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i needed to send a small amount of money to the philippines. It was suggested i use xoom. I did so online, about 30 minutes latewr the transaction was cancelled.

but xoom never told me, i am still waiting to find out why i wasnt informed.

i was later told i had to send a government id and a utiloity invoice. money laudering for $20?

it takes them days to reply any email nad getting answers is even harder.

Western union are far from perfect, but not the worst.

caveat emptor

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  • Ch
      Dec 27, 2008

    I wanted to find an alternative for Western Union, so I tried XOOM. It was a very bad decision. Nothing seems to work with this company. I tried to send money and they cancelled my transaction wihtout notification. So After 15 minutes waiting I was instructed to mail them copy of my ID and utility bill. I did so and again I never received an answer, allthough they told me that I would receive an email. So I called again, waited again for 15 minutes and then I was finally informed that I could receive "in two hours" a notification. Of course I receieved nothing in two hours, however I receievd an email telling me that my Identity was proven so I could requets the transaction again. I did so and again, no notification or nothing, just entering into my account I saw that again the transaction was voided!!! The most funny thing is that the next day I received another mail telling me again that my identity was proven and I could request the transaction again. Of course I had to use Western Union again and with them everything went good. XOOM = BAD SERVICE

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  • Jo
      Apr 01, 2009

    I think all of us whose been a victim of this bad sercive and scam of this money transfer company "XOOM" would email or sent complain to our media people here (Filipino Channel) in US. I know that they are willing to post our complain, with thier help people should be aware for what kind of "hogus-bogos" this money transfer company is doing to thier customer...I watched it lastnight in one of our filipino channel they guest "xoom", , i think thier not aware, , sa kalokohan ng "xoom"!!! maybe they can help ud to band this money serv...

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  • Kj
      Oct 28, 2009

    yes tried to use xoom for the first time and they said my crdit card was invalid but they still took money out of my account using this so say invalid credit card. This in my opinion is a totally amateur outfit bordering on the criminal with double standards and should never be used to transfer money anywhere philippines or otherwise. So beware all xoom users and use another company to transfer your moneyas xoom are a total scam.
    Must add that my bank account was hacked into as well so their systems are not secure either.

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  • Ct
      Sep 20, 2011

    i had the same problem twice recently since i've been with them and i got no explanation why or a valid reason.i always send money to the same person using the same card

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