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Ive Been a customer of WF for 3 months- checking and savings. I had my WF credit card account for years closed by WF after I paid it off. No phone call no letter as promised to discuss the common issue of bank holds ect that happend in the transaction... There was a hold on my deposit to Bank of America days earlier in which I wrote a 7K check off of to myself in my WF checking account to pay off my cc. I waited a couple days and went online to pay off my WF credit card from my WF checking acct. WF checking shows the money available. Let me type that again -WF checking shows the money is available. Well, BOA put a one week hold on the money.WF didnt have that info before they allowed me to pay off the credit card. The transaction to pay off the WF credit card went through. My mortgage is through WF too but that doesnt matter.See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in Frisco, TX When BOA put a hold on the money that WF said I had- it caused the fraud dept at WF to close my acct- funds were on hold. Mitch Milner bank manager at WF Frisco, TX (Hwy 121) tells me that "I mismanaged my account and the CC side is not his and he doesnt need to help me and doesnt have the time to continue to help me. He did make a few calls and called me a liar after I was told to go back to him by the WF credit dept when no phone call was placed to me by WF Credit. I told him I didnt have a million dollars in my WF checking and that is not helping me in this issue- He tells me " Thats business". Its simple- If you do not have a million dollars in your account YOU ARE WASTING YOUR TIME AT WELLS FARGO TX. THEY ONLY WANT MILLION DOLLAR CUSTOMERS. Still no call or letter concerning this issue- a fraud lable was put on my account and all three credit agencies are showing this. Thanks Wells Fargo

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      Apr 07, 2010

    This is multi- million dollar criminal fraud that will with my help have a class-action law suit behind it. And there's no cleaning it up Wells Fargo because I now have irrefutable indisputable proof, beyond all reasonable doubt, that you {Wells Fargo Bank referred to here out as "you"} knowingly and with forethought and malice gave instructions to lower management to do several things. And love this, We now know why you thought you were not going to be caught --sorry!

    Goes like this:
    Step 1 -- Just like the gentleman that started the complaint a person closes out an account with absolutely nothing pending on it and does so with a printed receipt that he now has a zero balance.

    Step 2 -- A period of silence normally goes by, or from what I can tell it may a "varied" waiting period for it to appear legitimate. But soon after the person, here is the fraud, charged a monthly recurring fee, to the zero balance. Now whereas you are going to claim, ah but I am one step ahead of you Wells Fargo, you will attempt to claim that the account was closed "during" the exact time period that the account did not have money in it, yet not fully in a closed status --if that makes sense, which it does not, though they remedied this.

    Step 3 -- They in return do not call the unsuspecting consumer as this would render complaints such as this. They instead turn it over to a collections agency, and guys I love this more than ever, a collection agency owned by none other then Wells Fargo.

    Step 4 -- This money is or never was meant to be collected by the consumer, as I discovered and taped a phone conversation> here is the jist of it. We, the consumer are not sent out any type of collections letter nor given any of the usual phone calls normal collection firms rely on. So here "DEBT" is created/manufactured and goes largely undetected or rather unchallenged as the monies are not aggressively sought. In fact most consumers will report of not finding this debt out till much later and usually through some kind of fluke, like calling in to complain about some charge and an attendant revealing the debt.

    Step 5 -- This debt is conveniently kept to under a hundred dollars though besides the monthly service fee they tacked on out of thin air they now also add another charge, perhaps two extra charges: a late payment fee and a fee for being under the limit. All still less than $100.00 dollars though around the $50.00 dollar mark for each account. I had closed on the same day a personal checking account and a savings account both totaling a hundred dollars of debt. This DEBT is slated for "CHARGE OFF"and the America taxpayers are now responsible. The IRS is never alerted. My under cover bank employee has recently revealed another fact that will demonstrate malice and knowing the difference between right and wrong. It is...

    Step 6 -- All debt that is sent to collections comes with an incentive to pay the bill. It is called your credit score. Wells Fargo Bank was given specific instructions that this debt would never affect the consumers credit repot and further more never reported to the Credit Bureau's what-so-ever as this event could and would be the one thing to raise the red flag. Eventually the folk seeking credit would discover their credit score had been negatively impacted, though because it is never reported it never sound any bells off. Very clever though a truly air tight case. Oh yes, my confidential informant is an impeccable non-impeachable witness. She was reluctant at first especially when I informed I wanted her to do it for the fact it was the right thing to do not for money. The money could discredit her testimony against key banking officials the day of trial. We are good to go, clean as a whistle.

    Closing Comments: We need though at this point more consumers that will come forward with the same scenario. In-house documents have already been recorded and copied therefore if they get the urge to purge they are a little too late! But again we need live bodies before actual Discovery and Grand Jury summons. Wells Fargo will need to absolutely credit me back every fee they ever garnished for my entire life of having banked there for me to go away and not pursue. I find it impossible that this will happen as the powers to be are not the ones reading this and probably think they are smooth sailing. Please contact me or leave contact info. for you in the comments section here. We are talking Class-Action suit with special circumstances which qualifies in anyone's interpretation of the law as damages. This was no over-sight fellows. This was no accident. This required advanced planning and inclusion at the very highest levels of the banking corporation. It has gone on undetected for years and has effected thousands of consumers resulting in the theft of millions of dollars. Partake today in a Class-Action and get the refund you are entitled to. Do it because it is the right thing to do and stop corporate theft in America. We are counting on you to come forward. A public service announcement will be developed and aired on mainstream television so it is only a matter of time. You are by the way with a group of legal pros that have NEVER lost a case. We are at the top of our game and will collect. We are in addition seeking concurrent criminal penalties as well demanding that it be served in a Federal Correctional Institution not a suspended probation of which they will attempt a plea. No pleas -- this case is too easy, sorry.

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  • Ma
      Apr 07, 2010

    For Wells Fargo Civil Lawsuit Class Action call me at [protected] Ask for Mr. Terry. Never a fee charged to you and we will recover the fees that Wells Fargo fraudulently steals from people like you. In addition we have received the green light to seek punitive damages as this case was not born out of mere negligence or an oversight, but rather cunning calculated financial planning and taking into accout their propensity for getting caught. They actually did quite an impressive job of keeping it out of mainstream medias or the consciousness of anyone that matters. Because of the seriousness of these civil and criminal complaints we are sworn to secrecy and all Discovery is kept classified until judgment day and we can have them served. We are close, real close. We need you if you have a similar case or perhaps all you know is Wells Fargo charges you fees that do not seem legal or right. Perhaps you canceled an account only to find out you still owe on it.

    A long haul though Wells Fargo is now about ready to pay up and be held accountable for their actions along with all the upper management personnel we can trace. The staff giving the orders and mandates of "creating debt" and subsequently charging the monies off. We have several written memorandums though to Wells Fargo credit they kept this well compartmentalized in order to assure compliance of the scheme yet for no one to piece it all together .

    Theses upper management directors and principles of Well Fargo Bank are all in an active process being reviewed by an ex-circuit court judge for any and all loop holes we may have missed. Their Credit Division in the state of Oregon has been the easiest to unravel with full fledged supporting documentation with great witnesses: former banking officials and workers in their financial services division.

    We will prevail as we always do. Call Mr. Terry for Class Action Civil Suit, based on fraudulent fees assessed to your account. Call [protected]

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