Yahoo!yahoo portfolios uk

You have changed the page of the yahoo portfolios and now it is mixing up displays in pounds, pence and dollars.

The system no longer makes any sense and is almost impossible to read.

You need to take the complaints you are receiving seriously and take action immediatley to rectify the situation or you will find that your business is rapidly undermined as people are moving away from your website in droves.

To date there has been no report or advise to any of the complainants to my knowledge and Yahoo are behaving like an arrogant, ignorant corporation who doesnt seem to care.

The system worked excellently before, now I cannot understand the output.

Take the warning seriously or your finance page will become worthless. I never saw such a case of a business undermining itself in such a manner - even united airlines made an apology within a few days of its mistaked. Yahoo has done nothing.

No wonder Google is so far ahead of you.

May 09, 2017

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