Whataburger / unethical behaviour

Plano, TX, United States

I went to WhataBurger around 6:45am on 10/23/2018. I ordered the #21 with sausage and I add bacon with a large raspberry ice tea usually with no ice most of the time. I come to this WhataBurger very often and order either this or the Patty Melt meal. you can check my transaction. The Cashier Sabrina B is usually at the window most of the mornings that I am there. She's usually pleasant 99% of the time.

Well today was the 1% that she wasn't pleasant. My usual order was wrong and when I got to the window, she was handing me a coke zero. I said no ma'am that is not the drink I ordered. I ordered the Large raspberry ice tea with no ice like I normally do. She tells me yes but you also ordered the coke zero. I said no ma'am I did not, I wanted the Chorizo thing and add bacon. Her reply to me was, sir I asked you three times if you wanted a coke zero and you said yes not you're saying no. I said ma'am, why would I ordered a coke zero when I ordered a large ice tea? the same ice tea i always orded when im here and you hand it to me? She took my card charge me for the transaction open the window, handed me my card. I said thank you, she looked at me and closed the window. I was sitting in my car like wow, did this just happend to me. then another lady comes to the window, she ask me if I wanted any sauces. i said I would only like strawberry jelly. she put them in the back and handed it to me and I left.

Now, I'm not trying to get Sabrina B in trouble because this is the first time in our many transaction that she has done this to me. I'm not sure if she was having a bad day and was annoyed but I want someone to talk to her because I do not want this to happened to me again.

If it happens to me again, I will stop coming to this establishment because I am a loyal paying customer and I give respect and I expected the same level of respect as well.

Oct 23, 2018

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