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Hello, I visited the White Castle located on 2140 S. Wabash Ave in Chicago on 3/11/17 at 9:55pm. I was inside for 15 minutes while they attempted to put my order together. This was my boyfriend and I's first time at a White Castle. The woman behind the counter approached us by screaming "which one of you placed this online order? It's hard to understand. Why did you do that like that. It's gonna be a while because of it". She then continued to complain loudly about the order and how she was just going to quit. She was so rude. I have NEVER experienced service like this. She was also yelling at the other workers. She was an older aged, small built African American woman who appears to be about 5'4 in height. I couldn't read her name tag. Her and a few other workers then asked me multiple times about what I ordered and kept asking if I ordered this and that. I did an online order which literally states the $24 of items that I ordered. With description. I don't see how hard it is to read off of a screen what my order is. I then pulled up the order on my phone and showed the worker what I ordered, which literally showed everything in detail. They still didn't understand anything. When we finally got our order the lady said we better check it, which was embarrassing because there was a line and I didn't want to stand there and hold the people behind us up even more. Everyone besides one lady was just completely rude and obviously does not know what respect is. Maybe they need to review online orders and how to complete them or something in order to improve their service.

Mar 11, 2017

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