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I never used but someone used my bank account and transfer money to Vietnam with I was trying to contact and resolved the issue. They were very unprofessional and unhelpful. is a scam and helping criminals stealing money!
Never use

  • Xo
    Xoom sucks Jul 24, 2009

    I totally agree! The same thing happened to me. Fortunately, I closely monitor my online bank accounts and I was at the bank at 9:00am then next day - after transferring all my money out of my accounts so these ### couldn't get my money. Calling them is pointless since they do nothing know nothing and do not care. The best suggestion - REPORT THEM TO THE FTC and your State AG. How an unauthorized withdrawal can come in from a company that I have never used without ANY verification is crazy. Given that they don't care about resolving it or addressing these issues is even more of a statement and reason to report them.

    By the way - they also don't respond to emails and their [email protected] just bounces back as undeliverable. Go figure.

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  • Ja
    JackCR00 Oct 21, 2009

    I am fighting with them as I type this!!! is the worst customer service ever!!! they always refer to any *solution* with an "specialist" they took my money, cancelled my transaction and now I have to "wait"??????


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  • Dv
    dvms Jan 31, 2010

    The customer service rep are ###s, like they have limited knowledge and too stupid to answer customers query and yet they call themselves customer server provider.

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Terrible costumer service + thieves

This company is not just terrible but also thieves. Had several issues before i got to use it, then when I finally got to use the service, money never got to my family and they kept it. this was a month ago and I am still trying to get it back.
Please save yourself some trouble and avoid using this company, I know Western Union is a little bit more expensive but its reliable.

  • Ka
    Kapil007 Jun 07, 2010

    I agree.

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  • Dh
    dhing Jun 24, 2010

    You can go to Walmart or any store that has money gram if you want to send money to your country. It is a bit cheaper than Western union or a bank to bank wire. It will only take 10 - 15 minuites and the money's already at the destination country.

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they ask for documents with REAL NO


i suggest you to AVOID

they will ask you to send documents for verification when they don't need

i have sent a payment from my credit card to my bank account
(same person)

and they asked to send a copy of documents, and other statement

so i think that they are very CONFUSED

they told me that they want to verify that i'm the person that i sent the payment

they CANNOT even understand, that if someboddy send a payments to his own bank account, NO VERIFICATION IS REQUIRED FOR THIS TRANSFER






so if you DO NOT want to WASTE your time


  • Ka
    Kapil007 Jun 07, 2010

    I completely agree. I was asked to send documents too. And it was all so suddenly. I have been using them for quite sometime, and I intended to send more. I also continoulsy asked them to increase my limit - to which they have NEVER replied back at all. And after sending all the verification documents, they said that they have all the right documents, but will not incread my limit.

    Screw them. They are loosing my business, and will continue to loose business from ppl who they are being very rude to.

    An unhappy and unsatisfied Xoom customer.

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  • Ch
    Champaca Jul 08, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    My GOD, upon reading all those complaint, I found out all those are the same problem I had transacting with them...1)like e checks, which they said, it will take really takes 4 to 5 business days before my remitter can get it in the Philippines, upon reading the complaint here, I have known, it is only their excuses, so either e check or credit or debit card, the waiting time is 5 days. Their TV commercial is a catch., "$4.99 no waiting in line, you can get the money on minutes", it should be" NO WAITING IN LINE, WAITING TIME :4 TO 5 days", 2) they are asking documents like government ID, why should I?, somebody can hack my identity some other reasons and upon knowing or reading some complaint about sendings document, I think it is kind a irrelevant proof, since we alreadygave them our bank account number. I really yell and got mad at the customer service when my daughter cant pick up, the money I sent, with problem of only" secret question" I didnt write such, since I was advice by a customer service while filing up the transaction. Customer service told me it is not necessary, if the remmitter has 2 ID's. ("the "TECHNIQUE" for them to hold our money?) The problem now they said my bank account is not funded, I will not do any transaction if I dont have money in the bank. I am thinking they are planning retalliation because I yelled at them at time we needing to get that money, for my grandson hospitalization. It is a life and death situation we are having at that moment, and all of us are upset remmitting my hard earned money here.


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Unresponsive, irresponsible

I had a infuriating experience with Xoom recently, where I initiated a transfer (type: bank deposit) on Thu Feb 26, 10:42 PM PST. The bank account belonged to the aunt of my recipient.

After 6 hours of seeing the transfer sitting in the queue with status "Transfer in Progress, " while my recipient was frantic because the funds were needed for a medical emergency, I emailed Xoom Help to see what the hang-up was, but received no reply.

Almost 20 hours after I initiated the transaction, with still no progress, I cancelled the transfer. This was Fri Feb 27, ~6:00 PM PST. I then initiated another transaction (a cash pick-up this time) to another go-between of my recipient.

Can you guess what happened? Yep, both transactions were paid. The first one was completed almost TWO DAYS after... AFTER!... my cancellation request. So it ended up costing me twice what I had intended to pay.

Yet when I complained to Xoom, they had the audacity to claim that "Your transaction has been completed before your cancellation request."

Object lesson: Never start a replacement transaction until you're absolutely certain the previous one was canceled and your money refunded. These guys have no soul, and they take absolutely no responsibility for their screw-ups, even lying if necessary.

Better yet, use Western Union.

  • Ch
    chery Mar 22, 2009

    I had a infuriating experience too with Xoom recently, I've initiated a transfer using credit and was charge $60 for processing. I had to send money to the philippines at 1am on a sunday PST for an emergency. and I chose standard processing for they say : If your transaction is urgently needed, Standard Service should be considered. why do I have to pay $60 when the money is not there after (is now 10:26am) still no reply.
    why do they have a 24hour pick-up. I know I shoud've used western union. it never fails me. money is there in minutes after sending. I called customer service but all they can tell me is that transaction is still in process just like what it says on their tracking system. I am so upset!!!

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  • Mi
    min l May 29, 2009

    Xoom, this is the worse money transfer company ever, last week I try to send money to China, because they said the money can pick up in post office, so I told my sister go the post office on they website to pick up the money, but you know what, the post office in china don'n even know Xoom, they never hear this company before, so I get so angry and call the customer service and they have no idea what they talking about and tell me to ask my sister go the other city to pick up the money, oh OMG, I never see this happen in my life, I can't even believe this is happening. I can't rally describe how I feel, just go use this company, you will got screw

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  • Pa
    pablo_martinez Aug 13, 2009

    Yes, they ripped me off, too! Don't ever work with Xoom. They make false promises and are very unresponsive...

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  • Li
    LilRayOSun Sep 20, 2009

    You hit it dead on. The people who work there have no soul and are scrupulous and make no apologies for what they do to their customers. Not only that they are also uneducated and one of the main reasons they hang up on people who are trying to get their issues resolved is because they are uneducated and don't know how to fix the problem, oh and maybe even putting your money in their pocket or account.

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  • Li
    LilRayOSun Sep 20, 2009

    Western Union ROCKS!! Never had a problem with them, and it is worth a few extra bucks and get the security and confidence in knowing that my money is in safe hands and WILL (not vanish into thin air) get to where it is suppose to be going ON TIME!! WESTERN UNION ROCKS...XOOM=THIEVES/ MAJOR HEADACHE /STRESS...WESTERN UNION = SECURITY & CONFIDENCE w/ your MONEY!!!

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  • Iv
    Ivan Ch. Sep 29, 2009

    I was surprised how quickly the first time that I sent money (2000.00 US) the transaction was done the same day within minutes. Unfortunately, the second time the transaction took several hours (I chose the quick service using a debit or credit card) and I had to cancel, XOOM withhold the money and got it back not until FIVE business days later. Thinking that the last time was just a "Technical issue" I decided to try again, this third time the transaction has been DELAYED for FOUR days, they of course have withdrawn the cash from my account so I have no choice but wait and hope anytime soon my once thought "quick" transaction will be completed at some point. Just a nice advice to anyone that is looking for fast, reliable service to send money abroad: "Have XOOM be you LAST choice".

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Stay away from Xoom

I used to xoom to send some money using paypal last year. A while later, somebody used my paypal and xoom and...

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money never got in the sender

i was sending money in the philippines dec19 2008 using this xoom money transfer...they saying its only an 1hr but money never got in my grandma hands and its deducted in that fast in my bank till now they never receive it yet when my sister call the customer service they was saying that there no rights to ask or give any confirmation number unless they are the sender...but the funny thing is i was been calling them eversince december dec20 i know ssomething is not right [protected] this there customer service number i got the other they gave me is 636-7000and they saying they are open 24 hrs oh.. well gudluck w/ they got this confirmation number to pick money nextime they know is wrong number they got but how could this people to do this...very shame

Xoom is not safe. Dont ever put your bank account info

DONT EVER USE XOOM unless you want your bank account to be hacked. I have used xoom around 5 times and there...

My bank account info got hacked

Dont ever trust xoom with your bank account info. A 1000 dollar electronic draft was withdrawed from my...

Bad service

i needed to send a small amount of money to the philippines. It was suggested i use xoom. I did so online, about 30 minutes latewr the transaction was cancelled.

but xoom never told me, i am still waiting to find out why i wasnt informed.

i was later told i had to send a government id and a utiloity invoice. money laudering for $20?

it takes them days to reply any email nad getting answers is even harder.

Western union are far from perfect, but not the worst.

caveat emptor

  • Ch
    Christina Brady Dec 27, 2008

    I wanted to find an alternative for Western Union, so I tried XOOM. It was a very bad decision. Nothing seems to work with this company. I tried to send money and they cancelled my transaction wihtout notification. So After 15 minutes waiting I was instructed to mail them copy of my ID and utility bill. I did so and again I never received an answer, allthough they told me that I would receive an email. So I called again, waited again for 15 minutes and then I was finally informed that I could receive "in two hours" a notification. Of course I receieved nothing in two hours, however I receievd an email telling me that my Identity was proven so I could requets the transaction again. I did so and again, no notification or nothing, just entering into my account I saw that again the transaction was voided!!! The most funny thing is that the next day I received another mail telling me again that my identity was proven and I could request the transaction again. Of course I had to use Western Union again and with them everything went good. XOOM = BAD SERVICE

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  • Jo
    jovena Apr 01, 2009

    I think all of us whose been a victim of this bad sercive and scam of this money transfer company "XOOM" would email or sent complain to our media people here (Filipino Channel) in US. I know that they are willing to post our complain, with thier help people should be aware for what kind of "hogus-bogos" this money transfer company is doing to thier customer...I watched it lastnight in one of our filipino channel they guest "xoom", , i think thier not aware, , sa kalokohan ng "xoom"!!! maybe they can help ud to band this money serv...

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  • Kj
    kjb250 Oct 28, 2009

    yes tried to use xoom for the first time and they said my crdit card was invalid but they still took money out of my account using this so say invalid credit card. This in my opinion is a totally amateur outfit bordering on the criminal with double standards and should never be used to transfer money anywhere philippines or otherwise. So beware all xoom users and use another company to transfer your moneyas xoom are a total scam.
    Must add that my bank account was hacked into as well so their systems are not secure either.

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  • Ct
    C.T.B Sep 20, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    i had the same problem twice recently since i've been with them and i got no explanation why or a valid reason.i always send money to the same person using the same card

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Money scam


Unexplained delays in transferring money

Complaint against:

Xoom Corporation

301 Brannan St Fl 5

San Francisco CA [protected]

Complaint Description:

Reference transfer number: X031183585340213 I have been waiting over 15 business days for a deposit to take place from my account in the USA to my fiance's account in the Philippines. As a result of the unexplained and unreasonable delays, I have lost an apartment that was reserved under my fiance's name who is the recipient of the transfer. Additionally, for some unexplained reason, my transfer now shows a canceled status and has since gone through two iterations whereby it reports that the money will be transferred back into my account. The fact is that over $1000 USD has been removed from my account and no money has shown up at either my fiance's account or my account.

  • Bo
    Bob Jul 26, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Stay away from Xoom. They will hold your money and not transfer for over 8 working days from the USA to Australia. Xoom SUCKS!!!

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Delay on Posting

I transacted Xoom money transfer in the internet last July 1, but it is still not posted till now July 11, 2008. In that span of days you will be truly pissed off and thinking where is your money now? Customer service always told me that it was already in thier bank partners but when you called the bank they will inform you that the XOOM doesn't give any transmittal for remittance so that they will post it in my account. The customer agent told me that there are problem in there system, but I can't figured out why take so long for to fix. To when they can fix it? I suggest to all DON'T USE XOOM... its an headache and your just be pissed off.

  • Ed
    eddre Oct 16, 2009

    They are just scam. I transferred $300 it went through to the sender but when i transfer $600, it took eternity to go through and it still did not go through. Please don't use XOOM.

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False advertisement

To make the story short, I sent money to the Philippines ($2, 000) plus $60 charge on May 12, 2008. The money...

Unreliable Service

I had an urgent business transaction in the Philippines that needed money fast. I spoke to representatives to make sure that my party in the Philippines could pick it up within 30 minutes. Raymond from their approval department guaranteed that it will be ready in 30 minutes. When I didn't receive a confirmation after 45 minutes, I called their approval deparment again and they tell me that it will be another hour. I explained the situation and I was told that it should be ready within the hour. An hour and a half later, nothing yet... so I called again and they said another hour.

This guys are LIARS and should NOT be trusted. I'll go with Western Union next time. I used them before and the money was available within 30 minutes. I used this time for the convenience of doing it online.

If you read this, kindly inform everyone you know who sends money to the Philippines NOT TO USE

  • Le
    Leonora Cabute Oct 02, 2009

    HUwag na huwag gagamitin ang Mamamatay ka muna sa kunsumisyon bago mo makuha ang pera mo. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE use other reliable companies like MOneygram and western union instead.Mabagal at ubod ng kulit kumontak sa customer service. VERY POOR in all aspects.

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Xoom suck!

I used XOOm to send money to my family in Vietnam and it took 13 days for the transaction!!! I asked, asked...

False Promising and False Claims

I was using western union and i came to know about xoom and thought of using it and when i sent $1000 to...

Money not received!

My friend sent me US$1000.00 using Xoom money transfer services. As per tracking number X-[protected] money was deposited in my National Bank of Canada but money never deposited. We contacted Xoom services by Telephone and by email but issue never solved. It took me a month the issue still there. Anybody interest to join with me to put them into the court, to stop them to repeat all the bad business activities and to protect the consumers? Goto see

They said transaction completed but I do not receive a money.

  • Ma
    mae Jun 05, 2009

    same thing happened to form the philippines. my pakistani friend sent me last june 1, 2009 $4000. and the tracking number was not accepted. xoom gave another number but then when i checked to get the money yesterday it was again invalid.what should we do?

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  • Ma
    mae Jun 05, 2009

    please help me and my friend on what to do. he snet me $4000 last june 1 via xoom account but until now i can't get the money. the control number given is invalid. they gave new control number but still not valid when i picked up yesterday

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I should've used Western Union

I used this company since i wanted to send money to my family in the Philippines for their new year...

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