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Whataburger / manager verbally attack me in the drive-thru

1 Hallsville, United States

I ordered my meal around 10:31 a.m. on 05/24/2015 by going through the Drive-thru. Everything was normal to this point. They took my card & gave it back, gave me my drinks, and then ask me to pull forward which I did given the big truck/boat hauler plenty of room if he needed to move around me. He got his order which is still normal for me at drive-thru. He must have [censor]ed about not having enough room to leave which he did and I proved. This is where it got frighting for a 5'4" avg weight woman (by herself); I'm talking about afraid for your life situation. It wasn't from the guy in the big truck, but the manager (at the time) that came charging towards my husband's truck screaming and yelling at the top of his lungs. What I got out of his screaming was I was to move my truck and my order was being bagged right then. I didn't know whether or not to drive off for my safety or not (flight or fight reaction). The manager made sure that my order was the last to be giving out. I had to wait for two other customers to get their orders and drive off, before I even got mine; the kicker was they place their orders long time after I did, before he sent the girl running the Drive-thru cash register to deliver my meal. He wasn't even man enough to apologies for his actions towards me. I sent a complaint to their Corporate office, but I don't know whether or not if he is able to go in there and delete it, so they won't see it. I told the girl (knowing it wasn't her fault and wasn't blaming her for her boss's actions) to tell her manager that I won't be going back to his store again. Would you if you got verbal attack by the manager without just cause? This happen at the Hallsville, TX store.

May 24, 2015

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