Wendyschicken apple salad

I tried Wendys chicken apple salad for the first time 5/20/17. I took 2 home from Wendys on 1st Ave S, Burien WA. I was not able to eat them! The chicken was spicy and peppery, I can not eat hot spices so I tried washing it off but that didn't work. So I tossed the chicken and put the pecans on the lettuce.See Top 10 Worst Companies in Burien, WASurprise!! The pecans are coated with hot spice. I expect restaurants to describe what is in their food and Wendys does not list hot, spicy items in the chicken apple salad. I would like to take the salads back to them but I have to drive 10 miles to do that and I've wasted enough time already. The online descriptions of menu items should indicate if hot spices are included.

May 19, 2017

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