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This scam is a criminal. Please help out to wipe out this scam. ( see below)

Accidentally my contact details were given but not the ID details. I realized this is a scam when I start to check more details of the so said lottery.



The SCAM letter

(Thanks for contributing to our Financial Success)
REF: YAHOO6/[protected]/27
BATCH: 15/623/UK. 
Registered Lottery No 220949 
Dear Winner,
Thanks for your email response. This is to officially congratulate you for emerging a lucky winner in the ongoing Yahoo email lottery promotions.Please note that this Promotional Programmes tagged "Thanks for contributing to our financial Success" was sponsored and organized by the Yahoo Corporation in view of the Financial benefits Yahoo!  have received from its numerous customers either through adverts, hosting and personal emails for the 2009 Financial Year.
The Yahoo Lotto is an independent Internet Lotto organization that has been financially assisting people with it's intention to changing peoples life since 1994, so many people have benefited from it over the years. All Participants were selected randomly through a computer balloting system from over 100, 000 unions, associations, and corporate bodies that are listed online from Canada, Australia, United States, Asia, Europe, Middle East, Africa and Oceania.

This Lottery was jointly promoted and co-sponsored by a conglomerate of some multinational companies as part of their social responsibility to the citizens in the communities where they have operational base. Further more your details (e-mail address) falls within our Asian representative office in United Kingdom as indicated in your play coupon and your won prize will be released to you from this Office. 
Mission Statement of the Bureau of State Lottery 
* To thank the public for all the financial benefits Yahoo! has received from its numerous customers.
* To help and limit hardship round the globe through financial assistance.
* To generate revenue for the state of International world with the public good.
* To provide quality gaming/lotto entertainment to the International world with the Statutory mandate.
* To maintain the integrity of lottery games and activities.
The only basis for a valid Lottery claim is compliance with the Lottery Statute and the Lottery Rules.. No valid Lottery claim may be premised on human, or other error in the communication, display or transmission of data, however recorded, displayed, or transmitted. A valid Lottery claim can be premised upon any intentional human, electronic, or other form of communication or transmission of data, which has been authorized by the Lottery Commissioner: Article 44 sub sections 142 of the Yahoo Lotto Commission as amended.  

Your winnings is protected by a hardcover insurance policy from Halladay Insurance Company which is to protect you against funds misappropriation and it is also in line with the Yahoo lottery Promotions for winners to receive their winnings short of the amount stipulated in the Payment Draft and original winning notification sent to you via email by Amelia Hunts of the Yahoo Promotion office.
The lottery is meant to show thanks and appreciation to the millions of teeming customers Yahoo has garnered over the years due to their excellent email services, Broadband Provision and advertisement.
For everytime you surf the internet, and click on any yahoo webpage, or any yahoo related search engine, Yahoo makes money by the numerous adverts it flashes and your ISP remits funds to yahoo for being able to gain access to its webpages.
Now consider this, Millions of People surf the internet per second and if Yahoo should get a dollar per person that means they make millions of dollars per/second and what is 1, 000, 000.00GBP as a publicity stunt to get more customers.
1, 000, 000.00GBP according to the official FX-rate amounts to approximately Two Million United States Dollars which is not even up to the profits Yahoo! makes in  seconds.
In other words, Yahoo changes your life in less than a second just for using the internet and it is my sincere hope and advise that you just like us register a Yahoo free email account, if you wish to open a free Yahoo email account please Click Here
Furthermore.. please note that we have carried out all the necessary screening excercise and have already forwarded your certified cheque to Post Link Courier Service who is our licensed delivery company incharge of the delivery of your lottery prize to your address . I will therefore advice that you carry out all the instructions that is given to you by Post Link Courier Service so that your cheque can be delivered to you in your country  for cashing.
In line with this, you are advised to contact the courier company for immediate delivery of  your winning cheque of £1, 000, 000.00 safely to you in your country for cashing.Please find details of theCourier Service Company below: 
Post Link Courier Service
Sir.Richard Thomas
Business Address: Garrick House, 26 - 27 South-Hampton Street
Covent Garden London   WC2E 7RS, UK
E-mail: [protected] 
Please note that Contact should be established within twenty four hours of receiving this email so that details of the delivery of your cheque will be communicated to you. In establishing contact, the number: PLCSC2230-77044-UK should also be included, in your email amongst the following underlisted informations :Full Names, Contact Address, Telephone and Fax Number, Confidential Order Number, Ticket Number, Batch Number, Amount Won.
Please endeavour to contact them as soon as possible so that they can commence delivery of your cheque to you in your designated address for cashing.Furthermore, the number PLCSC2230-77044-UK is a very important and confidential order number which is to be included in your email to the courier company and carefully noted. Also, I must inform you that to avoid unwarranted abuse and wrongful claims, you are to keep your winnings confidential.
Once again on behalf of the Yahoo team i say congratulations and we do hope that with part of your winnings you take part in next years sweepstates draws.
Your's Sincerely,
Mr. Ted Morris

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