Wendy’s International / The Wendy's Company / apple pecan salad @ wendy's trinidad (store #11422)

United States

I was on a tight schedule and not able to properly view my order, save for a glimpse to ensure it was the Apple Pecan Salad (Full as they were out of half size), until I arrived at work where I found the lettuce and toppings were way under quality standards and inedible. I spent $50.00TTD. Salads at Super Pharm or other non restaurant/fast food establishments are cheaper and of a much better standard even the lettuce is Romaine and the toppings remain fresh and crunchy and this is a day after packaging, to Wendy's Iceberg that was already turning pink and the base was actually already turning brown, so there is NO EXCUSE for an establishment that claims to serve fresh. I have lost $50TTD in this horrible economic time and had to throw away my lunch and secure something else. This is horrible!!! and I am really amazed at an international company having such low quality standards to the public.

Aug 27, 2017

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