White Castleups was treated like we was placing an order for a combo meal.

Have been trying to contact the White Castle location in Covington Kentucky Since Sunday, with no answer. I decided to go to two different locations, the one on 8th street in Downtown Cincinnati and the Covington location to split the order to not have to burden one location with my order of 17 Crave cases. I decided walk in and place my orders. At around 10-45-11pm I went to the 8th street location first to place an order for 9 cases and requested a pick up fro 2am and the store agreed. I paid for the order and proceeded to the Covington location. Both location we frequent regularly. I placed my order for 8 additional cases and this time the card declined to make sure no fraud activity.See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in Cincinnati, OH I advised the store to place the and I would return with another credit card for payment when picked up at 2am. The associate advised to call at 1am which I did. when I spoke with the associate at 1 I was told that I would only be 30 mins. I arrived at 2 and that was to only see that my order was not even started and they had just begun my order. I didn't receive my order until 3:05am. I will never spend more than 10 bucks and I think these locations both have lost a corporate account with UPS. I spent nearly 1000 tonight to receive my food extra late. Unacceptable when other managers are around they handle our account with no issue what so ever.
Unhappy Corporate customer

Dec 04, 2017

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