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I go to your store # [protected] often and have over the last eight years. After a short break, I was in the store, May fourth, 2017. I almost always order the same exact thing so I know what the clerk should do as far as what the receipt should look like. I told this employee, whose name is LaRoysha Mallard, I wanted extra, extra, extra onions, mustard and lettuce on three junior cheeseburgers, no pickle no ketchup and no mayonnaise. I told her I come there all the time. I asked her with a smile on my face and kind tone of voice to put each of those in there ten times since a very, VERY GOOD employee there, named Isabella, had told me that was how she did it. LaRoysha, in a hateful voice tone and smart-### look on her face told me, "It ain't gonna take it that many times." I've seen receipts in the past. The system WILL "take it that many times". The point is, after having been through not getting my burgers with as much lettuce, mustard and onions as I've asked for, I have learned, "approximately" how man "X's" should be put beside the items wanted, on the receipt. This girl did not want to be told what to do. She is a smart ### with a chip on her shoulder. You can easily see an angry look on her face and again, the tone of voice and words she used.

Here's how my receipt looked:

3 Jr. Cheeseburgers @.00 2.See Top 10 Worst Companies in Garland, TX97
(3) NO ketchup
(3(NO pickle
(6)XT onion
(3) ADD lettuce
value fries .99
total items 4 3.96
tax .53
The hamburgers did not have enough mustard. Do you see mention of anything regarding mustard on this receipt?
The hamburgers did not have enough lettuce nor onions. She did not put enough "X's" beside the names of the items I wanted more of, as I'd kindly asked her to do.
You have a problem here. Tell her to smile and to use kind words and a kinder tone of voice. Tell her the machine will take at least ten "X's" to show how much extra of an item a customer wants. I discussed at length with her about my experience there, and how for so long if she were to not do it such and such way, it would not be right. You have an employee who does not want to be told what to do by a customer, even though, again, the customer was speaking from experience and used a kind tone and kind words.
I will be back in this store again and I hope Tara (the Tara that's the manager, there are/were two people with the same name who worked/work here, will get her straightened out. I was not out of line AT ALL. I will not acquiesce the next time. I will hand the order back to HER, over and over if it should ever be incorrect in the future. Yes, I will wait for HER to come back to help me, not another employee.
Arnold J. Ziffle
[protected] Wendy's, call me!

May 19, 2017

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