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We are all so dependent on Email these days. For some of us, it is our major form of communication with employers, friends and family. When it does not work properly, the results can be devastating to someone's life! I am a writer, journalist and I also work for a non-profit. My jobs are absolutely dependent on my employers being able to contact me by email. When my Email account doesn't work, it affects my jobs and my livelihood.

Today, I kicked YahooMail out of my life. That scurrilous company is the most vile, despicable company on this planet. And their Email service is less dependable than carrier pidgeon.I really think that the media should do a story on what it is like to deal with a slipshod Email service. Today, YahooMail had a widespread service disruption and I could not get any Emails for most of the day. Those lost emails were from my employer about my social media work. Last week, Yahoomail had a four hour widespread service dsruption: How many careers tanked over that? Mine could have - only the telephone saved me!

The customer service at YahooMail is non-existent, except when it is rude, incompetent and excrutiatingly awful! In Canada, there is no number to call and no direct route to complain. All they have is a chat-room where agents do their best to make sure I get the worst service possible. If they do not want to hear my compliant, they cut me off, refer me to a non-existent engineering department and then leave the chat room.

Last week, when I complained in their chatroom because I could not send or receive emails for four hours, I was forced to go through every aspect of my account for hours for "Troubleshooting" - implying that the problem was with my account ( when it was not ). Later I found out that the real reason for the four hour problem was a widespread service disruption at Yahoomail. The staff knew that but still made me jump through hoops for hours. In other words, YahooMail staff deliberately LIED to me over and over again to cover their own ###. That is the most egregious nefarious customer service that anyone could endure.

There was a huge story in the newsrecently about the terrible repercussions of when Blackberry's service was disrupted. The horrendous Yahoomail service needs to be taken serioulsly. How amny careers has it ruined. Last week, I was pleading for help because I could not contact my employer - Yahoomail staff never hepled me and left me hanging for four days. Yahoo! is a CRUEL CALLOUS INHUMANE company! People need to know about this vile repulsive company!!

From Doreen Marion Gee

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  • Ba
      7th of Aug, 2008
    Yahoomail - while deleting any mail its sign out.

    if i am deleting any mail from the list its deletingn but opening any mail and there itself i am deleting the mail then then there is a message box arising and any botton i am selecting wheather it is ok or cancel then then the mail signout automatically.please do the need ful or find out the solution.

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  • Ka
      14th of Jan, 2009

    hai sir this is kamesh from bangalore actually my old mail id [protected] was yesterday locked, day before yesterday i changed the password but it doesnt logged in so i have important mails in that, i dont know the security answer also, so could u plz check it & mail it to my new id i must obligued to you sir
    old password - kamesh
    new password- lathakamesh

    thanks & regards

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  • Pv
      16th of Jul, 2009

    i lost all my inbox messages suddenly. can anybody help.

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  • Ni
      17th of Dec, 2009
    Yahoomail - mail not opening

    MY PERSONAL MAIL IS NOT OPENING i.e., [protected] AND nirav.[protected]

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  • De
      18th of Dec, 2009

    my yahoo email a/c is also not opening in IE6, but it is opening in FireFox.

    Please help.

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  • Gi
      18th of Dec, 2009


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  • Pi
      28th of Dec, 2009

    MY YAHOOMAIL IS NOT OPENING MY ID IS piyu_great, plz look into the matter

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  • Mr
      9th of Dec, 2011

    My Yahoo email appears to have been hacked. All messages are deleted. It not receiving messages also

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