Whirlpool Refrigeratorpoor service/spare back up


I have double door 320 litre refrigerator model code 4953. i lodged complaint with customer care of whirlpool ( complaint no 11326 dated 3/4 aug 09) about no/reduced cooling in the fridge. Initially one engineer came(Anil). He ripped open the freezer and informed us that temperature bulb was faulty. Next day another engineer came and said that in adition to bulb, the bimetallic cut out/cut in was also faulty. Needless to say that both spares were not available at Visakapatnam. The spares were requisitioned from hyderabad. Till todate (ie 02 weeks later) spares are yet to come. reasons given are of various types a) defect wrongly diagnosed hence incorrect spare ordered b) spare despatched by courier, not yet recd c) spare recd but not completly d) spare recd but wrong spare has arrived.
Local whirlpool service centre totally clueless about the spare availablity/status. Engineer "Anil" doesnot pick up cellphone/switched off. Mr Ramana, service in-charge, appeared to be reasuring but not convincing about the spare availaibility. His cellphone also invariably busy/kept on hold/keeps ringing with no response/ switched off ( between 8 pm and next day morning about 10 am). Nobody calls back even if missed call is seen on the cellphone. i have decided to take the company to consumer court and will make them pay for the mental harrassment, agony and unpleasant situation at home. Such companies should be taught a lesson and good one at that.

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