Wendy’s International / The Wendy's Companyservice is terrible

On 5/3/17 I decided to order lunch from Wendy's in Alpharetta, Ga. near Bethany Bend Rd. and the service was HORRIBLE. The incompetence of what little staff that was there was beyond comprehension. I drove off not even bothering to wait for my lunch in fear of what I might receive. After a week I decided to give it another try but this time went in. It was just as bad as the first time I went but this time I noticed the manager yelling at the staff. Ineffective management is the downfall of a company. This location is just run terribly and needs to be evaluated by someone that has an interest in their business. Will never go back there. However, on a different note I also go to the Wendy's location in Canton Ga. on Riverstone Pkwy and this location is what the standard of all Wendy's should be. The manager is a nice young man who takes pride in his work and team and I never have an issue when I go there. It's a shame that some of the locations are just horrible and this will ruin a lunch hour when you do have some locations that are good. You should find out how to clone that young manager in Canton so he could set the standard.

May 10, 2017

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