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Wells fargo has gone down hill. I've been a customer for 19 years and i'm fed up!!! Run as fast as you can from this bank! Do not open an account.

1. I used their "bill pay" to transfer $3, 000 to another checking account in another bank. I was told bill pay can be used for this, and I did it once before and it worked fine. This time, it didn't work. The money left my account, and never arrived at the other bank. No transfer and the money is gone from my account. They aren't looking into it immediately, or even after 24 hours. They're giving themselves up to 10 business days to resolve it! Meanwhile, i'm out the money and am bouncing checks.

2. Their customer service is horrid. Arrogant and smug. No help at all. Many menus and eventually you get a low level person who sends you to the next higher low level person. You never get to talk to the upper management even if there is a crisis. They treat all problems without urgency or care.

3. I went into a branch. The employees there (Hired under "affirmative action") were yucking it up in the back office. Then, they yucked it up at the teller window and insulted a customer. And the joker-teller handling the drive up window was openly complaining about his customers, and at the same time singing out loud. Sooooooo unprofessional.

4. Another branch had mostly somalians working whom couldn't speak clear english.

Run as fast as you can from this bank!!!

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  • Cm
      Aug 26, 2010

    If you get your money back, close the account and move towards a credit union :) their bank accounts have less fees and won't mess about.

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  • Be
      Mar 11, 2013

    I used bill pay to pay my health insurance. To my surprise 45 days later I received a letter of termination from my insurance due to non payment. I have a serious disability and have COBRA. It's crucial I keep my insurance current. I was also in need of medical attention. When I looked at my statement I noticed Wells Fargo deducted the payment from account even thought the check was never cashed. I have emailed them and called them for 3 days now. I had to send my insurance company another check as well. Wells Fargo will not credit me back the money even though the check was never cashed. Now I am out that and the payment I just sent and this months payment. In other words, Wells Fargo stole money from me. I told them to stop payment and credit me the money. My insurance company said they never received the check. They say it's a process. I will be switching banks. I just changed to this bank a month ago. Wells Fargo is horrible and thieves!

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