XM radioUnethical Billing-Need Class Action

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Verified customer

Have been a customer for about 6 years. Had three receivers in three cars. Cancelled two because I no longer had the cars. They gave me a credit for the unused time for the two cancelled ones but then continued to bill my credit card for all three. I did not catch it untill after the sencond time they charged me for the cancelled ones. I called and the told me the credit I redceived whe I cancelled was for time for me to get new receivers even though I specifically told themI was not replacing them. After being put on hold for a supervisor for 30 minutes, she told me she would credit the newest charge (which I would have been able to dispute with the credit card) but nothing for the previous charge. If there is any type of legal action being taken against XM for their billing practices, I would like to know.


  • Si
    Sick of this Apr 24, 2009

    Wow...so is there any class action against this company yet. I too have a problem with them. My husband has had xmradio for many years. We got married 9 months ago. A bill from them came in on email so while I was paying the bills I paid that one with my debit card to my account that I had for years before I married him. I told them it was a 1 time charge on that card and to bill him with an invoice and it would be paid by mail next time. No bill ever came in and sure enough...you guessed it...it appeared on my account at a time when there wasn't enough money in there for that so it bounced another bill but because that one was smaller it got paid!!!
    My husband called them and told them the problem they caused and that they were not authorized to use that account. They said they would give back the bounced fee and take that card number off the account. Well, I never saw that fee and he never got another bill. Well, today it happened again...they charged my account and never sent a bill. Of course it was just in time for a very urgent large payment to come out and it caused the problem again. I am not on the x m account and the debit card they promised to remove is in my name not my husbands. I called them and got rude treatment from the 1st girl to the manager who refused to connect me to the billing department. She gave me a fax number and told me to fax my bank statement showing this and they could give back the bounced charges. I finally called my bank and cancelled that card. Now I will have to wait to get another. The manager at x m said that the card number was my husbands..I informed her it wasn't and I was filing a dispute through the bank that this was an "unauthorized charge". She told me to do whatever I want because I cannot "have your own way" in her words. Please if anybody knows how to start a classaction against these people let me know. They need to be stopped...I don't care if I make a dime off it...they just need to be stopped!!! I will check this site from time to time to see if anybody know how to get results.

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  • Ji
    jill olson Sep 02, 2009

    omg!!! I hadn't had xm radio for over 2years and the same thing happened to me. They took out $174 and returned $171 and didnt return the bounce check fees either. I was told the samething to fax my bank staement reflecting the charge. I told the guy that why should I do their leg work when they stole money from me! and his response was it was my responseability as a comsumer to canceal my acct. Well i only paid for six months so shouldn't they do it on the six month instead of 2years later. Yes if there is any thing I can do let me know!

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  • Hi
    hiphopmom68 Sep 11, 2009

    When is there going to be a class action suit against this company?

    I have spent the last week dealing with them over their "Premium Online" services that supposedly allow you to listen to the radio on your iPhone for free. I have been disconnected numerous times when asking for a supervisor, never did get a supervisor on the phone after 5 calls to Listener Care, and have since been emailing back and forth with the Cheif Service Officer of the company with no real result and little care.

    At the end of March of this year I went to listen to XM online. This was a service that was included with my monthly service I had been paying for for a number of years. It wouldn't work. When I called in I was told that the new SiriusXM radio had upgraded there online service to a faster and higher quality "Premium Online" account that I had to pay a monthly fee for. Of course, I wasn't very happy about them taking something that was included in my plan and telling me I now had to pay for it. Well I wasn't going to do that. So the agent told me that if I purchased a Lifetime Plan that it included the new "Premium Online" services. So I did it. Well, when SiriusXM released the iPhone app that was free for Premium Online account holders I was excited. My excitement was short lived when I tried to log onto my Premium Account only to find out that it was restricted. That is when my phone calls to Listener Care began a week ago. Initially I was told that I did have a lifetime "Premium Online" account that was paid for and that the agent didn't know why it wouldn't work with my iPhone so she transferred me to tech support. Tech support told me that because my "Premium Online" service was included with my Lifetime Plan purchase that I essentially got it for free so I was going to have to pay the monthly fee for the Premium account if I wanted to listen to it on my iPhone. What!? I have a Premium account that I purchased with my Lifetime Plan and yet I don't get all the benefits of that plan. Asking to speak with a Supervisor was pointless as one never came to the phone . Calling the headquarters in Washington DC was pointless because they don't answer the switchboard. I did finally get the phone number of someone in the Sirius corporate offices in New York by phoning every number I could find for XM and getting a nice girl who looked in her company directory. I then contacted the supposed Director of Listener Care, but he wasn't the Director. He was going to pass my info along to the appropriate party. I decided to also send emails to every executive in the company by guessing the email extensions as well as the Board of Directors. I didn't get any responses from any of those individuals in regards to my complaint. Although someone did forward my email to the Chief Service Officer Joe Zarella who had very little concern with my complaint. He did tell me that back in March they changed their online listening from the lower 32 mpbs which was free to the Premium 128 mpbs which had a fee of $2.99 per month. He said that Lifetime Plan members at the time of the switch were still able to listen to the lower 32 mpbs for free (then why couldn't the monthly members). I told him that I wasn't a previous lifetime plan member. I purchased the lifetime Plan after the switch in response to losing that benefit and being offered the "Premium" service as part of the Lifetime Plan. If it wasn't included I wouldn't have purchased the Lifetime plan. He then wanted to know the purchase date. When I told him his response was, "Ok, let me see what I can do." Well what he did was give me the "Premium Service" for the next 2 years, not lifetime like I paid for. He said that I had the 32 mpbs service, but that makes no sense since I purchased the plan after they switched to the Premium Service. So why would they sell me the lower service when they apparently didn't have that anymore? This company misrepresented what they were selling me and now will not honor what I paid for.

    I am not the only unhappy customer when it comes to this issue. Over 60, 000 people on the iPhone app reviews have given it the lowest score with most complaints being about charging $2.99/mo for something that used to be free.

    This company is a ripoff and they don't care about customer service because they have the monopoly now. Why care about customers. Especially customers like me who already paid for a lifetime plan. They aren't making any more money off me so who cares.

    People need to stand up and say enough is enough.

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  • Ca
    cah0901 Sep 29, 2009

    I have been dealing with the corrupt ways of these criminals since April 2006 when I called them and told them that there was only to be one radio on my account.  My estranged dad had added himself to my account and I, being a college student, could not pay for his radio and had called the service to have it removed. They never removed it!  In 2007 I called again when I started grad school and told them to cancel the service completely.  The bank account that they were billing out of was my student loan account where money goes in and the school takes it out.   I dont check it much.   I guess they never canceled the service.  I no longer had a vehicle with satellite radio so I could not check but they continued to bill me. AND in 8/2008 my dad added ANOTHER radio.  Yep! He called them and added one on...after I had told them that ONLY one radio to be on this service AND after I had canceled that service.   $120.00 a month was taken from my student loan bank account and I had no idea.  THEN when I found out that these crooks were relentless, I changed my debit card number.   This really takes the cake, when they did not cancel the account AGAIN as requested, and when they could no longer their greedy hands in to my account via my debit card, they started BILLING ME! And when I failed to pay the bill they threatened me with overdue charges.  I called them a week ago and was hung up on twice...thanks Aaron.  Then James got the scoop and told me that I would be contacted within 72 hours with a resolution.   144 hours later I gave up waiting and called them . I have spent 1 hour on the phone, mostly on hold, with Kimoni.  She finally told me, after leaving me on hold for 15 min, that I should talk to my dad about getting my money back!!  I told her that was mean.   XM took the money after being told that only one account was to be on there AND after I canceled the account completey AND after they added a third radio AFTER I asked for the service to be closed completely.   The call center is in the Carribean so it is hard to understand the agents sometimes and other than that it is hard to discuss with them because no one there really cares about resolution .They are there to sell.  I have been told that.  I am now waiting for another call back in the next 72 hours or days.  This company is impossible to deal with and they really are criminals. They had the gall to ask what I wanted them to do, when I called tonight.   DO NOT EVER SUBSCRIBE TO THIS SERVICE.  You cannot get out of it and they will allow everyone and their dog to sign up for your account and they will blame you.   A class action suit needs to be started.  Let's go!!!

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  • Pa
    Pat Wood Oct 14, 2009

    Anyone who has a problem with XM's cancellation policy (as many here have) should also file a complaint with the FTC's Bureau of Consumer Protection (I did):


    They don't investigate individual complaints, but if enough people complain, they work with the DOJ and state attorneys general to investigate and litigate cases.

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  • Bi
    Bizrep21 Mar 21, 2010

    I paid by check for one full year of XM radio on a new car. Six months later I sold the car and figured it would be a bonus for the new owner to listen for the remainder of the year I prepaid for. I started receiving calls that it was time to renew my subscription, approximately one a night. My wife informed them that we sold the car six months back and would not be renewing, and asked that the calls would stop. The calls continued for another month then I received a call from a collection agency saying I owe $36.90 for not telling XM that I would not be renewing. At first I thought it was someone playing a trick on me, I could not stop laughing at how ridiculous this sounded. Then my laughter turned to anger and I let them know I would be calling XM to settle this dispute. After an waiting almost an hour I spent another 30 minutes explaining to someone who could barely speak English that this was a prepaid year, the car was sold, and I was not paying them for anything past the year I paid up front for, especially having sold the car after using only six months. Finally I was able to get a supposed manager on the phone who spoke worse English, I explained this was criminal to charge me and send me to collections for something I never agreed to and paid for. They said it was in the terms and conditions on their website. I asked them to fax me a copy of those terms with my signature or initials and they said they could not provide that information. I then asked for a confirmation email that this account is closed and up to date, and that nothing would be in place to affect my credit. They reluctantly agreed and took my email address and said it would come within 72 hours. That was last week and I have not seen anything yet.
    It's not about the $36.90; it’s about standing up to illegal extortion!!

    Shelby Hull

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  • Mu
    mustanggal57 Dec 22, 2010
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I so agree with a class action suit against XM. After my subscription ran out, they took it upon themselves to "auto renew" for two months w/o permission. Oh I'm sorry, I didn't pick up the phone and tell them I wanted to cancel my already "cancelled" subscription. I am now in collections because I owe 26.00. I will report this and I will fight to the end, I'm tired of lousy customer service and underhanded ways that we all suffer for. EVERYONE must speak up against this crooked company and get a class action suit going for the people that did pay.

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  • Ca
    CaraB Feb 01, 2011
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I have been charged for a car that I traded in 2006. The pulled money from my account in 07, 09 and 2011 - I caught the 2011 withdraw and called immediately. I was told I would be refunded for the 301.32 dollars taken from my account in 2011. However to get a refund for the other charges I need to talk to corporate. They provided me an email and so far I have had conversations with 3 different people. All of which have asked me for my radio id. I keep telling them that I do not have an account with them so I cannot provide a radio id. I read that there is a class action suit in the works. I hope I get contacted.

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  • St
    Stargater Feb 06, 2011

    Since we have auto pay, we got ripped off for $785 of auto renew. I'd love to see a class action suit. My wife was with me when I called to cancel. The reaction of Matt at XM was "prove it!" Unfortunately, I can't. I signed up for one year in 2005 and have been billed ever since.

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