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Whirlpool Microwave / terrible a & e factory service

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During the week of April 16, 2007 I phoned Whirlpool and the customer service rep set an appointment for a third party service (A & E Factory Service) to visit my home to repair the microwave. Up unto this point the microwave was at least operable. While the technician from A & E Factory Service attempted to repair the microwave, he began tripping the circuit breaker in our home. This happened at least 3 to 4 times before the technician called into their office for help. He apparently burnt all the switches in the microwave and had to order them & schedule another visit. Now I have no microwave. The parts were ordered by the technician to be delivered to my home & upon the arrival of the parts (switches) I would have to call the A & E Factory Service to set up another appointment for a technician to come out.

The parts arrived on Friday April 27, 2007 and I immediately called A & E for an appointment. The appointment was set for Thursday May 3, 2007. The technician (Frank) from A& E arrived around 3:30 p.m. although the appointment was scheduled for the hours between 8:00 a.m. & 12:00 p.m. While the technician (Frank) was once again attempting to repair the microwave, the circuit breaker tripped again. This happen at least 3 times. He again also called into the office to speak with a technician. Now he tells me that the fuses are blown and there may be a problem with the circuit board or a wire in the microwave. The microwave is still not repaired and not operable once again. (not the switches, now we have what may be different problem with the microwave) Huh?

I agree with all the complaints. First the A&E customer service is terrible. They have no empathy for the customer, nor their frustrations. They tell you one time to expect the technician, but he always arrives much, much later. This action caused me to miss an entire day of work, when I scheduled for 1/2 the day to take care of the repair. These people suck & I feel the technicians are incompetent as well. They always have to call into the office for help & get this they are on hold waiting just like we do. I watched the technician wait for 10 min for someone in the office before he got an in office technician. After all these complaints about A & E Factory Service (Illinois) (CA) etc; (owned by Sears), you would think Maytag/Whirlpool would look for a reputable company to handle their service calls. A & E is not the one. Very disappointed.

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  • Ka
      25th of Oct, 2007
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    A& E is not Whirlpool and is not responsible for all of Whirlpool defected appliances. Whirlpool is garbage! Whirlpool gets $100.00 dollars for every extended service plan everyone buys on top of what you payed for everything you bought! A& E does everything they can on DEFECTED APPLIANCES! Whirlpool replaced my oven after my kids would not get up for school and after the fire department and gas company were here because my children would not get up for school. You have to follow Whirlpools protocol. Tech after tech after tech have to come out. Then Whirlpool only gives you $ 50.00 for all the food their oven has not cooked or burnt which is then garbage. If the oven would fit in the trash like all the food I would throw that away also. I will keep playing Whirlpools game until I get a new oven! They have already replaced the first one so this is # 2 so I will be going on oven # 3! GARBAGE!

  • Ma
      14th of Aug, 2008
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    A&E wins the All around award for worst customer service in the world. Whirlpool and A&E have taken terrible customer service and made it even worse. My dealings with them started in early April 2008 and after 4.5 months it still hasnt been resolved... Yes over 4 months and 4 trips by A&E technicians.

    My saga started with a microwave from Whirlpool. My elderly mother had gotten the insurance for peace of mind. The microwave stopped working a year into the insurance. The first complaint was made on April 4th, 2008. She got scheduled for a technician to visit on April 18th. He ordered a part for the microwave after having spent 10min. The part was finally shipped 2 weeks later and then the appointment scheduled again which took another 10 days. The technician comes in and realizes that this is the wrong part and leaves telling her that he will order the right part this time. And here we go again. It takes 3 weeks to ship the part and another 2 weeks to schedule a technician. We are nearing end of June now -- about 2.5 months since the first call. The technician installs the part and it still doesnt work. He concludes that there is no issue with the microwave but with our internal electricity and tells my mom that she should look into this asap as it could have serious consequences. So she hires an electrician to come check the internal wiring. After paying $200 to the electrician we are told that this is a new house and there is nothing wrong with the wiring. He then goes on to clearly demonstrate that the issue is with the microwave. Great. Time to call the wonderful folks at A&E again. I also call Whirlpool to really get to the bottom of this. I figured they would care about how their outsourced company was dealing with their customers. I even asked that they send someone else than A&E. However, I was politely told by the supervisor that since the ticket had been opened with A&E, I have to complete it with them. There hands are tied and unfortunately they cant do anything to help. When I made the point that this insurance is not really buying any peace of mind and cant use the microwave at all, I was slyly told that it would be better if I just go buy a new microwave. Hmmm.. So why do they sell insurance in the first place. Ahhhhh. Bingo... Most customers would have given up after the second month and this is what Whirlpool and A&E counts on. It clearly improves margins for Whirlpool by screwing the customers. Get money upfront for value that is a mystery and let the customer end up holding the short end of the stick. I really wonder how are American companies are going to compete with the Asian companies. The rapid rise of companies like LG and Samsung taking away market share from Whirlpool doesnt surprise me anymore.

    Well, enough about my rant on macroeconomics... I finally muster up the energy to call A&E and get an appointment for July 24th. The technician comes in and this time I am there since my Mom has been tricked by these guys 3 times already. I repeat the experiment that the independent electrician had shown us. He acknowledges and agrees that the problem is indeed with the microwave. Within 5 minutes he nails the issue to a corrupt power cord which now needs to be replaced. He calls in the part to be shipped. I had learnt about the serial nature of setting appointments and asked the next appointment to be scheduled rightaway. It got scheduled for Aug 8th as that gives enough time for the part to be shipped. I called on Aug 7th to figure out where the part is. I was told it was getting shipped on Aug 7th and that they have to now cancel the Aug 8th appointment. Well, ofcourse. What else should I have expected at this point. Now its Aug 14th and I call again. I am told that the part has still not been shipped and that it is the manufacturers fault. I asked to speak to a supervisor and spoke to Rebecca, who assured me that she will personally call the parts department and figure out why a power cord was taking so long. I now have an appointment set for Aug 22nd, 2008. Lets see if they can manage to stretch this even further.

    Its been 4.5 months since this saga started. I have gone from frustration to amazement and seriously I am somewhat amused on how terrible Whirlpool's customer service is. I would love to write a business school case study on this.

    btw: when I had asked to get A&E's corporate HQ phone number I was told that they didnt have it at the call center. The best she could do was to give me an address. Well, I am sharing it here if anyone feels like writing snail mail.

    1300 Louis Henna blvd
    Round Rock, TX 78664

    Lesson learnt: NEVER buy extended insurance. Its far better to just throw the appliance and purchase a new one. This way you never have to deal with any customer service. Plus they should change the name from Customer service to Suckers beware.

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