XM radio / Fraudulent Company

United States

It's sad when a company like XM Radio teaches their in employees to LIE! I brought there promo radio it was supposes to come with a home kit and for a one time fee of $69.00 with no another recurring fee. That was the 1 & 2 lie. From here it just got worse. I have a satellite radio that I have never listen to and never will. Their rep's claim a credit of $100.00 was sent to my credit card. My credit card company has not seen the credit nor have I. I know times are hard but to rip customers off who would without any scams or schemes do business with the XM because of the product is just sad. Something should be done about companies who take advantage of customer in this way. Lie, lie, lie and how about another order of lies because that’s what you are going to get with XM radio.

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