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Complaints & Reviews

misleading statements

During the first week of January in 2009 I started the process of refinancing my home loan. By 1/10/09, I...

harassing phone calls despite payments

I've had a loan with Wells Fargo for my car since 2003 and it's just about to be paid off. I've been pretty much on time with my payments. Sure a couple of them ran a little late, but never more than 30 days past due. I sent a request for the payoff amount a couple of months ago to see what I owed. And the next bill showed I owed about $2, 400, which was the payoff amount. I paid my normal amount of $540. Then the phone calls started. I asked them why they're calling me because I paid my bill, and they said "you still owe us $1800" because that is the final payment. I told them I couldn't pay that and I'd pay my $540 like normal the next couple of months with the final one being in June. They said that'd be fine.

A couple of days later, they're calling again. I ask them why, since I've talked to them about this already, and after being on hold for 1/2 for the guy to "research my account" they said that's fine, though I might still get phone calls since it's not the final payment.

But then I get phone calls like last night where the person, talking in a very demeaning tone says "Sir your payment is 8 days past due, we need the payment now or we will repossess your car". I'm like "excuse me?' and I tell them what's going on. And they said they can't do that because I ran late a few times a couple of years ago.

They have the worst customer service and are borderline harassing, calling after 9pm. If you get a car loan, just make sure it's not from Wells Fargo, because they are the worst.

  • Co
    ConsumerMisrepresentation Sep 26, 2009

    It is true, Wells Fargo, and their "auto-call" system is a bit out of control. Which is why I gave them one of 5 numbers that I have with a one ring "auto-answer" that is never answered or checked. When I want to talk to them I call them. I don't really expect much from them other than bad manners, wrong answers and an attitude that you would dare keep asking questions until you got a satisfactory answer.

    Early in my loan I was in a very tough economic position and had to extend a couple of months on my contract. The loan "maturity date" has now come due, however, I didn't realize it. I asked a customer service representative why their websight due date never changed when I paid the full amount that it indicated that I owed. She said that I owed the full amount, I said not according to the websight, it said I only owed the regular monthly charge. She said that "her computer" says I owe it all, I asked does that mean that WF kept two separate books, one online for the customer, and the other offline that the customer was not authorized to see? (Why did I ask that?) She checked with her supervisor (so she said) and they reportedly told her to tell me to "ignore what I saw online". I notified our state department of insurance, securities and banking asking them if this is appropriate and legal, of course, they said that it was not and that what is online, legally, is what the company must go by with electronic transactions NOT what is on their internal computers that customers do not have access to.

    I was advised to continue to make my payments, and because now I know the maturity date has come, to pay off the loan as soon as possible. However, I was also asked to copy WF's online screen shot each month after I made a payment and it was posted, so as to verify that once the full monthly payment requested was paid, only a regular monthly payment was thereafter requested again, and not the full amount due. I was told that this is an illegal practice that is misleading to consumers. It may not help me, but I have done what they've asked so perhaps it will help someone else. If it is happening to you, I suggest you contact your state banking regulator or Attorney General and report it.

    As I will be done paying my vehicle off in the next 2 weeks, I won't be able to provide the regulators much more data.

    I've worked for an auto finance company myself before, so I know what these representatives are up against. However, when they speak in absolutes about things that they are unsure of, and in fact are often wrong about, they do a disservice to themselves, but also WF and their consumer market. It is an experience I will never forget and will gladly share with all of my friends and co-workers. It is the first and last time I will do business with WF. For a company that accepted corporate welfare from the American taxpayer, they have a miserable way of showing their gratitude.

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fraud and cheating

Historically I pay amounts of $10.00 to $30.00 over my minimum monthly payment. last month wells fargo auto finance only charged me the amount of my minimum monthly payment minus the amount I have paid over my minimum... when I questioned why they did this, they would not give me a straight answer... instead, they chose not to pay interest on the amount that they received in excess of the minimum and my principle remains unchanged... I have never experienced this w/ any other auto finance loan in my life (and I have had more than just a few in my lifetime)... my recommendation is to never use this company again for any type of financial service...

  • Cg
    cgs Apr 02, 2009
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    These ###s do me the same way, I send in extra money and tell them to take it off the principle amount and they just decrease the next payment amount, thats so they can squeeze every cent of interest out of you, without a doubt these are some sorry ###s, I make a point to go into a local office, and make my payment now, just so I can tell them how sorry they are, , I have found that even the people that work in these offices are ashamed of Wells Fargo, , This is a matter that warrants investigation by the government, this is a rip off! I have real good credit, and my payments have never been late, I tried to get them to reduce my Interest rate, and they would'nt do that either, Its the ### in charge, responsible for this practice..No, I don't have any respect for them!

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  • Tr
    Trevor Jun 13, 2009

    We got behind on Mortgage due to employment change last January 2008, by February I knew we had to do something it was closing in on February due payment. I called Wells Fargo Home Mortgage and did everything they asked of me, got a hardship letter, explained the whole situation 5 different times, needless to say I was told that on my credit report the Jan. and Feb would be reported late.

    Well I completed this agreement in March of 2009... I have been getting calls non-stop for other charges that in-cured since this agreement was made, but never on the monthly statement. I also found out a week ago when trying to obtain a new mortgage with another company that they have reported us late rolling for the last 14 months because they put you money being paid toward the last month due. Even though the way it was explained, those Jan & Feb 08 payments that I paid extra on my mortgage each month and on time where coming off at the end. So now both me and my husbands credit went down 200 points each, ruining our credit. Anyone else having these types of problems..

    I have written letters sent them to the correspondence address in Des Moines, IA, still no reply, they also stated I was late on my payment in March when it was paid to Wells Fargo Bank on the 13th and on the receipt it states it is credited on the 13th; and they are now calling me 3-5 times a day for the $32.69 late charge, The customer service reps and rude and think they can bully me into paying this, I stated NO, I have a receipt from Wells Fargo Bank stating it was paid and credited on the 13th and the late charge was put in on the 16th of March.. They really think we are stupid. Can anyone out there help me get this credit situation revised. Thanks!

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  • Be
    Betty Jun 24, 2009

    Wells Fargo Bank sold this consumer a loan product rife with opportunities for fraud by the contractor and HUD consultant, yet it provides no warnings or instructions to help consumer prevent this; furthermore, it fails to accept responsibility for the payments made without the proper city inspections. Then it expects the homeower to cover (and repay) the money lost to fraud - as well as pay for the additional work now required but not included as part of the original loan because the HUD consultant failed to do his job.

    WFHM began paying off on a HUD 203K loan from job specs never seen nor signed by the homeowner, which was required. Furthermore, it paid out on electrical and plumbing work without the requisite city inspections, and now all that work must be redone because none was done to code.

    The Job Specs were wrong from the start, yet the bank did nothing to ensure they were accurate, and the bank's role (according to the loan documents) is to protect the construction project. In this case, the job specs that dictate the work to be done on the house did not agree with the contractor proposal (unbeknownst to the homeowner, the contractor and HUD consultant were conspiring to defraud her).

    The job specs are supposed to agree with the contractor proposal; when they don't, it's the bank's responsiblity to ensure they do. In this case, when the homeowner alerted the bank that they didn't (contractor began refusing to provide what was in his proposal, telling the homeowner he only had to provide what was on the 'job specs' and that his proposal was only a 'wish list'), the bank ignored her. Furthermore, when the bank finally did fax them to the homeowner (after the contractor was fired), it showed not only was the homeowner required to sign - but also to help prepare them. Additionally, right above where the homeowner signature is supposed to be is the statement about all section 1 items.

    Almost all were excluded from the job. So now, with 2/3 of the money expended, nearly all the work must be redone - and there's additional work to be done because the HUD consultant did the work write up incorrectly from the start (the addition of the Section 1 items as well as a new roof).

    I have made contacts with Senators and other legislators as well as with an attorney, which is costly. Meanwhile, my home has no kitchen (not one single appliance, countertop or cabinet); its electrical wiring is done backwards and in violation of even local electrical company codes; and I'm still waiting for the coldwater knob.

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decrease credit card limit

had wellsfargo credit card for over 25yrs, they just reduced credit limit from 22k to 14k, never had late payments, have great credit score, cd with good amount in wells fargo, but they said since i do not have a checking account with them that is one of the reasons I will be taking my money out of wells fargo and I want my portion of the bail out money that went to wells fargo BACK!!!

phone calls

every month since june 08 I have made a payment to wellsfargo autofinance, recently retired my payment date and date of payment differ. i owe about 5 months of payments and have asked several times to change my payment schedule to coincide with my monthly retirement. when the 10th of the month comes around when my payment is due, i start getting phone calls every day wondering where my next payment is .I tell them every time I only get paid on the first of the month and the payment is made then. How many times can a person get a phone call and not have any results with the payment. there is no way to contact anyone in charge, every time the person says they cannot connect me . HELP

  • Jj
    JJJ21 Mar 17, 2010

    Change your due date!

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  • Mo
    Moowilcox Jan 15, 2011

    For the last 2 to 3 months, my husband and I have been receiving phone calls from this company. The problem is that they are looking for a man named James. There is no one here by that name and they have been told repeatedly that they have a wrong number. Instead of apologizing and stopping the calls, they get aggressive and keep calling. I got another call this morning (before 9 am) on Saturday Jan. 15. I told her that she again had the wrong number. She screamed at me and told me to have a nice day. Are the women there stupid? Do they not know what 'wrong number' means? We would love to know how to stop this harrassment. Unfortunately, when you call the number back, all you get is a recording. I don't know anyone's extention and even if I did, they wouldn't understand my request anyway.

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loan denial for no reason!!

We submited information for a loan with our loan broker on Jan. 23-09 (today is March-17-09). trying to get in on the very low interest rates a few months ago. Mind you... we have no debt, no bad pay. Appriasal came in very low but was not a big deal since we have so much equity and was not taking much out at all.

I just received a call from our broker stating Wells Fargo denied our loan!! They said since we were the only house on the block they could not find comps!! Let me just say down the street from us they are selling crappy little condo (in an alley) for the high 500's. We were appraised with large lot (with enough room to build same size condo complex down the street) 2 houses for 350 (very low for our area) Wells Fargo lowered to 310!! We were asking for a 200K loan!!! With money in the bank, no bad debt etc., etc., etc.
I thought we gave Wells and other bank our tax dollars so they can help get the economy going again by lending!!! Our laon is a no brainer and they held it up for months and denied it! Does that sound like a bank that is handling the bailout the way it was meant????

  • Ma
    maxandmaggie Mar 21, 2009

    I had a similar experience about the same time with Wells Fargo. My home was at 85/20 debt to equity ratio as opposed to 80/20. Took them forever to tell me I was rejected. I called again since the Homeowner Affordability Act provides for refinancing of loans held by Freddie Mac if the home loan to equity ratio is a little bit outside of thr 80/20 ratio without having to pay PMI . Wells Fargo told me that they didn't think I qualified because I was not in danger of forclosure. I reminded them that the program consisted of two parts and it was the refinancing part that I wanted to apply for. I had verified that my mortgage was owned by Freddie Mac, my credit score is above 800, and I had no problems with income level, plus no debt other than mortgage, it was my primary residence. They wanted to push me into a traditional refinancing deal rather than honor the President's program. DON'T LET THESE COMPANIES PUSH YOU INTO A TRADITIONAL REFINANCING DEAL that will require PMI payment when you didn't pay PMI on your original loan. Freddie Mac requires that the refinancing for the program only be conducted by your current company, so if you have a Freddie Mac morgage, your out of luck unless you can get your company to move on the deal. Wish Fannie Mae owned my mortgage, they'll allow you to shop around and still get the benefits of the President's program. WELLS FARGO NEEDS TO GET ITS ACT TOGETHER, if it's not prepared to implement the second half of the President's program, just say so, don't refer me to a traditional refinancing where any benefit would be wiped out by the PMI requirement!

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ripped off

we purchased a car at a dealer close out wells fargo wound up financing wells fargo bumped the interest rate up to 16.50% from 8.00% without discussing it with us, had we known it would have been a no deal, as soon as we found out about this, wells fargo was given the car back, , they tacked this on my credit file as a repo, , this all happened in 10 days!! when I tried to resolve the issue, absolutely no cooperation, The secretary at the dealership signed my name on the contract in several spaces, as I would never have agreed to this, , I filed several complaints with the state to no avail, , , Wells Fargo are thieves, even the people that work for them are ashamed of them in the Austin area, , One person fighting these large businesses will get NO where, It's going to take multiple CLASS ACTION LAWSUITS to get anywhere.

  • Ef
    efoster7199 Feb 21, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    my girlfriend is going through same problem as well . we do need 2 ban together and fight this company so others don't get the same idea and cause problems for people.my email address is [email protected] contact when ever you guys are ready 2 take actions .count me in

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won't give me assistance

My mom died on 2/21, and because of the expenses associated with her funeral, I was out of money before I wa...

horrible service all around

Wells Fargo Auto Financial is the holder of the loan for my vehicle, purchased in October 2006 we have never missed or been late on a payment during the existence of our loan. We have auto payment set up through our bank using the account number and address to Philadelphia, PA for payments. We started receiving calls from them mid-February with no information on what was going on, I immediately checked our account and saw where the payments were still being sent via electronic payment from the bank and assumed the calls were simply marketing calls looking to re-finance since it was shortly after they aquired Wachovia and our payments have all been made, finally I spoke with them when they informed me that they had not received the last two payments. The collector who at first was very polite and helpful as we figured out that Wells Fargo Auto Financial had not only changed the mailing address for my vehicles payment but had also changed the account number for the payments. I am not wealthy and hold just enough money in my account to pay 1 extra payment for all my bills and was unable to give them both payments right there on the phone without speaking with my bank to retrieve the payments that have already been debited from my account, the collector suddenly changed his tone accusing me of being a deadbeat and telling me how he has already paid off his Mercedes, after explaining to him since intenet of payment is evident through my bank records and Wells Fargo had failed to advise me of this change I would contact them as soon as I could get the situation figured out with my bank, I got the address which he provided as a Las Vegas address and gave me my account number so I could get set up properly, at this time he told me this changed happened in 2007 a few moments later he told me it was 2006 than he told me it was 2005 (before the loan was originated). I got with my bank who stopped payments and coincidently had recieved the first payment back that day we corrected all the information and sent the 2 payments back out. 2 weeks later we started receiving calls again about the lack of payments. While speaking with a differrent collector it was determined that the first collector gave us the wrong address the account number was correct but the address was incorrect, this collector advised me she would note this and gave me the address in Las Angeles and did not harrass me about the payment stating that since the account number was correct the payment would be forwarded and we should be ok. I waited another week to see if payments were received, today I noticed my bank had credited my account and verified it was the payments sent out to the address incorrectly provided by Wells Fargo Auto Financial. I will be contacting a lawyer to see if there is anything I can do about the harrassment and lack of written notification from the lender. I recommend anyone who gets any type of loan from any Wells Fargo institute they look to move that loan to another lender or pay it off as quickly as possible as this company with all of its assets are perhaps the most unprofessional, unorganized and unrepentent for their clerical errors to good upstanding loan holders. Viva le' Revolution against Wells Fargo!

no help on fraudulent claim

Absolutely no help on stopping a fraudulent charge. called in to the bank and the first customer service representative said I have heard of that company, naturalacaidetox, and sent me to the fraud department. after being shuffled around and speaking to three (3) fraud personnel I was told there was nothing they would do to stop the fraudulent charges. the last fraud person explained the entire scam in detail and told me I was on my own.
In other words wells fargo knows about this company and will not help their customers stop the fraud.

  • Bu
    buybeware29 Jul 06, 2015

    They didn't help me either on my fraud claim against David Oliver of Bipolar, or www.bipolarsupportpack.com I made one download purchase from them, and they then deceptively charged my account every month for $29.95 for a newsletter I never expressly ordered. Wells Fargo rep was unpleasant and said it was their policy that since I had once authorized a charge and David Oliver had my credit card info, that all future charges were considered "authorized" even though I had not placed future orders. Wells Fargo policy is if you ever made a purchase from a company, they can't help you with any fraudulent charges from that company. This crook sends you a free newsletter as his gift to you to thank you for your one time purchase. There are other pages in back of the newsletter and a dark gray box with small black print that says if you do nothing and do not notify them, they are going to charge you $29.95 every month for their junk mail newsletter. This is not a legitimate purchase. This is fraud and a scam. No phone number is listed in the box, and if you go through the paper and find a phone number, guess what? They never answer or return messages. Wells Fargo doesn't care about fraud or protecting its customers in my opinion and I am going to switch to another company and also try to pay cash whenever possible.

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preditory lending

I had bought a 2001 monte carlo that was finc. through wachovia didnt have any problems at all. then i got a ideal to trade in my car and get a different used one A 2007 mustang. since my payment for the car was 50.00 over my pre approved( AND THEY DIDNT VERIFY INCOME)amount with wachovia i needed a co sign ok fine. i still owed a little on my first loan so wachovia said they would roll the old loan in with the new loan and that was my biggest mistake now 8months later I'm disable and not making the money i use to and cant afford the payment and since the balance on my loan is more than my car is worth no one will refi. I spoke with a collection rep even though i have remained current this whole time (since sept) and he told me about a settlement in full(shortsale) where i could sale my car for less than i owe and they would give me a 1099 for what wasnt paid and i would file that on my taxes. i thought that was a great ideal. Only to spend 2wk trying to sell and found a buyer now wachovia said my loan isnt old enough to do that and they wont rewrite my loan or modify the loan so i can afford the payment.i told her the car has lost a value of 5, 000.00 just since june 2008.the rep said all new car do that even thou i bought it used. THE ONLY OPITION THEY WOULD GAVE ME WAS TO GIVE IT BACK OR KEEP PAYING. AND THIS WAS MY 2 LOAN AND NEVER HAD ANY MISSED PAYMENT ON ETHER LOAN. I WILL NEVER GET A LOAN AGAIN FROM THEM AND BEING A FORMER WELLSFARGO EMPLOYEE I FOR SURE WONT DEAL WITH THEM EVER AGAIN

failure to fund puts 1031 in jeopardy

We are presently in the middle of a 1031 exchange when Wells Fargo Home Mortgage decided to cancel our loan...

counterfeit checks

I am a sales associate at a sewing machine business and recently had a gentleman come into the store looking at machines. His home address was about 100 miles away and I know there are several sewing machine dealers located between our 2 locations. First red flag -

Long story short
He chose a sewing/embroidery machine for his daughter valued at 2800. He immediately pulled out a checkbook to make his purchase. I noticed immediately that the pre-printed address on the check was all in lower case letters. No capitalization of proper nouns! I found this very unusual.
Then I noticed when checking his license (which ended up not really being a license) that his last name was spelled differently by one letter. He didn't seem to be aware of this. Anyway, Wachovia Bank was listed on the check with the phone number 1-800-wachovia. So I called, and 3 times I was shifted to an automated system. I couldn't get any help from any live person. And it was awkward because the customer was standing across the counter from me the whole time. If this was a scam he really played it cool.
I ended up calling another store employee because I wanted the customer to be aware that I had someone else on the phone... I told him that it was our policy not to take any out of town checks without at least 2 forms of ID, which he didn't have. I told him I would hold the machine for him and he said he'd return in a few days. Obviously, he never returned.

I think Wachovia should be aware of this and yet when I called a 4th time after he left, and insisted on speaking to a real person, she didn't seem at all concerned and wasn't really interested.

reneging on approved loan commitment

Mortgage broker Steve Tandy and the Wells Fargo Bank Mortgage people are refusing to honor my written contract approved mortgage committment. We have had 3 prospective closing dates that have all been aborted by Wells Fargo due to some mysterious new problem each time. We moved out of our (sold) old house and are now kept homelss while waiting to close on our new condo. They have thought of every excuse in the book for not giving me my mere $80, 000 mortgage on the $418, 000 property. They do not want to honor my mortgage contract with them. How is this possible. It all has to do with some internal guidelines that can be overridden In-House. The mental anguish of this tortorous rollercoaster ride is now unbearable. I already had the certified checks cut for the last scheduled closing and we were walking out the door when they called and said "no closing" due to some documentation problem. My mortgage was approved and packet received on January 23, 2009. Today is March 12 and they still won't release my money! I want to sue them for the mental stress put on me and my family - and for the rental cost of living like a gypsy during out state of being in Limbo. This is an absolute disgrace. Our builder has not seen anything like this in 21 years of construction. The bank attorney has also stated he's never seen anything like this ever.

  • Br
    brokendream Apr 11, 2009

    Sorry to hear about your experience. I also warn everyone NOT to deal with STEVE TANDY/Wells Fargo Garden City, NY. He is the most unethical and jackass mortgage loan officer I've ever met.

    January 2009, we approached Steve with the hopes of renovating our house and availing of the REHAB loan (the only loan I know of that is primarily based on the future home value post-renovation). We asked several times if the loan amount (existing mortgage+construction cost+contingency+closing+gazillion FHA fees) is a realistic/achieveable loan amount. Without batting an eyelash he guaranteed it was all possible.

    We waited more than a month and half for the appraiser ROBERT to get in touch with us only to realize he cannot appraise the house without the 203K(?) report (detailed listing of the home finishing for example, granite countertops, ceramic flooring etc...). After more than 1 week of follow up phone calls with Steve and assistant Sandy (both lying that report was previously sent to appraiser) and Robert (consistently denying receiving such - "sounding automated/robotic whenever he denies about receiving the report) the house was finally appraised but much lower than expected. I honestly don't know where Steve got the information when completing the 203K report because interior finishing was not discussed in anyway/form.

    Anyway, we did our own comparables and forwarded to Steve with the hopes of having a higher appraised home value. Every time we'd follow up he sound like he has no knowledge/info re: our loan. He never returned our calls even when told we would cancel the application due to inability to provide the Good Faith Estimate Loan amount. Eventually, he claimed to have tried to get in touch with the regional manager (of whatever appraisal company they deal business with) but days turned into weeks and now more than a month. We began this loan application in January 2009 and we haven't had any updates until now (Mid April 2009). He claims loan application process normally takes 60 days but we are past that period and not even halfway thru the process.

    We have terminated our contract with the builder (project was set to start in May) due to inability to secure a loan thus losing $3500 in architectural fees, another $1000(?) for town permits plus $3000 in pre-purchased bathroom fixtures. We've suffered so much mental stress and anguish over this loan application and looking into suing and filing a BBB complaint as well. We're so devastated with this failed loan application we are afraid to try elsewhere. Our dreams of renovating our dream home has been shattered...

    To future mortgage loan applicants, STAY AWAY FROM STEVE TANDY/Wells Fargo Garden City, NY.!!

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bill pay

I am very troubled by Wells Fargo not seeming to be able to deliver my payments in a timely manner. I have other banks that have billpay and they always manage to only have a 1-2 days difference between debiting my account and paying the check. With Wells they constantly take money out of my account and it takes seven or more (this month you debited my acct on 2nd and as of 9th the check is still not received) days to get the payment. The mail from CA to my state only takes 2 days so it means Wells is holding money for 5 or more days between the time you debit my acct and you send the check this is not fair business practice to hold my money for so long and do what I assume you do on all accounts which creates millions of dollars for overnight sweeping and for 5 days that is a big amount of interest. I say this because NO other bank I use has such a long lag time in payment receipt and I believe Wells needs to be held to normal standards.

  • Un
    unhappywellsgargo Sep 21, 2009

    what happened to this person happened to me. i paid my auto insurance and 4 weeks later got a letter from my insurance company that my policy was cancelled due to non payment. i contacted wellsfargo and they told me that the insurance company did not cash my bill payment check. this was rediculosu as wellsfargo was sitting with this money all along. why did they not notify me that the money is still in their suspense account acrueing interest!

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short sale

I contacted WF regarding a short sale on my home after losing my job. It took three phone calls to receive the correct paperwork needed to begin the process. After I returned all that was requested I received a letter stating my short sale had been denied.
Upon contacting customer service I was told it was due to not submitting all the required forms.
They had in the computer that had tried to contact me several times regarding the matter. Being with a cable company for my telephone I was able to bring up my last 90 days worth of phone calls, both incoming and outgoing. None were present from WF. I told them they were liars in addition to being idiots at customer service.
My assigned agent has had a full voicemail box for over three weeks making leaving a message impossible.
I had copies of all my faxes, emails and phone calls with dates and times, however, none of that mattered with their dishonest way of doing business.
I would never use WF for any banking service and have told all of my friends to do the same.

  • Sa
    sammybridge01 Sep 30, 2009

    I had a horrible experience myself. I, too had lost my job and my house was worth about $60, 000 less than what I owed. I contacted a realtor right away when knew I was going to fall behind. Long story as short as I can make it. Every time I turned around I was sending them the same paperwork and a different person was handling my account. They took 4 months to look over the same information. My buyers almost walked away. It was a CASH deal.
    The first mortgage demanded $20, 000 from me. They had all my financial information and yet they want $20, 000? The thought never crossed their small minds that if I had $20, 000 I wouldn't have to get rid of my house. My agent told them if the $20, 000 was a definate, they would go to the buyers since they were paying cash for my house. Wells told her they would NOT accept money from the buyer, only from me. So, we decided to let the buyer write me a check so I could write a check to Wells Fargo.
    So, I had a small 2nd mortgage and they at first were going to accept a settlement. Great, I closed on my house on Sept 10th they said it was a go. They wanted the short sale to go through and then after the monies were applied by the first mortgage they would settle. I got a call yesterday 9/29 that said no, we're not settling, we'll give you an interest free loan for 10 years at $75. I was furious. My credit is shot the way it is, but if they come after me they can sue me, get a judment and garnish my wages. So, I sucked it up, but they haven't heard the last ofme.
    Basically Wells didn't get any bailout money so they don't have to work with people in this crisis. It would behoove them to do so, but they are choosing not to. They are different rules it seems for everyone. We need to work to expose Wells Fargo and they're tactics. I attempted to do the as much of the right thing as I could. I should've let THEM go through the expense of a foreclosure. I, as well as other friends are closing all of their Wells Fargo Accounts.

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  • El
    Elizabeth Cooper-Garcia Dec 01, 2009

    I'm sorry to hear about your plight. I am a Realtor representing a seller who needs a short-sale not only because of job loss but also because of her deteriorating health. She requested a loan modification in March 2009 following her stroke. Wells Fargo never responded to her pleas for help. After waiting until September 2009 for anything from Wells Fargo, she stopped payments and asked me to assist on a short-sale. We got a cash buyer within the first 3 weeks. On 10/27, I sent the entire short-sale package. Three weeks later, when I was to get a negotiator assigned, I was told the file was sitting in loan modification. Why? Because some pencil pusher at Wells Fargo didn't read my cover page nor any of the 69 pages that accompanied the fax. Three weeks more, 12 calls later, and still the file is in limbo between the loan modification dept. and the short-sale dept. No supervisors are ever available to speak to. Messages go unreturned. This poor lady, in trying to do the right thing, used up her savings to keep her payments on time. It was all good for Wells when they needed a bailout...how about the customers?

    I cannot wait for pubic outcry to become so loud that everyone will do what you are doing - closing their accounts at Wells Fargo.

    Elizabeth Cooper-Garcia, ABR, CRS, GRI
    Broker-associate for 11 years.
    Miami, FL

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  • Sc
    S. Caldwell Feb 15, 2010

    I have a exemplary credit history of 40 years. I had savings in the bank and hugh amount of equity in my house. I had worked hard for the pase 40 years and thought that I had planned smartly for my retirement. And then the melt down. I lost my job. I immedialty put my house on the market at below appraisal. I kept making the mortgage payments from my savings. I kept dropping the price of my home but couldn't get a contract. After 14 months of trying to sell my home and running out of money, I notified Wells Fargo and Wachovia Bank that I could not make anymore payments and would they help me somehow. Their response was that since I was not in arrears, they could not help. I made dozens of phone calls. I am a proud man and always paid my obligations and tried to make it right. NO HELP! Only phone calls wanting their money. I finally received a short sale contract in October 2009 - 19 months after my beautifuly home was on the market. All of my retirement equity was gone, my savings is gone. Here it is middle of February 2010 and still they are dragging their feet on accepting a short sale. Still wanting more paperwork, loosing paperwork I have already submitted and all the while, still hitting my credit month after month with late payments when it is them that is holding up the sale. I bought my retirement property years ago and I offered to let them take a mortgage out on it in lieu of a short sale but was told that they couldn't do it since my mortgage was in the process of foreclosure. Now, remember, I have a contract on this property since October 2008, over 4 months. My perfect credit is trashed even though I have tried to work things out with the banks. Also, Well Fargo owns Wachovia. I am not short on Wells, only on Wachovia side. The can't talk to each other, let alone talk to me. I have had a perfect payment record with both of these companies for years, never a late payment yet they treat me like I am a dead beat and it was my fault that I lost my job and lost the equity in my house. I had 5 accounts with Wachovia bank...not no more...not ever.
    I just wish that their could be somesort of class action suite against them.

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  • Pi
    piperiii May 18, 2011

    I have had similar problems with Wells Fargo during the past three years. I have received a stack of offers from them but they disapproved my applicatiions. Recently I went through the agony of a short sale. They are incompetent, dishonest and predatory. Despite their claims of trying to help, they just keep adding fees and costs for me to pay. Short sales were touted to be a way of selling a home at a lower price than the morgage balance and haveing other costs forgiven by the lender. They required tons of paperwork to justify need but then decided that their only offer was to demand a high selling price and paymen of all monies owed to them and to the law firm they hired to send out expensive form letters to threaten Th entire process has been a farce. I am a disabled vet with severe health problems, unable to work and running out of savings fast. I cannot believe that our goveernment bailed out companies like this and Fannie Mae and now they are putting the screws to us taspayers who bailed them out. Meantime, the culprits continue to enrich themselves. At this rate we will all be on welfare but there will be no one left to pay.

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do not work for them

My experience with Wells Fargo was the worst of my professional career. My first interview was conducted by the district manager. We talked about the job expectations, like providing a good customer experience, upselling products, opening accounts and handling service related issues. I asked about compensation, and was told low 30's to start, with a lucrative incentive compensation package. He said, and I quote, "The numbers are easy to hit, in fact I think they should be higher." I then met with the store manager. She gave me a little more insight to the job, like meeting with employees of certain businesses to discuss their membership banking program, and building a pipeline. I was then called a few days later and offered the position. Starting salary, $14.02/hour. Yeah it was a big cut in pay, but remember the lucrative incentive program, the numbers are really easy to hit, right, so I can make up for it.
My first few weeks were spent getting to know the systems, observing other bankers and trying to get a handle on things. So far so good, except for the stupid huddles every morning and the blatant butt kissing. I would actually get embarrased because the brown nosing was so bad. After about a month, it was time to go through the formal training. Our trainer was ok, but there was one thing that really chapped all of us. You were forced to park in a lot nearly 3/8 mile from the door, while the lot at the building had at least 100 open parking spots. In South Dakota, it can get pretty cold in the fall, and the wind blows out of the north almost every day, so walking in to that wind was a rotten way to start your day. I finally started parking in the employee lot, I mean really what were they gonna do, fire me? At the end of training, we were finally told about the incentive plan, and I can tell you, you could feel the energy drain out of the room.
The incentive plan at Wells is this, you have to not only hit the high numbers, but maintain those numbers for a quarter, and average 100% across all matrixes in order to get paid. Let me explain: There is a category for core solutions, you need 8 per day average for the quarter. So if I hit that, do I get paid? No, you must also generate $500 profit per day per quarter. Ok, so if I get that, will I get paid? No, you must also generate 14 partner referrals that close in that quarter. Ok so if I hit that, will I get paid? No, you must also generate 9 loans with a volume of $192, 000. That is almost half of the loan expectation from last quarter, because despite the fact that the government gave us billions in TARP money, we cut our loan volume in half. Instead of helping the American people with this money, Wells Fargo decided to buy another bank, Wakovia. Now you don't have to hit all the categories 100% to get paid, but you must average 100% across all matrixes to get paid on the ones you hit. So, what do you think the quarterly payout is per matrix? About $200-$250 per matrix. Disappointing. And to top it off, only one banker in our DISTRICT made incentive last quarter.
Now I'm just plain mad and disappointed, but we have this crappy economy going on, and I need a job, so I'm thinking I'm going to have to stay here until I find something else. Now my manager, I'll call her Lori, is still on us about what we are going to do to be successful. We are EXPECTED to make outbound telemarketing calls. You know those guys who call you at dinner from the phone company, the policeman's ball, and the disabled veterans society, yeah, add Wells Fargo Personal bankers to that list. We were also expected to call the local high schools, so we could talk to the kids about our college and teen checking accounts.
Now I know I had a bad attitude, but I would have never accepted the job if they would have been up front with me about the job expectations and the pay. I also had a co-worker, I'll call her Stephanie, who would tattle on me for little things like something I said to another co-worker, or playing a game on my computer. My boss, Lori, would continue to harrass me about why I wasn't hitting the numbers, and my attitude continued to worsen. Finally they trumped up a charge of me commiting a policy violation and fired me. It was the best day in my recent memory. In conclusion, if you are thinking about a career with Wells Fargo, please remember the things I have told you. If you don't mind low pay for really hard work, maybe this is right for you. Don't let them try to dazzle you with the job title and the promise for comission, because it takes the average banker more than a year to hit it. And you will be a telemarketer, I guarantee it.

  • Ke
    Kevin Apr 29, 2009

    stop crying. i work for Wells Fargo bank and absolutely love the company. I am in the same position that you were in, a personal banker. It is VERY easy to hit their numbers and make "payout". It's a sales job that is all there is to it.

    Another great thing about Wells Fargo is their benefits package has a wide variety of options.

    I can almost guarantee you that this person never hit their numbers or hit only one metric or two.

    If you work for Wells Fargo, or any other bank, and are on the retail side of it, expect to sell!

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  • Ke
    Kevin Apr 29, 2009

    one more thing i want to add. last sentence states "it takes an average of a year to hit your numbers".

    took me 2 months of being in the position to reach payout.

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  • Op
    OptimisticBanker Jun 10, 2011

    I entirely disagree. I started as a CSSR with a goal of 11 products/day, $150 profit threshold, and expectation of 90% cross-sell penetration on new checking packages. I met GOLD level payouts my first quarter, and along with the service payout I made quite some extra change.

    It all depends on attitude and ambition... maybe if you were working "smarter;" that is more efficiently by making effective interactions and efforts you would get farther. It's not about prospecting teenage students or calling people at dinner time; as a matter of fact I make it a point not to call at dinner time and to ask permission to call and nobody seems to complain.

    Yes I make 50-100 outbound prospect calls a day. It's called SALES. I've exceeded my daily goal on dead days just by making calls. Think about it; when making calls you really aren't wasting your time on time consuming service tasks.

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  • Mo
    Montyrush Jul 08, 2011

    I doubt you are making 100 calls a day...anyway, what is a gold payout like?

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  • Ra
    rasdf Jul 18, 2011


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  • Ms
    MsBehave Dec 12, 2012

    Total b.s. I am also a Sioux Falls agent and did my wonderful training in ops 1 before transferring to ops 4. The parking lot situation isn't that bad. It's a pain in the butt, but the exercise won't kill you. I would recommend a scarf for those cold winter days though.
    On the other hand, I have rarely had a problem hitting payouts. It's really not that bad, you just have to find the right product for the customer. It is a sales job after all...

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  • Br
    Bryan Jovel Sep 14, 2015
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Why was your starting rate so low? They started me off with $19.50 and I have no banking experience whatsoever.

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bad auto loan (re-finance)

After reading several complaints posted, I felt compelled to add another chapter to "The Saga of Wells Fargo". I too, had the "no insurance" thing with Wells Fargo. I purchased my vehicle in May of 2006, unbeknowing to me that the financing was through Wells Fargo, at a decent, but not great interest rate. Anyway, I paid each payment on time from June through December, but apparently had made the fatal error of changing insurance carriers in August. I received notice from Wells Fargo and responded by having the new insurance carrier fax yet another copy of the proof of coverage to them. But alas, it was too late. They had already billed the account for insurance. Like all the other complaints I've read, I was the receipient of numerous daily calls from them. I would let it ring through until I was totally "ill" and then answered the call. I argued with countless collection agents, even pointing out that according to the on-line payment history I had 8 payments due on the account since opening, and had made 8 payments. How could I be behind? FINALLY, one of them said that my payment had been re-routed to cover the insurance!!! They had taken TWO of my payments and posted it to insurance!!! It took like two months, but finally they got everything reversed and corrected. I even called an attorney that I once worked for about it, and was advised that I should just pay the extra two months and go on...that's how concerned lawyers are over our plight. I, of course, did NOT send money I did not owe, but just kept on and on til I finally got it fixed. And it did finally did, but, just like the other complaints stated, nobody ever offered anything resembling an apology. I finally had gotten through to some "supervisor" who actually knew what he was looking at...seems that the NEW insurance declaration had been received, THEN the old insurance sent a cancellation. They posted the new policy, then showed lapse when the old policy expired...WHOEVER entered the information did not bother to READ the documents. GOOD LORD HELP US!!! I guess these poor folks who went to work for Wells Fargo were really desperate for a job...you know as well as I do, that these people calling us are only common folks like the rest of us, trying to etch out a living for their family, and Wells Fargo had hired any and all comers, regardless of their academic skills...

THAT, my friends is the "good story". The next one is not so good. I've read a lot of complaints concerning Wells Fargo's home mortgage "predatory" practices, but haven't read a lot on the auto financing end of it. I will say at the on-set of this story, that Wells Fargo is not the only one doing this. We had a similar experience with AmSouth Bank some years ago. We didn't understand it then, and don't now. Okay, here goes. When you apply for an automobile loan at your bank, they have a book, a guide, as to the approximate value of the vehicle, right?! And the bank, if operating according to Federal Banking Rules, would require that the loan amount be within these guidelines???? WRONG. Apparently some financial institutions will finance any deal an auto dealer can write.
We had a vehicle loan we co-signed with our grown son, who then had an accident on his 4-wheeler and was initially told by the doctor that he had fractured his ankle and would need surgery and would be off work for two months (without pay). At that same time, Wells Fargo was calling me once a month trying to "sell" me some money. I repeatedly told them I wasn't interested and to take me off their calling list, but they did not. So, after the accident, they called again, and we discussed the situation with them. They more than gladly did the deal, re-financed the truck, again with two signatures. They actually put my husband's name on the loan ahead of our son's (WRONG) because it's his vehicle, not ours, and when we questioned them about it they said because the son was off work at the time, it had to be this way. Wells Fargo then overextended the financing, causing us to be upside down in the vehicle. They DID NOT advise us that this was the case. They did not do an appraisal on the vehicle or anything. So...we did not realize what the vehicle was actually worth, and put our financial security in jeopardy. Their interest rate came in at 14.99 and is calculated in such a way that even now, after 20 months of payments, the interest is still over 300 a month. At this rate the loan will NEVER pay out!!! After 20 months, we've paid over 14 thousand dollars in payments, but the principle balance has only been reduced about 4K!!! Ten thousand dollars interest in 20 months!!! Let's all go open us up a loan store!!!
The real point to this story is this. When our son took the truck to a dealer thinking about a trade, he was in for a huge shock. His truck is worth about 15K LESS than he owes on it!!! How can that be?????????????? He cannot trade or sell the vehicle (which he needs to now to drive something more economical) without the situation only getting worse. His work situation has changed, and he does not make nearly as much now. He cannot make the ridiculous payments (which are over 700$ per month), so it looks like we're in for a long ride. What a dilema. If we return the vehicle, Wells Fargo will simply sue my guys, obtain a judgement in Court and proceed to levy wage garnishments, "discover" other assets, such as our retirement accounts, and send a Writ of Execution to the banks and seize these funds as well until, by THEIR definition, the debt is paid in full. This of course will be about twice what the loan amount is for, since they will add all sorts of legal fees, etc. to the total. A wage garnishment will be issued for both parties who signed the loan, for the full amount of the debt, not half to each one. That will hit my husband's pay check for about a thousand dollars take home pay each month, and my son for about 500.
SO...all you folks out there, PLEASE DO NOT RE-FINANCE YOUR VEHICLE WITH WELLS FARGO. They are not truthful in disclosure. They are PREDATORS. I cannot believe that President Obama's team of experts haven't uncovered this practice and put a stop to it. Nor can I believe that Wells Fargo deserved or needed any BAIL OUT. It is the CONSUMER who needs a bailout!!! How about making some funds available to the little guys who have been scammed by Wells Fargo instead??!!!
Thanks for reading.

  • Us
    USMCW Oct 21, 2009

    I TOO HAVE REFINANCED THROUGH WELLS FARGO AND AM SERIOUSLY REGRETFUL! Wells fargo offered to refinance my car in order for me to get my husband a measely $2500.00 loan for a work truck. Told me that was my only option to get a loan. They also offered to give me a lower interest rate, which sounded great considering I was paying over 18% at the time. So I went ahead & refinanced, what a freakin mistake that was. I had to give up my gap insurance in order for them to refinance me because they do not offer gap insurance. My payment was slightly reduced & they lowered my interest rate to 16.4%, told me I could refinance it again after making several on time payments to get a better rate. Everything sounded great, got my husband his money for work truck, got my interest rate lowered, reduced my monthly payment. Well after about a year of on time, paying more than my minimum payment, I find out that my car does not qualify for refinancing because I owe more than the car is worth. SURPRISE!!! They sure as hell didn't have a problem adding the $2500.00 on to the balance of my previous loan that they refinanced for me, & I know damn well that adding on $2500.00 to my existing loan would have put my balance due at a much higher total than what my car was blue booked at at that time! Not only that but I realize that they financed me for 72 mos.! Who in the hell wants to pay on a used vehicle for 6yrs? That's after I had already paid on it for a year before the big mistake of trusting wells fargo auto. So basically it boils down to this, they took complete & total advantage of my desperate situation & trapped me in this high interest rate loan for 6 freakin yrs so that by the time I get done paying for my car I will have paid more than what the car sold for brand new in 2004! My car has low miles for the year that it is which is the only thing that might help me at this point. So, I can't refinance because I owe too much money because they totally screwed me over, I can't sell the car unless I come up with the difference from the cars value & what I owe them in order to get the title, I can't have someone burn the SOB because I no longer have gap insurance to cover the difference, I can't intentionally total it because my insurance will only pay blue book & at that point I don't think the low miles mean ###, & worst of all I can't even drive it because I need to keep the miles down since that is my only savior in this whole f...d up scenario! WHATEVER YOU DO, DO NOT TRUST WELLS FARGO AUTO FINANCE!!! THEY ARE FLESH EATING SHARKS THAT HAVE ABSOLUTELY NO CONCERN FOR THE CONSUMER!!! ONCE THEY GET YOU TO TAKE THE BAIT, THEY"LL GUT YOU RIGHT THERE & YOU WONT KNOW WHAT HIT YA!!!

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  • Jj
    JJJ21 Mar 17, 2010

    Did you read what you were signing? I always read what I am signing, so I don't get ###ed over or feel like an idiot if I borrow a bunch of money and then complain that I didn't understand the terms. Rediculous.

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unauthorized charges to bank account

My wife just received notice that her check account was overdrawn. When we investigate the account statement...

overdraft trap

To whom it may concern,

I XXXXX, am herby demanding that my accounts be closed, effective immediately . The reason that I am taking this action is because of the unacceptable policies that are being utilized at my expense, and I am literally fed up with your " Greedy " Business Practices " . In my banking experiences - over the past thirty years, dealing with many other financial institutions, I have never encountered the amount of problems with overdraft fees that are constantly reoccurring with my checking account . The practice of your credit /debit posting practices are " Shady " at best . An example of this, is posting debits on a holiday ( A Non Banking Business Day ) and not posting the credits that were pending also, until the next day, another example is the shuffling of transactions from the order in which they occur to maximize overdraft fees, another example is the way your computers post account data ( not accurate at any given time ) designed to confuse the customer, with your continual overdraft trap, designed to gouge your customers . I find this practice to be horrendous and despicable . A bank is supposed to be working in my best interest, and not lurking in the shadows of deception, waiting to pilfer the customer at their earliest convenience, it is a matter of ethics and scruples, really ...

Wells Fargo should be ashamed, and should be nominated to the "' Hall of Shame " . I have a question for Wells Fargo ? " If the money isn't in the account, Then why aren't the transactions denied ?" It seems that your computers are programmed to build revenue - In Wells Fargo's favor, at the customer's expense, by dragging it's heels to notify customers of their overdraft status until days later, believing that they had a positive balance in their account ( according to your current computer account information data ), that they rely on - continuing to make minor purchases and being fleeced with overdraft charges . " Is there a human-being monitoring these computers ? " that is a scary thought . Don't rely on your online banking service, which is totally useless in my opinion . I have never had problems with other banks, because they were predictable and consistent . Banking with Wells Fargo is much like going to a casino with the customer service of an all night - Taco Bell Drive thru . In closing, I know that Wells Fargo does not care, about me, the customer and that is ok too . If my small business ever takes off, rest assured - that my money will certainly not be deposited with Wells Fargo Bank ... I am not the only disgruntled customer of Wells Fargo Bank, here are some other customer complaints from the many disgruntled customers ( too many to list ) whom have left your institution ... It appears that Wells Fargo is more interested in making a " Quick Buck ', than establishing long term relationships with it's customers . I also wish upon Wells Fargo - that the fleas of a thousand camels, infest their arm pits !!! " Wells Fargo Bank " one of the carbuncles on the butt of mankind ...

I can deal with "policy", but keep in mind, the word policy coming from the mouth of the so called "customer service" agent is really just another way of the company telling you, "Hey, we really DON'T care, and [censored] you."

I am currently a wells fargo employee looking for another job. wells fargo not only screws its customers but its employees also. i am required to get one sale a day or i have to stay on a weeknight to call people. now i could of sworn i did not apply for a telemarketing job, or did i? honestly, wells fargo (hells fargo) only cares about getting sales no matter the cost. they told me to make the customer wait if i have to in order to sell them a product. i pride myself on my good customer service and refuse to keep a customer, who is probably on their lunch break, waiting too long. i am looking for another job because wells fargo is a very shallow company who doesn't give a ### about anybody. i want an employer that i can agree with on their values. everybody reading this, please change banks! i know how this system that people call a "bank" works. they don't care about you, they just want your money!!! they will screw you over any way they can, trust me, before you find out for yourself. there are better banks out there. wells fargo can kiss my ###!!!

Every Thursday my paycheck from HEB (grocery chain in Texas) is deposited to my account electronically. It usually takes 2-3 business days to clear my funds. In the meantime, the money is still displayed as part of my "available balance" although that is not the case. Now here is the most deviating thing that this evil bank does. They will accept a direct deposit, pend it for 2 days and then on the 3rd business day they will clear several debits and change the date of the debits so that they are BEFORE the check is cleared and then charge me $33.00 in overdraft fees for each item. This has been an ongoing problem with this bank and I do not recommend this bank to anyone!

Personal experience with Wells Fargo, the bxstard bank. It all starts with one key element: purchases are immediately subtracted from an account while transfers and deposits take longer. I have 58 cents in my checking account so I transfer (online) $4.00 and walk to Cub Foods to get a pack of cigarettes. Big mistake. Next day I check my balance - everything looks fine - @ this point NO overdraft fees are shown. I transfer another $4.00 into the account later that evening for more cigarettes - go and buy them. This cycle continues until about 4 days goes by - and holy shxt. $99 dollars worth of overdraft fees - 3x$33. Show up on my history for the last few days. In one day, my balance dropped from like $2.00 to -$101.69. And of course, now it shows every charge, the day it occurred, just because that money did not transfer the first day. In taking their sweet time to post these fees, Wells Fargo cost be $66 not to mention the $33 that I was charged because of their initial delay. I've contacted people and tried to get these fees waived but the bank says it is not their fault. Fxck Wells Fargo. Save your money and don't bank there.

I work at a well known print shop in SF, ca. (Home of Wells Fargo world HQ) We produce a lot of their employee reading material. And as I am forced to read it during the proofing process, let me just say it's pretty cold hearted stuff. I have had an account with them since I was 15 and am switching ASAP.. They're just too big to care I guess. Go with a bank that actually wants you to be happy and fortuitous, not broke and charged up the ###.

Actually, my account was balanced. However, there is NO reason that any CASH deposit should take more than one day to post to an account, and no more than two days for a check to post. They held my money for more than two days, and did not post the deposits, nor my withdrawls, allowing for them to use my money and make interest on it for themselves, and then conveniently cleared it all at once as to make everything bounce. Their policy is to clear largest transactions to smallest. So if you right one $100 check, and have $101 in your account (just an example) but also have multiple transactions of less than $2, they will cash the check and bounce everything else. That is truly not consumer-friendly.

Let's say you purchase a $2.00 burger and $11.00 of gas which you had funds for! Well that night a check goes through for $200.00 and it is NSF, you get charged 3 different $33.00 dollar charges because they make it look as if the check went through first, which it didn't. I asked them why this happens and they said that is their policy. The policy to take advantage and gouge their customers. I believe that there are more customers that they have screwed over with this policy. CLASS ACTION!!!

Wells Fargo does suck... The other day I asked for 200.00 from an ATM. Turns out I only had 189.00 in the account at that time. However the ATM gave me 200.00. On reviewing my transaction history later I discovered that since the ATM gave me more money than was in the account, I was charged a 33.00 overdraft fee!!! Imagine that!!! The ATM gives me extra money and then the bank charges me for their ATM's mistake!!! Wells Fargo sucks. I was unsuccessful at getting the charge reversed. I was told that I should not have asked for 200.00 if there was only 189.00 in my account and that I could have had my check register with me!!! Of course everyone carries a paper check register with them when going out on the town in this electronic age!!! If you cant trust the bank to know how much money is in your account what good are they anyway ???

Wells Fargo needs to be investigated by the banking commission for stealing from their customers(overdraft fees). I just found out that they have 425 billion dollars in assets. They obtained this feat by stealing from customers. My auto loan payment posted 1 week early causing my account to be overdrawn. Because the overdraft fees were so excessive it took the auto loan company 2 weeks to get approval to pay the fees. Which were $644. This included the 2 $10 wire fees Wells Fargo charged me. I did not make the wires or requested them but I was charged. That amount was 18 overdraft fees @ $33 each and 6 continuing overdraft fees @ $5 ea. Did not negotiate with the auto loan company to reverse some of those fees. After that my account became a target items posting before my direct deposits. All in all over a 43 day period Wells Fargo was paid $1, 474 in overdraft fees.

Sorry to interrupt the usual trashing that one normally only gets from a Wells Fargo Customer Service representative, but if you want to see what lies in store for you if you open, or already have a Wells account, then go check out some sites such as e-pinions.com, rateitall.com, or complaints.com. Most of the ratings have nothing at all to do with balancing a checkbook and everything to do with Wells' fee structure and downright atrocious customer service. You get the straight scoop on Wells without all of the useful "can't balance a checkbook" name-calling normally seen here by Wells-apologists. Also, make sure that you scroll down through the 5 years of posts on this site also, there are lots of warnings that have nothing to do with balancing a checkbook. As I've said in numerous other posts, my recommendation is to find a small hometown bank or credit union. We've had issues pop up now and then with them over the past 15 years, but nothing compared to the nightmare you're in for with Wells, and getting them resolved is sooooo much easier and painless when compared to Wells Fargo.

It seems like FDIC thinks that I cannot operate a check book. I have had a checking account for years and have never had as many problems or issues as I have had this past year - the year I've been with Wells Fargo. So, maybe I didn't have enough money in my account to cover the check, but they should have communicated the eleven day waiting period with me. Had I known that, I would have taken the check and cashed it elsewhere.

One of my main complaints is lack of communication on their part. Another complaint is that even when I deposit cash, its still marked as pending for one day. Also, you get different stories from every individual you talk to - no consistancy at all. When we called to ask about our "pending" check, one gentleman told us there were no funds in our insurance provider's bank account.

So, when I close my account out at Wells Fargo, what do I need to do? How do I ensure the situation that happened to Fleeced doesn't get me as well? I've paid plenty to that financial institute and I'm tired of it! (I told my husband that the execs got nice Christmas bonuses on us

I HATE WELLS FARGO WITH A PASSION! I am so sick of WF, I am a student that works very hard for every penny earned and due to bad economy, am supporting both my husband and I. Needless to say, we live paycheck to paycheck. That's when WF cashes in... I am convinced they have a system that alerts them when your account is low on funds, and THEN is when they decide to take out all their goddamned fees, including their monthly, bill pay, direct deposit, phone call bill?!, and they have the nerve to call it a [censored]ing "opportunity checking" account... yeah, OPPORTUNITY FOR WELLS FARGO TO ROB YOU! They never seem to want their made-up outrageous fees when there is plenty of money in the acct. They process whatever transaction fits to their convenience in whatever order they please so it ends up [censored]ing you! Every month I struggle with them and have to end up making 10 calls BEGGING them to reverse THEIR mistakes (or their very disguised ripp-offs). I am through with them. My account is closed.

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    not happy with bank Mar 04, 2009

    Reading all these comments has made me feel better...Boston Tea party.. the big banks ie citi, wells, Boa will now be run by the government creating an even bigger big brother and that will make it only worse... with no incentives to keep my money in a bank (ie.. what interest rate) I dont see the value of a bank except to ### with you and then charge you for it... what vaule do they add vs keeping your money in a piggy bank at home? Im ok with stocks bonds etc etc at least there is some cap gain's upside when this country gets out of its financial mess... oh that was becasue of the banking systems and the idiots that add zero vaule to the common end user.

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    Wira May 06, 2009

    I think Barrack Obama should do something on this issue. I would like him to know about this and he should realize that WELLS FARGO is STEALING his bright future US students. Why did they ALLOW this money to be transacted ?? Anybody out there who have the power should take some action!!! I am a student too... I know how do you feel. Right now, I have about USD313 overdraft fee waiting...(probably more)..PLEASE HELP US...!!

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    nicolehowdy Dec 09, 2009

    The same thing just happened to me, I deposited money the 7th of Dec, it showed up 9I checked my account when i got home), the next day is showed that i deposited it on the 8th, I now have 6 overdraft fees on my account and am in the hole, when I should have $400 in there, Thank you wells fargo, you are responsible for me now not being able to purchase Christmas presents for my kids. I am immediately closing my account. Still not sure what to do, they were completely unwilling to work with me and they completely blew me off. How do I explain that to my kids when there is now no money for Christmas.
    This is HORRIBLE!

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    hghjljhkjhjhk Feb 22, 2010

    haha why do you think they roll with the bullet proof glass. Buch of pussies. Take your money then run. haha, ive had all these problems before but i finally found the breaking point. i have a personal vendetta against wells fargo and all its employees. Now they are backed by the govt. even more? WTF? it over whelming really, why are the taxpayers taking the brunt of all the mistakes for a priveledged few. IM about over structure at all. Martial Law, Bring it ON!

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    denbois Feb 25, 2010


    Desiree and Justin at customer service. I very much dislike the way Wells Fargo does the posting order that nearly always entails a higher overdraft fee to the customer. I want CHRONOLOGICAL posting not biggest to smallest which always serves the big banks interest in OD fees. You guys are honestly frustrating me to the point that I will soon close the account and that of my spouse and do my business elsewhere. I don't lke being lectured the way I was by Justin that I agreed to all the small print about Order of Posting ^&^^ *&^(^. Shame on Wells Fargo and please stop lecturing people who bailed you out. We didn't lecture you when you took our money. Next time u act this way I am gone and it will feel damn good!

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