Yahoo!7 news - picture placed without my consent

I want the picture of me and my fiancé and the name of my fiancé to be removed from the following immediately.

I did not give consent for our photo to be included in your article on Yahoo 7 News.

This is a breach of my rights. I specifically made it clear to Trinity Mirror that I wished the matter to be discrete. This is becoming out of hand. I was of the understanding that the article was to appear in the Gazette, not every possible news/media outlet. So if you have passed this onto other companies, I want this to be removed, so I expect you to assist me with this.

This is not acceptable. Please remove this article immediately and I require confirmation from you as to why you have taken a photo from my Facebook page to post onto your article without my permission and to post my fiancé's name. Please confirm receipt of this e-mail and that you have removed this.


Andrew Siggens

Jan 12, 2017

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