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Pompton Lakes, NJ, United States

I live near a wendys I go often with my two sons.

The school has fund raisers working with the Wendys.

There is a promotion at wendys, make a $2.00 donation and get the fob for your key ring and get free junior frosty for the year. I Purchased two, one for each of my sons, there were SEVERAL other children there from the school it was an event for the school. The attendant came back and only had one said there were none left and nothing he could do to help us. They ran out!
Of course my son was beside himself, and how do you have a school event and not make sure you could accomodate YOUR SPECIAL. I asked since we are there all the time can we just get a note something until they come in NO, no trying to fix it nothing, this wendys has been an issue for a while and this time a fun event turned into a headache and I had enough.
I would like the fob for the free frosty I will pay for it, I just need it so both my sons have one.
Judi Carr
30 Henderson Ct
Pompton Lakes, NJ 07442

Feb 1, 2017

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