taking my buisness elese where... thanks for saving others n i time and our hard earned money... Konz from BROOKLYN NY

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  • Ju
    Juliette May 01, 2009

    How sad is it.. that I am looking to replace my ring.. because I have had all my stones fall out too . I have gone to Zales several times.. emailed, , ect.. and they said that they a new jeweler.. My band.. I had custom made band.. I went back to them.. and they said.. I shouldn't have selected that band.. that anything custom is sketchy.. so my question is.. why DO WE PAY MORE FOR CUSTOM THEN??? I just got married and three times people have asked to look at my ring.. and how awesome.. that either.. A new stone is missing, or I have to say.. oh well i don't have it right now.. Zales is fixing it again.. NEVER SHOP at Zales!! IT has added so much stress to my husband and I!!!

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  • Jo
    jonass May 01, 2009

    I learned that diamonds used to be really expensive, but then diamond mines were discovered in South Africa in the late 1800s and prices plummeted. Thus was the De Beers Group formed as a cartel to bolster prices.

    De Beers has been an extremely effective cartel. Diamonds would probably sell for only a fraction of their current prices where it not for a combination of restriction of supply and a marketing campaign to increase demand.

    The tradition of the diamond engagement ring is a bogus one. It's a tradition that De Beers invented in the 1930s. De Beers spent big money on marketing, and worked with Hollywood to place diamonds in romance movies.

    The retail price of diamonds is two to three times the wholesale price, which in turn is quite a bit higher than what you would get paid if you wanted to sell back your diamond. And probably the wholesale price is several times higher than what it would be without a cartel to prop up the prices. (De Beers has successfully convinced people not to sell back their diamonds with its "diamonds are forever" campaign--if people sold back their diamonds instead of keeping them as family heirlooms, this would put downard pressure on prices.)

    Who decided that a man should spend two to three months of his salary on an engagement ring? De Beers. If only all the men of the world would unite and agree not to pay so much, we would all be better off.

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  • Ni
    nikkih72 Nov 02, 2009

    Wow! I had a ring all picked out and told my husband about it so he could buy it. Now after reading all this, NO WAY! This may sound crazy, too, but I found a GORGEOUS ring at WalMart (their guarantee is no better/worse than Zales) and for the money I think I will buy that ring! It's always a chance you take buying anything so I may as well save a few bucks and do it at WalMart. Thanks for the info, guys!!

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