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My husband picked me after a hard day at work, he wanted to treat me to a nice dinner.and we went to the Wendy's on hwy 544 in myrtle beach was about 10:20pm and I don't know the guy working the drive throughs name but, he was tall and had blonde short hair. He gave us our food and we drove off headed towards home and we realize the fries were cold, the nuggets were cold, the burgers were cold and one had pickles when we asked for none.i had a tiny piece of lettuce on mine the size of a pickle.and my bun was soggy around the edges .it was gross.we couldn't even eat husband had somewhere I had to go so he dropped me off at home and came back with mcdonalds.i was so disappointed and disgusted with my Wendy's meal.the guy didn't even give us a receipt. I asked my husband for it and he didn't have one.but you have the time and location.we were driving a gold hudai . And my husband is Puerto Rican if that helps to locate us on the stores super upset about tonite meal.french fries are my favorite food.and I had to wait another hour to eat after husband was furious. My husband's email is [protected] or you can reach me at elibabe guy didn't ask us what kind of sauce we wanted either or give us any and my bag had no napkins.horrible customer service all the way around.we want our money back .we will never go to that Wendy's again.i believe that location and the one on 32nd ave north in myrtle beach both should go on late night investigation because the employees are treating us as a bother instead of a prority.we aren't rude people and never treated them any bad way.we never even complained because we didn't want to have to turn around.we were just ready to get I told my husband I would place a complaint.thankyou for hearing me and understanding.

Dec 10, 2018

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