White Castleservice

U Nov 28, 2017

So I am from Cincinnati, Ohio and decided to stop for some White Castles after work. So I attended the White Castles in a neighborhood named "Westwood" that is off of Harrison Avenue. So first of all I am sitting in line waiting for a good 15 minutes prior to me even getting to the speaker... so I eventually reached the speaker and was placed on hold for another good 15 minutes... After sitting for so long I barely wanted to order anymore so I did anyway. First off I may I just say how rude the employee was that worked at this location. BY FAR THE WORST ATTITUDE ANY PERSON COULD HAVE. So as I was placing my order the employee interrupted me in a very rude manner and said "what" with a harsh tone as if I was frustrating her... And to add on I was not even able to finish saying my order since I was rudely interrupted and at that, the employee decided to take the initiative to end the conversation and leave me with an incorrect order and price. So at that point I was extremely mad and had lost my appetite. So I just reversed back out the way I came since there were a line of customers in front of me that had been waiting even longer than me. I just know when I decide to attend a restaurant, I'm not just paying for food but I am paying for SERVICE just as well... this employee needs to lose her job or something, she was EXTREMELY RUDE... I will NEVER attend this location again and I will tell everyone else not to attend just as well. Worst experience ever!

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