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Complaints & Reviews

unethical practices of stealing customers money

During these times of financial crisis, we are encouraged by many to not panic. Don't take your money...

fraud, fraud, fraud

After being on time with 29 payments never missing one for my car payments, we ran into some financial difficulties. spoke with someone in the department about a week a half ago and he said, no problem, just call back after the due date and they will give you a deferment on payment for a month. Called back today 10/13/08 and after going through their chain of command in their collections department, I was told by the floor supervisor verbatim "We are not heartless, we want our money" among other words. I live on social security and had just run into a temporary situation. On time for 2 1/2 years and this is how a bank treats good customers? I can't believe it.

  • Jo
    john doe Jan 26, 2009

    Wells Fargo is the worst bank in the world. They hold your checks! I just switched to Bank of America because Wells Fargo is such a piece of ###.

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bad service

Wells Fargo made an illegal automatic withdrawal from my personal checking account 11 days after I called in...

unauthorized billing

I use Bill Pay thru Wachovia. In Sept they started charging my account on the day I scheduled a payment (I'm not referring to electronic payments but payments made by check). The payee did not cash the check for another 10 days - therefore they had the use of my money for 10 days. If they do that with every depositor just think how much of our money they have to use every day that they shouldn't.

After all, it's our money until the check is returned to the bank cashed by the payee. The Presidents office said they couldn't do anything about the situation.

  • Valerie Jul 28, 2008

    I deposited CASH first thing friday morning (July25) to cover payments that had to be made on the 23rd but go to a separate bank... so it always takes THREE days to clear. When I checked my account online on saturday the 26th I found $70 in nsf fees with no account of what they were for. So I called the bank and was told that they were for checks written on the 23rd. I said, but those checks didn't come in until the night of the 25 and still aren't even logged into my account. They couldn't have bounced on the 25th because the money was there that morning in CASH.

    They told me the checks came in on the 24th... which is impossible since they were written to a different bank and it takes three days to clear from the retailer to their bank to my bank... (this was wachovias own advice to me several months ago).

    Then the man told me that he could see when the checks were written and at the time they were written there wasn't enough in my account to cover it... this tells me that they have a 'sometimes' practice of being spiteful and bouncing things after the fact... that didn't reach them until money was in the bank but because they see when the check was written they spitefully bounce it anyway.

    This is not the first time they have wrongfully taken money from our accounts. Back in December they charged nsf fees due to a purchase that was made when there was PLENTY of money in the account to cover it... making other stuff bounce in the long run because of a bunch of incorrect nsf fees. THEN over a month later. they charged NSF fees AGAIN for the same transaction that supposedly took place back in december... and their excuse was that the money didn't get pulled till January.

    So which is it? Did the same purchase OD the account in December or in January because it cant be both they tried to say that the money was on hold in December... so it bounced the account (which makes no sense) but then when the money was taken... in JANUARY supposedly (there wasn't enough to cover it... but it was on hold??? so why wouldn't it have been there waiting???

    They have the upper hand because they can change their computer records to say whatever they want them to say and it ends up being your word against theirs... they they try and confuse you by talking in circles. Their rules change with the wind and they have stolen thousands of dollars from us over the last 3 years. They don't care who they steal from, senior citizens, people on low fixed incomes, even their own employees are treated poorly. If a wachovia employee is unfortunate enough to become a victim of id theft or fraud... they get fired... if their bank account gets overdrawn... by accident... they get fired. what happened to humanity? Its no wonder wachovia is going under.

    Unfortunately it seems that all banks are taking on these dishonest practices and seem to be above the law.

    I say run far and fast from all banks.

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  • Rl
    rlculpepper Dec 31, 2008

    Wachovia's practices are very suspicious. I am astounded how some routine checks that I send the same time each month, take longer to hit my account when my activity is unusually high or my balance becomes extremely low.
    When my account activity is low or my balance remains very high, the checks always seem to clear days earlier. Service reps never have an answer for this.
    If I forget to record, or miscalculate, debit card purchases, I'm in big trouble. They take money from your balance to cover the debit card purchases that haven't yet posted to the account; fair enough.
    But they then charge overdraft fees for those items once they post. Even though those dollars were already accounted for, because the money to cover them was taken from my account which caused one overdraft that take the balance much lower then ever anticipated.

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  • Su
    Sue Haines Jan 30, 2009

    How do you contact the President's office, I just had the worst experience with Wachovia...they have a manager at a Croydon PA who racially profiles people just based on a first name...mind you she did know this person and did not know what they looked like, they did not bank at her branch and she refused to apologize.

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inability to withdraw funds

On Monday, October 6, 2008, I went to the downtown branch of Wells Fargo Bank in Denver to withdraw $10, 000 from my savings account. The teller told me he could not give me the money because the bank did not have the funds. I told the teller I did not understand. He asked the teller in the next booth, showing her my withdrawal slip, and she shook her her head no. I asked to speak to a manager. The teller called a manager over, and the manager explained to me that the bank did not have such sums of money on hand, and that I would have to call in advance for them to order the money to honor my withdrawal. This is a large bank in downtown Denver, full of customers. Yet they did not have enough money on hand to fill a $10, 000 withdrawal request.

When I got home, I called Wells Fargo Customer Service, and the representative said it sounded very odd that the bank would not have that kind of money on hand. She said, "it blows my mind" that they would tell you such a thing. She put me on hold. When she came back on the line, her tone had changed, and she said the bank policy was that if I wanted to withdraw such a sum of money, I would have to call in advance to order it, that contrary to the movies, banks do not have large sums of money laying around in their vaults. I commented that this was the largest branch in downtown Denver, and I was a bit surprised that $10, 000 would exceed their cash supply. I asked, then, if ten people came in to the bank, each one wanting just $1, 000, then would they start turning customers away. "Of course not, " she said. But if I wanted to withdraw the money from my account, I would have to call ahead and wait a day or two for them to get it in. This makes no sense! I wonder what would happen if I came in and wanted to close my account and take out all of my cash?

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non stop harrassing phone calls

Ever since I took a loan out with Wells Fargo I have been getting these harassing phone calls that start at 8:15 in the morning and continue til 9:30 in the evening. This goes on 7 days a week and on Holidays!! I have spoken to them and every month when I tell them when I have mailed each payment and they tell me that they will make a note of it in their system, then the very next day I get another phone call from a different person and when I tell them the persons' name and extension that I spoke with the previous day they tell me "it doesn't really matter because they are on an automated system so they can't control who to call and who not to call". Then when I have a current account with them I still get a phone call from them asking me if I would like to refinance my loan with them. I have a home daycare center and I have told them that if this continues they are going to cause me to file for bankruptcy because I can't be answering phone calls every few minutes of every day when I need to be focusing my attention on the children! I have already tried changing my phone number, but somehow they got the new number and started their harassing phone calls all over again.

Oklahoma City

  • D5
    d54751 Feb 25, 2009

    Don't shift the blame. If you made your payments on time as you agreed to do they wouldn't be calling you. I would be willing to bet that if the bank owed you money and said they would pay by a certain date and didn't, you would be calling. Bottom line is don't blame your lack of responsibility on someone else.

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Wells Fargo Collections, as an agent of Raymour and Flanigan, makes abusive and harassing phone calls. They call at dinner, on Sundays, and insist on debriefing you, regardless of your credit or payment status. I asked to speak to a supervisor and was advised there was none available. Then, when I got one, Craig, he was obnoxious and abusive. He intimated I was responsible for the abusive phone calls, in spite of the fact that I had already paid. I am tempted, since I own my home and don't need credit, to default on my loan just to anger them.

Do not buy from Raymour and Flanigan because of their bank Wells Fargo!!

  • Ch
    Chris Braden Oct 29, 2009

    Think twice about a Wells-Fargo Home Mortgage. If you are required to carry private
    mortgage insurance, and you pay off your mortgage loan early or refinance it, they will
    NOT refund any unearned private mortgage insurance they charge to your escrow account. For instance, let's say that your mortgage payment is $1, 000 a month of which
    $100 per month is mortgage insurance. If you pay off your account on the 5th of the month, technically you are due a refund from the 6th through the last day of the month
    for your mortgage insurance premium. But Wells-Fargo Bank will collect the premium
    for the entire month even though the mortgage may have been paid off early in the month, and they WON'T refund a single cent. To me, it is a RIP-OFF bank with policies
    that paid it's bottom line with deceptive, unethical, and morally wrong fees and charges.
    Don't ever lose a key to your safe deposit box or they will charge you a $200 fee to have
    a locksmith drill out the lock in your safe deposit box, even if it is costing them only $75;
    they are thereby unjusting profiting from an unfortunate situation.

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  • Er
    Eric's Muscle Cars Oct 03, 2012

    I have to send you this email to notify you that I am being harassed by your collections department everyday. I have explained to every one that has called and there Supervisor that I just refinanced my home with Wells Fargo hence the reason payment on my old loan wasn't made. No one I have spoken to has had the decency to follow up on my case and verify this and end the calling, they just have someone call the next day.
    It has to be in no uncertain terms the worst customer service I have ever experienced with any company I have ever dealt with. Please I beg you, put a procedure in place so that one hand knows what the other is doing with your financial institution. The harassment is ridiculous to say the least. I would have thought that the first person that called me would have verified that I settled and that the payment was in fact not due. Wouldn't that make more sense than alienating your clients?

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  • Ge
    Georgia C Martin Jul 13, 2014
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Wells Fargo is one of the worst banks to do business with... I unfortunately got a lone from them several years ago. I still get nasty phone calls form them and often the customer rep wants to argue with you. I pay my bill as close to the due date as possible. They even said they would work with me regarding a missed payment back in April...My understanding was that they would add this payment at the end of my loan. I was very appreciative of their understanding and willingness to work with me... However, now they want me to add the missed payment to my next two (July and August}. I told them I would not be able to July and would be willing to submit the additional amount to August and September. OK, was their answer. Now I am getting letters and phone calls about the "additional" monies and how I'm not holding up my end of the agreed upon amount...



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  • Ge
    Georgia C Martin Jul 13, 2014
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Wells Fargo is one of the worst banks to do business with... I unfortunately got a loan from them several years ago. I still get nasty phone calls form them and often the customer rep wants to argue with you. I pay my bill as close to the due date as possible. They even said they would work with me regarding a missed payment back in April...My understanding was that they would add this payment at the end of my loan. I was very appreciative of their understanding and willingness to work with me... However, now they want me to add the missed payment to my next two (July and August}. I told them I would not be able to July and would be willing to submit the additional amount to August and September. OK, was their answer. Now I am getting letters and phone calls about the "additional" monies and how I'm not holding up my end of the agreed upon amount...



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scam and cheating

Wells Fargo reported us incorrectly to 3 credit reporting company's that we were 90 day's past due...

mortgage lender placed insurance premium

We are complaining horrific mortgage LENDER PLACED INSURANCE PREMIUM RIP OFF by American Servicing Company, American Security Insurance company, & Assurant Specialty Property. (American Servicing Company is A WELLS FARGO)

1.Exorbitant 800 – 900% Lender placed insurance premium without any notice. We provided Home owner’s insurance policy covering from Aug 2006, so there was about 1 month and 2 weeks of lapse which they claimed they notified us to cover from June 2006 which we never received and we demanded them to provide the proof of such notice but they failed to provide.
2.Excessive 800 - 900% gauging – if it is not illegal, it is willful exploitation. For mere 1 month 2 weeks short lapse, they charged insurance premium whopping $1568.52 ($1078 + $490.90), prorated abut $8000 yearly for DWELLING ONLY without any liabilities for COVERAGE AMOUNT $750, 000 while comparable industry average Dwelling only premium for that coverage is about $1200 YEAR.
3.Unilateral lender placement charge –BETRAYAL OF CUSTOMER’S TRUST. They unilaterally insured at the highest gauging amount of premium THRU THEIR OWN INSURANCE COMPANY WITHOUT CUSTOMER’S CONSENT. They betrayed customer’s trust to profiting themselves, which should be breach of fiduciary duty. This self-dealing insurance premium rip off is directly hurting consumer and should be stopped. When we complained, ASC replied they sent notice to us on July 17, 2006 which we never received and we demanded proof of notice they delivered to us but they refused it and failed to prove they gave us notice.
4.Unilateral deduction from Mortgage payment and started to charge late fee. Despite we paid full amount of monthly mortgage payments every month in time without any skip, ASC took the gauging insurance premium away from our mortgage payment unilaterally and did not applied our payments to monthly mortgage payment and started to charge late fee. THIS WILFULL EXPLOITATION IS HURTING CONSUMER AND MUST BE STOPPED. Despite of our complaints in the past a year to correct it, they are keep charging late fee and harassing to foreclose. THIS MUST BE STOPPED. PLEASE HELP TO PROTECT THE CONSUMERS. THIS IS WILFULL AND DELIBERATE EXPLOITATION BY GAUGING INSURANCE PREMIUM.
5.Retroactive insurance premium charge should be stopped – if not illegal it is wilful exploitation. OUR INSURANCE POLICY COVERAGE DATE WAS AUGUST 2006. ASC'S LENDER PLACEMENT INSURANCE BINDING AND NOTICE DATE WAS OCTOBER 2, 2006. NONTHELESS, ASC CHARGED RETROACTIVELY FROM JUNE 2006
6.ASC confessed it was their error not able to notify to us as ASC audit team discovered later there is no hazard insurance on our mortgage after they purchased the loan from Ohio Savings bank, this facts were confirmed by ASC employees “Miss SHANE, and Miss ALICIA both working in Frederick, MD office.
7.Despite of all above, not only there was no fire on my house during the lapse period but also WE NEVER MAKE ANY ERROR ON OUR SIDE for that short lapse, in fact it was their error as they confessed. Therefore it is very natural to grant courtesy and grace period for that short lapse, but ASC refused which proves that their practices are WILFULL EXPLOITATION, TRAP, AND PREDATORY TO HARM CONSUMER to profit themselves.

We are very very frustrated as they continue to refuse to correct it for the past year and giving us painful ordeal.

Please kindly help us let them stop this kind of ASC/Wells Fargo Bank's willful and exploitative practices as I believe this is their pattern of consumer exploitation not only us but others as well.

Sincerely yours,

Hy & Rosemaire Cho

ASC/A Wells Fargo
Mr Dick Kovokovich CEO
7495 New Horizon Way
Frederick, MD 21703

  • Da
    David Hartman Feb 18, 2009

    I ma in the same boat; after a six-week lapse in coverage; Wells went ahead & retroactively charged us an astounding $675.00 (our annual policy which includes personal coverage as well is $1191.00. I spoke with 3 people at Wells including a supervisor and a manager and told them I will refi this note elsewhere unless they waive or reduce this preposterous charge. I have never heard of anyone retroactively charging for insurance gaps, and I will be taking them to court, as the amount is totally unjustified & abusive. Wells Fargo will also lose us as a customer for the remainder of our lives. They simply do not care that these myopic decisions affect their bottom line.

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stole my money!!!

This bank stole over $800.00 of my money right out of my account!!! They claim that because my step...

home loan and sales

home loan cocomplain
try to sale my home had to sale they refuse to take the offer so the house went into to forclosure when the house sold it sold for less then my offers and now my credit is bad and now i have been unable to buy a home they said that could not do a workout for us if someone file a law suit i would like to be in it

thank you

online security

Until today I'd been with Wells Fargo for 16 years. I'm now going to another bank. Wells Fargo has terrible online security. A scammer used my social security number to hijack my account online. Despite not having my PIN and not having the answer to my personal security question, Wells Fargo allowed them to change the address and phone number on my account and to open a new savings account in my name. My statements were heading to another state! Wells Fargo didn't notify me of the address change and allowed them access to my account with nothing but my social security number.

This is so wrong. Now I have to sort out the mess and Wells Fargo is proving inept in helping me do it. Their fraud department was supposed to call me back and never did. When I called them I was placed on hold for 30 minutes and then they hung up on me.

Don't bank with Wells Fargo if you want your money safe. It won't be because any scammer can go online and hijack your account with very little information.

  • Ba
    BankKnowledge Sep 19, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    How did they get you SSN number?

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inappropriate banking practices

On Wed. 3 September I drove 60 miles from Fort Sumner New Mexico to Clovis New Mexico to deposit my bi-weekly...

delinquent account for enitre loan

Here is some food for thought and a good reason to think that Wells Fargo Auto is a crock of ###. They should...

1 comment East Aurora Loans

fraud and scam

I have had the same on going issue with wells fargo auto finance company for about a year now, I have cried and I regret ever choosing wells fargo to finance my vehicle. they have repeatedly added there auto insurance from balboa insurance with out any kind of cancellation notice from my insurer or even from me, there response has been they had not received any new documents so therefore it is added automatically and it is added to my original monthly payment. The first time this happen I submitted the initial dec. page and just assumed as long as i payed my insurance i was fine no reason to worry. WRONG!

2 MONTHS LATER i received my statement ind it showed and extra $125x2=$250.00 that was showing due and 2 months of late fees for not making my entire monthly payment in full, now mind you my payments were $260.00 per month but with the automatic insurance added on with out my knowledge my payments were now $385.00 and they had reported that I had been late to the credit bureaus. Oh and i never received an insurance form showing my coverage, limits or any other info other than the extra charge on my car loan statement and when they do finally receive my proof then they say it will take about 6 weeks to clear up but in the meanwhile they still tack on the late charges and report that only partial payment was made. this cant be legal and how can they get away with charging for insurance they you never see a policy to.

To this day the dings that have been cause by there shady practices are still on my credit there response is that i must dispute them through there dispute department and because if they admit that a mistake has been made over and over again and not just with me but with many others then that would hold them liable for a lot of pain, suffering and the anguish of how little people really do get taken advantage of by the big corporations like wells fargo who employ a legal team and here we are trying to get someone to help us to have a louder voice then theirs... I WANT THEM TO HAVE TO WORRY ABOUT HOW AND WHEN THIS WILL BE TAKEN CARE OF AND WHAT IT WILL COST!

  • Ma
    MadasHell Nov 13, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Here is the direct numbers for the people in charge . keep notes of time day, and what they discussed. They will try to play you, don't take it. Look at the Fair credit reporting act, to see what they can and cannot do. You will see they do alot of things hey shouldn't and legally cant. report them!!!

    will coakley VP Collections
    e-mail. [email protected]

    Alex Alverez
    direct number 480-337-2922

    e-mail [email protected]

    if this doesnt resolve your issue ( it won't, they are VP's cause they are better liars) report them to

    If your complaint is with a national bank (has the word “national” in its name or the letters “N.A.” after the name), please contact:

    Customer Assistance Group

    Comptroller of the Currency

    1301 McKinney Street, Suite 3710

    Houston, TX 77010

    Telephone: 800-613-6743

    E-mail: [email protected]

    Internet: www.occ.treas.gov

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doesn't have the decency to call

I recently overdrafted my account which happens. I lost trakc of which card I had used for a business expense. Well I put the money plus more into the account once I could. Wells Fargo decided to cancel my bank card. Which isn;t my complaint. My complaint is that they cancelled my card without motifying me. So I am on another business trip knowing I had enough funds to cover my lodging costs but my bank card is declined. This is an embarrassing situation but is even more embarrassing when it is one of your companies hotels. This is the second time they have cancelled my card without notifying me. The first time was due to fraudulent charges on my bank card. Which I believe is a good reason for canceling a card. Once again my complaint is that they didn't notify me. This left me stranded at a gas station. I called their customer service expecting an apology for this inconvenience but alls I received was rudeness. They took no responsibility for the discomfort they caused me. I guess since I accidentally overdrafted my account that makes me a less than worthy customer.

unethical company

Imagine my surprise when I received a letter stating that you have been working with us for some time to resolve our financial problems.

I sit here looking at our last statement -- $109 due by 8/15/05. I paid 40.00 on 7/28/08, $60 on 8/26, $9.00 on 9/4/08 using the bill pay service offered by Wells Fargo bank. Wow due 8/15 – paid by 9/4/08 – we are quite the deadbeats.

I just went on line (Wells Fargo Financial) and paid another $109 since apparently Wells Fargo needs the money so badly.

I’ve never dealt with such an unethical group of financiers in my life.

  • My
    mycats Dec 02, 2008

    wellsfargo is the worst bank to deal with close your accounts with them they nickle dime your savings accounts, for their employee parties, yes they party off your over draft fees. i spoke with an employee who use to work there, the are investor's hiding behind a lot of these bad loans, the ceo of wellsfargo told naca bruce marks to kiss his'''''''''''''' when mr marks ask him to help all the homeowners with bad mortgages to help these people keep their homes. the bible say beware those that are standing, beware you will fall. wellsfargo had the nerve to take some of the bail out money and they will not help with these bad loans they are hiding behind many of them an they don't care. wellsfargo employees
    better beware when you work for satan you will soon be fired. one wellsfargo employee says that they are strong nothings going to happen to us. that's what they just about said about the titanic before it sank, and never came back up. downey savings all those banks that have cheated many people out of their homes are closing down, wellsfargo is on it's way out soon, take you money out from them, i hope any employee of wellsfargo read this, remember one thing you reap what you sow. and wellsfargo deserve what they will receive to be closed down for good. also they have sent many american jobs overseas to india

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  • Be
    BenDrinkin Nov 06, 2009

    They fooled me into a loan where I paid $250/month in interest, while only paying $50 towards the principal. They told me the high interest rate, but how they calculate it, and/or heavily front-load it LEGALLY, is beyond me. Who in their right mind, knowing full well the situation, is gonna pay $250/month in interest? I have gangster friends who charge waaaaay less. They totally took advantage of a desperate, unexperienced young person with the intention of owning them. They constantly offered more money, as if I were ###ed, and still hadn't figured out their hustle. If I ever get a terminal illness, I am going to burn down every wells fargo within 100 miles.


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scam and cheating

It has now been over 6 years since Wells Fargo Bank illegally accepted, cashed and released almost $1 million of stolen check funds, payable solely to 'The Madden Company', but stolen, then signed/endorsed by SAVIN Corporation, who is owned by RICOH-Japan. If you or I had stolen and cashed these 7 large checks, with a handwritten deposit endorsement, WE WOULD BE IN JAIL, but International Corporate executives, like Jim Ivy, ex-CEO of RICOH-USA and SAVIN, has not yet been charged.

This is ironic, considering Mr. Ivy is already incarcerated, having been convicted of sexually assaulting a minor, under the age of 13, while in charge of these large office equipment companies in the USA. Please help us, as we have lost faith in our federal government to do anything, having passed the buck to other agencies, until there are no more agencies to file reports/complaints with.

Visit www.ThisIsJustice.com to see our actual evidence, including a copy of a check for over $200, 000.00, which was one of seven checks stolen and then illegally cashed by Wells Fargo Bank.

Thanks very much.

  • Ba
    BankKnowledge Sep 19, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Dude, that is some f**ked up stuff right there. It is unfortunate the heads of corporations get special treatment like that. Class discrimination at its best. :(

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terrible everything

This complaint comes on the heals of my wife being fired by this company not once but twice. This company has had an issue with my wife working for them since she came down with the illness/disability of epilepsy. They have done things such as not grant her time off when she had an attack of seizures. They have told her on many occasions that they can't work with her illness. They did not comply with doctors orders in regards to her schedule, and many other things that would make it easy for her to do her job, such as frequent short breaks away from the computer screen. This affected my wife's performance allowing them to dig up a reason to get rid of her. If you bank with this company understand that you are not only supporting this type of behavior but you are saying that you are ok with this happening. Someone who has a disability being treated as my wife was is no excuse for what they did. Wells Fargo has a history of not complying with the law and they have done it again in the case of my wife. My hope is that people who read this complaint will understand what this does to someone with this illness and the stress that they incur will cause them to potentially have more and more seizures due to the fact that they are placed under stress and can't go through with their daily lives.

We are seeking legal action against Wells Fargo for their illegal behavior.

  • Valerie Oct 07, 2008

    Wells Fargo representative arrogantly insisted there was no problem when the bank's automated phone number repeatedly sent me to the wrong information. It was a strange situation that was made worse by Brian's tone of voice that there was no problem. I finally decided to get help at another time. It would be great if Wells Fargo would listen to complaints and then investigate to determine if there IS a bad employee on their phones. Especially in this economic climate, it could cost them a lot if they don't. Oh well, not my problem.

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  • Wi
    Wisz May 22, 2011

    I have the same issues with Well Fargo too!

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fraudulent fees

Wells Fargo Auto Finance is charging me exhorbitant fee's for excessive wear and tear that is not evident on my returned vehicle. I think they systematically do this to rip off clients who have leased vehicles. I am thinking of a class action suite against the company. Anyone else have unfair end of lease fee's or excessive wear and tear fee's?

  • Ch
    chris loftin Oct 20, 2008

    Hello, yes I have just recently returned my leased vehicle back to wells fargo return center. A month goes by and i received a bill for nearly $7, 000. A $1000.00 in parts and the rest for labor. I cannot believe this considering they tried to sell me the vehicle for $8, 000. It had a little wear and tear but nothing major. I cant believe they are saying there was this much damage considering i could have got a complete paint job for around $1000. Please contact me if you have found anything out regarding this issue.

    I dont know what to do,

    Chris Loftin

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  • Sh
    sharon Nov 24, 2008
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    i returned a sequoia and they hit me for 4000.00, the turnin fee of 350 and excessive miles was all i paid for.
    i figure theyre gonna sue me, but i could have also bought the vehicle
    they hit me up for 16 dents on the roof of the truck, i never even used the roof
    and also for little nicks, which, in all my other leases, were considered wear and tear(normal--)
    i did listent o my husband and took picturesof the car, which i sent to wells fargo, but they could care less.. they told me ill go into collections if i don't pay in full, so i paid what i believe i owed.. let me know how everyone makes out

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  • Ja
    Jay Jan 30, 2009

    Same here. I just returned a honda pilot. Everything was under excellent condition. The transport condition report from the car pickup person states no damage at all, and I got photos and witness for the car. But, in the end, wells fargo is charging me $2700. It's crazy!! They told me once I signed the contract, then i should pay the amount they figured out. All the proof I got is useless.

    I think we should file a legal action against this bank!!

    [email protected]

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  • Ch
    chris loftin Feb 25, 2009

    Hey everyone just a little update to my first complaint on the top of this page... So after going back and forth with Wells Fargos crazy fees of $7, 000 I did something just as crazy... I spent $20 and joined PrePaid Legal... I know... I know... I know... The one that you always hear about but say "Yeah Right" not likely... Listen to this... I told them what happened and they said no problem, "We will write a demand letter for you" ... soon as they did this and sent it out a got a phone call from wells fargo leasing department stating they have checked over the fees again and adjusted my account to $2000.00 ... LOL... Wow!!! that was fast. So I could have fussed a little more but was so happy to have saved $5, 000 I said great lets do it.

    Wells Fargo sent bill to me for $7k
    went back and forth with leasing department for a few weeks
    hired Prepaid legal (no contract) $20 plus $10 start up fee
    wells fargo called and "Adjusted" account $5k
    paid off and its a done deal.

    Please call if you have any questions and cancel all business with this Monster of a Bank...
    Wells Fargo Sucks

    Chris Loftin
    Sacramento, CA

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  • Ca
    caa Mar 01, 2009

    I have a 2006 mini van (Toyota sienna) and will return next week in Phoenix location. I read all of these messages above and called Wells Fargo Auto lease department and asked for the leased car return policy. What they told me is that any scratches or dent bigger than 1 inch, they will charge. I did check my car and found some small scratches and will have them fixed before returning the car next week. I will let you know if there will be extra charged in few weeks. Another concern is the tires. In case of the extra charge, I will have the two front tires replaced before returning as well. Hope there is no more headache after. I would not lease car anymore since it is just not right for Wells Fargo to charge so much after the car returned. Again, I am with you all for the discussion.

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