Woodsprings Suites / credit card can't take because their reader is down?

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Here in Fairfield OHIO. This place is a joke. It's a franchise location but still I have stayed in my Valueplace/Woodspring across the country.
They can't take a change in credit cards because their reader is down and been down for 5 days? Who cares, their problem not mine. They want CASH for a week $315. I never pay cash. And the girl at the front one time said (because the heater/AC quit) that it's not working because their is a "tornado watch" in effect? That's a special kind of stupid. How about it [censor] broke!
It's been ok but the staff here really needs a tune up on how to treat people. The one in Florence KY was way better in both staff and no carpets. How can you have a pet friendly place with carpets? Don't mind the piss/[censor] on the carpets. I don't have a pet but still. And this place ALLOWS smoking in 3rd floor. Smells of marijuana on first floor. I will write a bad review on TripAdvisor

Nov 24, 2017

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