Whirlpool White Magic Washing Machine / abnormal delay & poor service

Beware prospective buyewrs of whirlpool washing machines

Date : 13th april 2010.

Dear consumers,

I purchased a whirlpool white magic deluxe washing machine (Fully automatic)- chassis no. Inb [protected]/34s02 was purchased on 14th dec. 2000. There after for first time I entered with company for on sight service contract no. Hp01103870 which was registered on march 2 2005, thereafter regularly I am renewing the service contract (Amc). Again on 16-12-2007 I got renewed this vide your receipt no. 078923, and latest vide receipt no. 151342 on 12-01-2010.

I am sorry to say that while taking the service contract tall promises were made that regular quarterly checkup will be taken up, calls within next 48 hours will be attended. But since last 4 years not a single promise was kept. Even the calls were also not attended satisfactorily. Every time any service call was made we specifically mentioned on the attending slip about the unsatisfactory service.

On 03rd feb 2010 (Comp. No. 1523) I made a complaint about water leakage and male functioning of some switches. Though the call was attended but neither water leakage problem was fully rectified nor the faulty switches were replaced.

Again for the same problem I lodged complaint on 12th april 2010, a young gentleman attended the complaint but his skill was not good. Instead of rectifying the problem he made the machine unusable and water started overflowing. Further he broke a panel for dispensing the detergent. When I sought help from the dealer from whom I purchased the machine I was told that track record of whirlpool company for providing after sales service is very bad. Even if I appraoch to the company no efforts will be made for resolving the issue.

I paid a hefty sum of rs. 4, 000.00 (Approx.) to keep the machine trouble free, but not for inviting the mental tension. Whirlpool is a company of international repute and it is shameful to cheat the small consumers in such manner.

Even when I tried to give a writted complaint at sheetal electronices, company apponited authorised service centre, the person refused to take the complaint and directed me to go to the local branch/distributor's office in cherlapally. Forcing which I faxed the letter to phone no. [protected] immediately.

But a technician mr. Khalique standing nearby intervened and assured me that he will visit my premises and try to rectify the defect. Though he visited my premises and replaced some defective switches but the leakage problem remained as it is for want of spare parts. He confiremed that due to the breakge of panel holding detergent tray the leakge problem can not be rectified. He said that he will call the head office and request for replacement of defective and broken part.

I recd a phone call today from chennai no. 044-[protected]. A lady enquired about the rectification of complaint. When I told her about the pending defects she also just told me that she will revert back.

I am not sure when the machine will become trouble free.

I request all the buyers of whirlpool home appliances products to think well before

Thanking you.

Yours truly,

(Rampal attal)

Cc. To
1. Times of india, public grievances cell (With a request to publish this to make cautious the consumers)
2. District consumer forum for taking up the case (With xerox copies of all relevant papers)

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