Whirlpool / side by side refrigerator

United States

I purchased a new Whirlpool side by side refrigerator at Lowe's in July of 04 for around $1000. In March of 09 it quit working. I called for repair, thinking it was the compressor, which was still under warranty. The repairman from A&E said it was only a relay, but it cost me $300 for the service call and an additional 1 year warranty. In Mid March of 2010, my ice maker started producing less ice. I had the freezer really full, so I moved some stuff out of it to a chest freezer. I also turned the the temperature a little cooler. I watched it for a few days, timing the cycles, and it seemed to be working, but maybe not as well as I had thought it used to. Well, the first week in April it quit completely. I called A&E, and explained my whole process of trying everything in the manual before calling them. Sorry sir, but the warranty you purchased expired(one week prior). We can send someone out to diagnose it, for $65, plus the cost to repair it and parts. Well, I live in a very small town, and I knew the repairman only lives 3 houses from me. I went to talk to him, and he wouldn't help me a bit. So much for neighbors, huh? Anyway, I found a troubleshooting site on the net, determined I needed a new ice maker, and ordered one on the net. With 2 day shipping it is $55.00. It is a 15 minute install. Never again Whirlpool or A&E

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