Wells Fargo Bank / customer service, branch mgr.

Camarillo, CA, United States

We went to this bank to open up an account extra checking . The person that helped us made me very un-comforable as he watched me put in my pin and passwords also watched my husbands password on his debit card. He spoke to me about private matters regarding his girlfriend and money issues. He had a cell phone an d it kept going off then he left for awhile and came back. Our account was ok and we found out that this person was fired.
Then on line banking issue of a mortg. payment that either one of myself or husband did. Yet I spent 8 hours on the phone to a District Office Person and then to the Bank Manager of which was so rude and accused us of fraud!!! Instead of fixing the issue they dramized it so much that finally my husband had to take over and we finally told them to release the mtg bank payment to our mtg company and let it go. They thought there was fraud on our account or we were trying to do fraud I don't really know, but after that horrible day and speaking with someone who just does not care you have to wonder why so many people are sick and tired of the poor quality of customer service. This guy we found out they fired him????? Get that one?

We have since opened up another checking account at another bank due to our direct deposits it is so hard to change, but I think if you have several account and keep them under control you can make it. The froze our account so we couldn't even use it!!! What a damm joke.

Our mortg payment still hasn't got to our bank? That's another thing do not use there on line banking it takes 5-20 days to post off your account.

You can really get screwed up if you are not careful.

I think this bank is horrible but staying with them for a while will be ok.

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