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bought gift bracelet for girlfriend. stones fell out.

I brought the bracelet on Order #[protected] (placed on February 5, 2016 1:22:44 PM EST, Order #[protected]). I paid $233.95 My girlfriend gave it back to me when the stones started falling out and a jeweler told her they all had to be reguled and it wasnt worth the cost. I got an RAM (RMA 100946) and sent it back to them September 13, 2017. Just called them and they told me the bracelet was out of their one year warranty and they were returning it to me. They offered me a discount on a new purchase.
Stones should not fall out of a $200 bracelet after a year and a half. I believe I an entitled to a refund. Why would I buy another piece of jewelry from a company that wont stand behind their products.

Order number 948348A

I purchased a watch and ring from you. The top piece of the waste band detached from the watch. I called to...

Denim & diamonds watch

I have ordered several ladies watches and rings over the years and have never been disappointed. The photo...

Golden corsage ring

Talk about poor customer service! Timepieces International takes the dubious first prize! I ordered the golden corsage ring and it took AGES for it to be shipped to me. When I called this company about my order, I was told it my fault that the shipping was taking so long but gave me no reason why this was so. Of course the company was at fault that the shipping of the ring was delayed but the representatives tried their best to convince me that the fault laid with me. Then to add insult to injury, one of the stones fell out of the ring a week after I finally received it. After repeated attempts at contacting this company, I received no reply. Take my advice and BEWARE of this company. Never, ever, ever purchase anything from them!!

  • Hi There,

    Firstly please accept my sincere apologies for the problems that you had with this order. We always try to deliver orders as quickly as possible and the majority of orders are delivered within five to seven business days. As for the ring being defective, we definitely should have replaced the item! I would like to review your account and get this issue resolved. Please contact me directly via [email protected]

    Kind regards

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Diamond Stainless bracelet

My partner ordered the bracelet for a Christmas present, after 2 weeks wearing it, the leather braided ban...

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stolen credit card number/fradulent charges

I ordered A watch online from Timepieces international. They sent me a different color watch that I ordered. When I called they told me the whatch in the color I wanted no longer available. I put the charges on my amex card, which one I never use, this was the first charge I put on this card this year. A month later a numerous attemt to charge my card was made and I was alerted by the credit card company.

wont refund

sent me wrong watch because they dont have the right one in stock, now want me to send back registered mail for 20.00. I sent back and waited for refund, telling them on phone i wanted refund and also writing on copy of invoice in packaging i wanted a refund. 2 weeks later i get an email saying my watch has been sent to me.guess what? same wrong watch. now they want me to send back again and say they will not credit me the orig shipping cost because they dont refund that. i guess i have to go through my credit card company. do yourself a favor, buy a casio g-shock. i'm out 40 dollars and all my wasted time.

Nice customer service reps, but HORRIBLE customer service

Customers beware! This company has the nicest customer service reps on earth, and it's really...

Never got my order

The " Timespieces International" is the last company you want to order from. I ordered a watch 7 weeks ago first it was 2 weeks then they where hold up by costumes then they are in Florida not shipped jet but 2 weeks later I still don't have the watch. They feed you a line of BS if you call and complain to their Costumer Service if there is such a thing at all.

I never will order from that company again they do not care about the costumer at all.

  • Jo
    John Sep 04, 2008
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    Verified customer

    i dont really know anything about timepieces international, but to be honest, before anyone will take you seriously darling, i think you should learn to spell, and actually make proper gramatical sense. i don't think that a single sentence in your comment made any sense, no wonder the customer service wasn't helpful... they probably couldn't understand you! Sorry for the bluntness, but im an english teacher and these things get on my nerves!

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  • Ja
    James D. Sep 22, 2009

    John, you're an English teacher & you don't know how to capitalize? When using an 'I' and referring to yourself, it's an upper case 'I'. Also, there are two m's in grammatical. Sorry for the bluntness but I hope you teach your kids better than you teach Inga.

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  • Ju
    jujubea68 Sep 26, 2010

    I had to call many times to find out where my watch was. I finally received it 2 weeks after it was promised. It had a defect and they sent replacement overnight. I wouldn't give them 5 stars, maybe 3. I love my watch!

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  • Wa
    WAYN N. BLOUNT May 12, 2011


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  • Wa
    WAYN N. BLOUNT May 12, 2011


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  • Ma
    MacRev Dec 01, 2011
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    Verified customer

    I've ordered from Timepieces International multiple times and have nothing but positive things to say about them. The products and service I received were fantastic, so I'm sorry, but I'd have to disagree with you.

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Return merchandise and no credit to credit card

order Onyx ring size 10, u/ODR cost $99.00 with s/h $117.00 on June 10 2008, merchandise came unhappy with merchdise was return on june 21 via united postal service to timepieces international 3580 North West 56th Street Fort Lauderdale, FL 3309, On todays date I have not recieve credit to my crdit card.

  • Xi
    xijote Oct 16, 2008
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I was about to order from this catalog's company, but reading to many complains I'd rather go to JC PENNEY.

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I just wanted to take a second and refute a few of these complaints. Being in the sales and finance...

Terrible experience

I ordered in the catalog of the company " Timespieces International" two pair of watch-"Daniel Steiger Sienna...

Resolved Incompetent company, customer service on all levels is frustrating and ineffective!

I ordered a watch for my wife as a Christmas present on the 22nd of November. Attempted multiple times to call the customer service number after 10 days, but it was always busy, day after day. Finally, they responded to an email, stating that the watch had been shipped. 2 Weeks later I went through the same process, emails, phone calls, nothing. I finally got through on the Customer service line, only to find out the watch was never shipped. My watch was no longer in stock. They offered to send out another watch Next day FEDEX. I accepted. 4 days later I received the watch, only to find out that it is the wrong item. It's a men's watch, right next to the packing list describing the original womens watch I ordered. Do not use this company. They are incompetent, and their customer service on all levels is frustrating and ineffective.