Wendy’s International / The Wendy's Companymy food was made wrong and manager treated employees quite rude

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I came into wendys for an early lunch i had a baconator medium combo xtra mayo extra fries were very crispy and so salty you could not eat them and i had no sauce on my burger and what really made it worse was manager a older woman hair in a bun with glasses..i stay in florence ky n the location on dream st has a slow person working for them . she was yelling at the cashier who i believe name was mary..because she was tryin to take orders and bag orders and help the slow guy tie his shoe so he can grt back to work i guess he didnt know how to tie them...well manager looked at her infront of me while im at the cash register..See Top 10 Worst Companies in Florence, KYtold her not to worry about people who dont matter stop trying to make meals and just take orders dont u move you just take orders and how she said it and did it was very rude and awkward for me and the cashier my over all complaint is my food was all wrong so i wasted 8 bucks but how rude and how she handled the whole situation was just wrong and very unprofessional.if this is how wendys takes care or employees and guests..its definitely not a place i want to be known for going to .so please i would love to get my meal replaced and i really would like something to be said or done to the employee aka manager working today the 15th of may 2017 at 11:40am..i got that info off my reciept...

May 15, 2017
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  •   May 15, 2017

    Contact Corporate directly. No one here can help you.

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