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XM/Sirius Radio / steals money and time from their subscribers.

1 United States

XM/SIRIUS radio steals money and time from their subscribers by overcharging accounts and not responding appropriately to customer complaints.

After hours of time on the phone and many, many emails during a 9-month timeframe, XM/SIRIUS still insists that I owe them money when in fact they have been overcharing me all along. Their "customer care" representatives now respond to my complaints by
”accidentally disconnecting” me, thus forcing me to start all over from scratch and never actually resolving my complaint.

Do you think I'm the only XM/SIRIUS customer with this problem? Hardly! Google this and check out the vast numbers of consumers with similar problems who have written about it online and just imagine how many more people there are who have not bothered to write about this problem.

How are consumers supposed to fight back against a giant such as XM/SIRIUS radio? I for one am giving up as I have no more time or patience to deal with them. My options are to pay them the money I do not owe them and be done with this matter or dispute the charges and chance the XM/SIRIUS will submit my unpaid bill to collections. This option of course would damage my credit and take me even more time to sort out.

My choice is to pay them money… money I do not owe them! If you ask me that means they are stealing my money.

How many other XM/SIRIUS customers have made this same choice I have made and how much money is XM/SIRIUS collecting from customers who do not owe them this money. How many people’s credit scores have been affected by bad billing behaviors of major companies such as XM/SIRIUS? And who is going to stand up for the individual consumer?

Is say that XM/SIRIUS Radio are thieves and bullies and I understand why they are on the verge of bankruptcy because of their bad business practices with their customers!


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