Wendysfood ordered but not received correctly

Thank you Wendys for 78.00 of waste of money for lunch for my family. I ordered 120 chicken nuggets (2/ 50 pcs and a 20 pcs) only got 100 nuggets ordered 5 fries 2 baconators a triple and a double only received the double the other triple had no bacon ... lettuce tomato and pickle was on it though why? I don't know. 2 chicken sandwiches a baked potato lg coke and lg choc frosty drove home all happy just to have to split up the food so we could all eat, take the top of burgers to share the bacon stupid me stood in line checking the order when the manager said "it's" all there so stupid me trusted her... NEVER AGAIN!!! This was supposed to be a treat, Don't get to get take out often for four kids and both parents because as you can see it's expensive for us. Thanks for disappointment ! More of a trick than a treat! So sad:( date 2/3/17 10:53 a.m. 1075 TownshipLine Rd. Phoenixville #1001 I would like a refund so we can Have a Happy Treat sometime in the future! Thank You Kindly

Feb 03, 2017

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