Wells Fargo Trust Department, Victoria Texas / oh really trust??

Contact information:
Phone: (361) 578-5900

For years Wells Fargo Trust Department in Victoria Texas had complete control over my family Trust. This Trust was primarily funded by income from farm and ranching. The Trust Department was operated by Gary Worsham and later William Wimpee. Our family was under the impression our assets were being maximized, to our detriment. Our family has been damaged inexcess of $1, 900, 000.

Thank GOD for George & Brothers Law Firm out of Austin Texas, we have filed a law suit against this bank and the Trust Officers involved. If you are having simular problems with Wells Fargo call George & Brothers Law Firm in Austin ASAP. Time is not on your side do something about your problems now before the statue of limitation run out.

My attorney is Patrick Reznick in that firm with support from Melissa Mather, both equally hard hitting litigators!!!


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