Wendy's Canada / food

Kingston, NS, Canada

I visited one of your Kingston Ontario locations yesterday and was quite unimpressed by the quality of customer service. I ordered 4 of the same meals totaling $40 and was the only car in line at the drivethru (restaurant wasnt busy as about 4 or 5 employees were standing around inside). As they handed me my bags I asked if everything was accounted for and they told me yes. I took the bags and went on my way to the 401. As I got driving my family and I were starting to eat our dinners and we only received 2 full meals and the other meals we ordered were missing our chicken strips so we only got fries. We had paid for the meals mind you $40 is quite hefty for 4 cold french fries and only 2 chicken strip baskets. So the 2 of us only got half of our meal which was cold fries. I could understand them forgetting something if it were busy but where is the care that goes into ensuring that customers get everything they asked let alone paid for. We had a 2 hour drive and didnt have time to stop anywhere else for food but I will make sure next time I will not stop at wendys.

Oct 14, 2017

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