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I was at a local dinner party last night with my husband and we left around midnight and we had taken seperate cars. I decided to stop off at Wendys(the same location from the last complaint)since it was close by and still open, to get a frosty. This was at midnight, an hour before they are scheduled to close as advertised on their window. I didn't get any response at the drive thru speaker again so I drove up to the window. Lo and behold no one was there again. So I pulled up to the dining area and guess who was all sitting at a table eating again?? You guessed it, all the Wendys employees who should have been working. This time I was the one driving and my husband wasn't with me. So I parked and went and banged on the door. The manager Stephanie came to the door and I asked her why they were eating and not working, and that I wanted a Frosty". She said she they were still open and they could make me one;. Then I asked her why she wasn't at the drive thru to take my order:. She said they still keep the headset with them, but that the dining room was closed:. I told her I didn't want to eat in the dining room anyway, I came through the drive thru.. Also, if she had the headset on she would have been able to hear me when I started asking if anyone was there at the speaker|. She didn't have it with her as I could tell/. She lied to me.. I just drove on and I am calling the Wendys headquarters again today.

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  • Th
      7th of May, 2012

    If you had problems from this one location, why do you continue to return? They obviously do not care about your business so do not give them any. This was expected so why are you still complaining about a frosty? Move on ...

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  • Ju
      7th of May, 2012

    Actually separate is the correct spelling. Cares, however, is incorrect.

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