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10:39 am EDT
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MyFundedFX Opening 2-3 pips below/above position for instant fail

After the MyForexFunds debacle, I was sceptical of Prop Firm's. But I tried a $5k account from MyFundedFx, due to the fact that I am allowed to trade news.

I accomplished the 10% 1-Step challenge, as I made 20% in a news trade (Took at least 30-40 seconds to close the trade and multiple tries) Please note that I have been profitability trading news for the last 2 years.

Today I took my first trade on my funded account. The exact same trade the likes of which I used to get my account funded. I put a sell stop on my chart and once hit the position opened 2-3 pips below my initial price and I instantly lost 6%, a further 4% was lost due to two buys being opened (I had a Sell Stop in place keep in mind) where I lost an amazing 10% in total within all of 40 seconds...

I am confused and when trying to communicate with MyFundedFx they replied with the same response as one of the responses I have read on this plaintsboard of about spreads. At least I recorded my Sell trade, as I was sceptical of the Live Account to begin with.

I am currently trying to get my initial deposit back, to be used elsewhere.

Would not recommend MyFundedFx, due to poor quality client service, as well as questionable trades, spreads and position jumping of a few pips

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    Jun 12, 2024

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