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Tulsa, OK, United States
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The wife and I recently attempted to order drive through at one of our local Wendy's in Tulsa. We noticed the exorbitant amount of time to make it up to the drive through window only to be further delayed by someone in front that had obviously ordered an extraordinary amount of food. By the time my wife and I got to the pay window we had both lost our appetite and just wanted to get out of the line entirely. 20 plus minutes later we reached the pay window and I informed the kid that were canceling our order. He stated the lady ahead of us ordered over $60 worth of food and this was the reason for the long delay. My response to this claim was why did they (Wendy's personnel) direct this customer into the parking area so that the smaller orders could be filled timely considering it was a drive through service. I was amazed at the stupidity displayed by Wendy's employees to compel several customers to wait unnecessarily for someone so rude and inconsiderate to place such a large order at the drive through window. Common sense has obviously left the building at this franchise and my wife and I will never get that waste of time back...ever. We wont be back to this franchise as it is painfully obvious the owner has idiots working there.

Tom Montgomery
8303 S. Jamestown Ave
Tulsa, OK. 74137

Sep 23, 2017

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