White Castle / customer service and timing

We waited in line for nearly 15 minutes there were no cars in front of us or behind us. No one had communicated with us at all letting us know that it would be a long wait. My husband put on the horn in the car and finally somebody came to the window and said what's up? We explain to this supervisor or manager that we had been waiting a long time for our food. She exclaimed that "we had a Crave Case before you" and "I told him (the other worker) to tell you what was going on. No one had told us anything we were completely ignored at the window it's really sad that it took us putting on the horn to be noticed at all. Being in restaurant management for many years myself this was a completely horrid display. As we were explaining our frustrations to the supervisor our food had come up, she had no real desire to fix the situation and she simply gave us our money back and closed the window. First off you are a fast food restaurant! You make burgers that is what you do! What happens when somebody orders 2 Crave cases do you have to shut down the entire restaurant? Being told that there was a Crave Case ahead of us and using that as an excuse instead of trying to rectify the situation is completely unacceptable to me. I'll have to say I was pretty excited to try the newly remodeled White Castle in Columbia Heights, Minnesota, but sadly now I will never go back. We happened to take our business and our money to McDonald's and it took a total of 2 minutes, there we were greeted with smiling faces, and no excuses. (even though they had other customers in life.) I don't expect anything out of this complaint but I would sure hope that your management team would follow up with training and informing your employees on how to properly handle customer complaints and issues. In the business of fast food waiting 15 minutes at a drive-thru with nobody in front of you is completely unacceptable people go to fast food places because they're in a hurry and because they do not have a lot of time. The last thing that I'll say is that if somebody would have simply communicated with us and told us that they were busy and had a large order ahead of ours we would have been a lot more understanding it was the fact that we were completely ignored and like we didn't matter. Good luck!

White Castle

Nov 14, 2017

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