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Complaints & Reviews

Resolved overdraft trap

To whom it may concern,

I XXXXX, am herby demanding that my accounts be closed, effective immediately . The reason that I am taking this action is because of the unacceptable policies that are being utilized at my expense, and I am literally fed up with your " Greedy " Business Practices " . In my banking experiences - over the past thirty years, dealing with many other financial institutions, I have never encountered the amount of problems with overdraft fees that are constantly reoccurring with my checking account . The practice of your credit /debit posting practices are " Shady " at best . An example of this, is posting debits on a holiday ( A Non Banking Business Day ) and not posting the credits that were pending also, until the next day, another example is the shuffling of transactions from the order in which they occur to maximize overdraft fees, another example is the way your computers post account data ( not accurate at any given time ) designed to confuse the customer, with your continual overdraft trap, designed to gouge your customers . I find this practice to be horrendous and despicable . A bank is supposed to be working in my best interest, and not lurking in the shadows of deception, waiting to pilfer the customer at their earliest convenience, it is a matter of ethics and scruples, really ...

Wells Fargo should be ashamed, and should be nominated to the "' Hall of Shame " . I have a question for Wells Fargo ? " If the money isn't in the account, Then why aren't the transactions denied ?" It seems that your computers are programmed to build revenue - In Wells Fargo's favor, at the customer's expense, by dragging it's heels to notify customers of their overdraft status until days later, believing that they had a positive balance in their account ( according to your current computer account information data ), that they rely on - continuing to make minor purchases and being fleeced with overdraft charges . " Is there a human-being monitoring these computers ? " that is a scary thought . Don't rely on your online banking service, which is totally useless in my opinion . I have never had problems with other banks, because they were predictable and consistent . Banking with Wells Fargo is much like going to a casino with the customer service of an all night - Taco Bell Drive thru . In closing, I know that Wells Fargo does not care, about me, the customer and that is ok too . If my small business ever takes off, rest assured - that my money will certainly not be deposited with Wells Fargo Bank ... I am not the only disgruntled customer of Wells Fargo Bank, here are some other customer complaints from the many disgruntled customers ( too many to list ) whom have left your institution ... It appears that Wells Fargo is more interested in making a " Quick Buck ', than establishing long term relationships with it's customers . I also wish upon Wells Fargo - that the fleas of a thousand camels, infest their arm pits !!! " Wells Fargo Bank " one of the carbuncles on the butt of mankind ...

I can deal with "policy", but keep in mind, the word policy coming from the mouth of the so called "customer service" agent is really just another way of the company telling you, "Hey, we really DON'T care, and [censored] you."

I am currently a wells fargo employee looking for another job. wells fargo not only screws its customers but its employees also. i am required to get one sale a day or i have to stay on a weeknight to call people. now i could of sworn i did not apply for a telemarketing job, or did i? honestly, wells fargo (hells fargo) only cares about getting sales no matter the cost. they told me to make the customer wait if i have to in order to sell them a product. i pride myself on my good customer service and refuse to keep a customer, who is probably on their lunch break, waiting too long. i am looking for another job because wells fargo is a very shallow company who doesn't give a ### about anybody. i want an employer that i can agree with on their values. everybody reading this, please change banks! i know how this system that people call a "bank" works. they don't care about you, they just want your money!!! they will screw you over any way they can, trust me, before you find out for yourself. there are better banks out there. wells fargo can kiss my ###!!!

Every Thursday my paycheck from HEB (grocery chain in Texas) is deposited to my account electronically. It usually takes 2-3 business days to clear my funds. In the meantime, the money is still displayed as part of my "available balance" although that is not the case. Now here is the most deviating thing that this evil bank does. They will accept a direct deposit, pend it for 2 days and then on the 3rd business day they will clear several debits and change the date of the debits so that they are BEFORE the check is cleared and then charge me $33.00 in overdraft fees for each item. This has been an ongoing problem with this bank and I do not recommend this bank to anyone!

Personal experience with Wells Fargo, the bxstard bank. It all starts with one key element: purchases are immediately subtracted from an account while transfers and deposits take longer. I have 58 cents in my checking account so I transfer (online) $4.00 and walk to Cub Foods to get a pack of cigarettes. Big mistake. Next day I check my balance - everything looks fine - @ this point NO overdraft fees are shown. I transfer another $4.00 into the account later that evening for more cigarettes - go and buy them. This cycle continues until about 4 days goes by - and holy shxt. $99 dollars worth of overdraft fees - 3x$33. Show up on my history for the last few days. In one day, my balance dropped from like $2.00 to -$101.69. And of course, now it shows every charge, the day it occurred, just because that money did not transfer the first day. In taking their sweet time to post these fees, Wells Fargo cost be $66 not to mention the $33 that I was charged because of their initial delay. I've contacted people and tried to get these fees waived but the bank says it is not their fault. Fxck Wells Fargo. Save your money and don't bank there.

I work at a well known print shop in SF, ca. (Home of Wells Fargo world HQ) We produce a lot of their employee reading material. And as I am forced to read it during the proofing process, let me just say it's pretty cold hearted stuff. I have had an account with them since I was 15 and am switching ASAP.. They're just too big to care I guess. Go with a bank that actually wants you to be happy and fortuitous, not broke and charged up the ###.

Actually, my account was balanced. However, there is NO reason that any CASH deposit should take more than one day to post to an account, and no more than two days for a check to post. They held my money for more than two days, and did not post the deposits, nor my withdrawls, allowing for them to use my money and make interest on it for themselves, and then conveniently cleared it all at once as to make everything bounce. Their policy is to clear largest transactions to smallest. So if you right one $100 check, and have $101 in your account (just an example) but also have multiple transactions of less than $2, they will cash the check and bounce everything else. That is truly not consumer-friendly.

Let's say you purchase a $2.00 burger and $11.00 of gas which you had funds for! Well that night a check goes through for $200.00 and it is NSF, you get charged 3 different $33.00 dollar charges because they make it look as if the check went through first, which it didn't. I asked them why this happens and they said that is their policy. The policy to take advantage and gouge their customers. I believe that there are more customers that they have screwed over with this policy. CLASS ACTION!!!

Wells Fargo does suck... The other day I asked for 200.00 from an ATM. Turns out I only had 189.00 in the account at that time. However the ATM gave me 200.00. On reviewing my transaction history later I discovered that since the ATM gave me more money than was in the account, I was charged a 33.00 overdraft fee!!! Imagine that!!! The ATM gives me extra money and then the bank charges me for their ATM's mistake!!! Wells Fargo sucks. I was unsuccessful at getting the charge reversed. I was told that I should not have asked for 200.00 if there was only 189.00 in my account and that I could have had my check register with me!!! Of course everyone carries a paper check register with them when going out on the town in this electronic age!!! If you cant trust the bank to know how much money is in your account what good are they anyway ???

Wells Fargo needs to be investigated by the banking commission for stealing from their customers(overdraft fees). I just found out that they have 425 billion dollars in assets. They obtained this feat by stealing from customers. My auto loan payment posted 1 week early causing my account to be overdrawn. Because the overdraft fees were so excessive it took the auto loan company 2 weeks to get approval to pay the fees. Which were $644. This included the 2 $10 wire fees Wells Fargo charged me. I did not make the wires or requested them but I was charged. That amount was 18 overdraft fees @ $33 each and 6 continuing overdraft fees @ $5 ea. Did not negotiate with the auto loan company to reverse some of those fees. After that my account became a target items posting before my direct deposits. All in all over a 43 day period Wells Fargo was paid $1, 474 in overdraft fees.

Sorry to interrupt the usual trashing that one normally only gets from a Wells Fargo Customer Service representative, but if you want to see what lies in store for you if you open, or already have a Wells account, then go check out some sites such as e-pinions.com, rateitall.com, or complaints.com. Most of the ratings have nothing at all to do with balancing a checkbook and everything to do with Wells' fee structure and downright atrocious customer service. You get the straight scoop on Wells without all of the useful "can't balance a checkbook" name-calling normally seen here by Wells-apologists. Also, make sure that you scroll down through the 5 years of posts on this site also, there are lots of warnings that have nothing to do with balancing a checkbook. As I've said in numerous other posts, my recommendation is to find a small hometown bank or credit union. We've had issues pop up now and then with them over the past 15 years, but nothing compared to the nightmare you're in for with Wells, and getting them resolved is sooooo much easier and painless when compared to Wells Fargo.

It seems like FDIC thinks that I cannot operate a check book. I have had a checking account for years and have never had as many problems or issues as I have had this past year - the year I've been with Wells Fargo. So, maybe I didn't have enough money in my account to cover the check, but they should have communicated the eleven day waiting period with me. Had I known that, I would have taken the check and cashed it elsewhere.

One of my main complaints is lack of communication on their part. Another complaint is that even when I deposit cash, its still marked as pending for one day. Also, you get different stories from every individual you talk to - no consistancy at all. When we called to ask about our "pending" check, one gentleman told us there were no funds in our insurance provider's bank account.

So, when I close my account out at Wells Fargo, what do I need to do? How do I ensure the situation that happened to Fleeced doesn't get me as well? I've paid plenty to that financial institute and I'm tired of it! (I told my husband that the execs got nice Christmas bonuses on us

I HATE WELLS FARGO WITH A PASSION! I am so sick of WF, I am a student that works very hard for every penny earned and due to bad economy, am supporting both my husband and I. Needless to say, we live paycheck to paycheck. That's when WF cashes in... I am convinced they have a system that alerts them when your account is low on funds, and THEN is when they decide to take out all their goddamned fees, including their monthly, bill pay, direct deposit, phone call bill?!, and they have the nerve to call it a [censored]ing "opportunity checking" account... yeah, OPPORTUNITY FOR WELLS FARGO TO ROB YOU! They never seem to want their made-up outrageous fees when there is plenty of money in the acct. They process whatever transaction fits to their convenience in whatever order they please so it ends up [censored]ing you! Every month I struggle with them and have to end up making 10 calls BEGGING them to reverse THEIR mistakes (or their very disguised ripp-offs). I am through with them. My account is closed.

  • No
    not happy with bank Mar 04, 2009

    Reading all these comments has made me feel better...Boston Tea party.. the big banks ie citi, wells, Boa will now be run by the government creating an even bigger big brother and that will make it only worse... with no incentives to keep my money in a bank (ie.. what interest rate) I dont see the value of a bank except to ### with you and then charge you for it... what vaule do they add vs keeping your money in a piggy bank at home? Im ok with stocks bonds etc etc at least there is some cap gain's upside when this country gets out of its financial mess... oh that was becasue of the banking systems and the idiots that add zero vaule to the common end user.

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  • Wi
    Wira May 06, 2009

    I think Barrack Obama should do something on this issue. I would like him to know about this and he should realize that WELLS FARGO is STEALING his bright future US students. Why did they ALLOW this money to be transacted ?? Anybody out there who have the power should take some action!!! I am a student too... I know how do you feel. Right now, I have about USD313 overdraft fee waiting...(probably more)..PLEASE HELP US...!!

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  • Ni
    nicolehowdy Dec 09, 2009

    The same thing just happened to me, I deposited money the 7th of Dec, it showed up 9I checked my account when i got home), the next day is showed that i deposited it on the 8th, I now have 6 overdraft fees on my account and am in the hole, when I should have $400 in there, Thank you wells fargo, you are responsible for me now not being able to purchase Christmas presents for my kids. I am immediately closing my account. Still not sure what to do, they were completely unwilling to work with me and they completely blew me off. How do I explain that to my kids when there is now no money for Christmas.
    This is HORRIBLE!

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  • Hg
    hghjljhkjhjhk Feb 22, 2010

    haha why do you think they roll with the bullet proof glass. Buch of pussies. Take your money then run. haha, ive had all these problems before but i finally found the breaking point. i have a personal vendetta against wells fargo and all its employees. Now they are backed by the govt. even more? WTF? it over whelming really, why are the taxpayers taking the brunt of all the mistakes for a priveledged few. IM about over structure at all. Martial Law, Bring it ON!

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  • De
    denbois Feb 25, 2010


    Desiree and Justin at customer service. I very much dislike the way Wells Fargo does the posting order that nearly always entails a higher overdraft fee to the customer. I want CHRONOLOGICAL posting not biggest to smallest which always serves the big banks interest in OD fees. You guys are honestly frustrating me to the point that I will soon close the account and that of my spouse and do my business elsewhere. I don't lke being lectured the way I was by Justin that I agreed to all the small print about Order of Posting ^&^^ *&^(^. Shame on Wells Fargo and please stop lecturing people who bailed you out. We didn't lecture you when you took our money. Next time u act this way I am gone and it will feel damn good!

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Resolved no "cancel bill pay"option

I am a Wells Fargo customer and want to cancel "Bill Pay", which costs $9.95/month ($10.00 in...

Resolved fraud!

As called by Sr. credit manager Chris Ives to consolidate credit cards to 1 monthly payment. We went to the office to see what they could do for her. Chris told us in order to get my fiancé' cards brought to 1 monthly payment with a good apr rate and a manageable payment he suggested to refinance our Toyota corolla which we had a 7.9apr for 60 month and put her cards with that in order to bring the cost of her monthly payments down. Chris had mention to me being part of this loan in order for her to better qualify for the refinance of her vehicle as well as consolidating her cards for the purpose of using my income to show more income on the new loan. I told Chris that I didn't want to use me because of my bankruptcy and that I knew my score would hurt her but he reassure me that my score wouldn't be used and that they would use her score which 700's and the only reason they needed me was for my income. I said that sounds good to me as long as we

use her credit score and get an apr rate that is lower than 10% he reassured me again that it wouldn't be a problem. That was our 1st visit .We had to come back because they needed some info from me. A few days later we came back and started the paper work to get the loan through and it was close to closing time for them so they where in a rush to make sure our loan was processed. While that was being processed Chris was going over the paper work and telling us what our loan was going to be which was writing down on another blank piece of paper with the number of 9.6 apr rate and a 60 month payment of 440 a month That's exactly what I wanted to get done. Problem #1 we didn't receive exactly what we went in for, instead we got checks to pay off little credit cards to the amount of $3000 and also the payoff to our car to the amount of $17000 . We had looked over the paper work we had signed and also the page with the numbers he had written on a blank piece

of paper, with all the normal things on a loan document. Problem #2 we got home and realized that we where missing the 2 important checks. I gave Chris a call he said that they might have gotten printed so after days of calling him back and trying to get answer from him he finally had told me that he wasn't able to get those cards in to our loan and he told me that we where max out on how much money they could loan us and the other thing was we never received a copy of page two which had the loan numbers as far as apr rate the trem of the loan which showed 9.6 and 60 month term for 440 I had given him a call for that at was told by Chris that it was a dmv paper work and wasn't necessary to have and I ask him are you sure because it says on page one that page two has all the numbers and Chris said I am pretty sure but I will give you a call back that never happened. A month later we received the bill which showed apr rate of 17.74. Are you kidding me!

And a loan of $456 some change a month and the loan for 72-months I was very angered, betrayed, and upset at wells Fargo. I never rec'd anything to show the numbers that where told to us were real and because I should have made a case for the missing page not rec'd I was screwed. Now we're force to have a car loan that has a rate of 17.74 from a loan which we had a rate 7.9apr rate which is the reason for this long letter I asked them this question why would anybody sign/ refinance a car loan from apr rate of 7.9 to a 17.74. I told them if I had seen those numbers the day we signed we never would have signed. Chris had done a lot to make sure we never understood fully what we had signed and withheld documents from us in order to keep us from stopping the loan process. This is FRAUD plan and simple! We have an 8 month old baby, and we thought we were doing well by getting our small debt in control.

  • Bu
    butch Mar 23, 2009

    contact the attorney general office immediately and better business bureau, file eveything you can against these people they do this to all of us.

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  • Wi
    Williams1012 Apr 17, 2009

    It seems to me that there are not only two sides to every story, but that you have managed to tell your side incorrectly. There are so many complaints listed about how banks are out to get us, but people don't realize that they can't help everyone. In this instance listed above, it seems that 1) if you were hesitant, you should not have signed and 2) you don't understand the loan. I also find it interesting that you would post someone's actual name in a complaint with the word "sucks." Your writing is a best a juvenille atempt at name calling. I would assume you are 18 years old, because adults don't act this way. You would have been more convincing calling everyone "stupidheads." Instead of ranting, raving and calling names, you should have taken the loan to another bank to see what could be done, or to a credit union. Your lack of class just goes to prove that as well as not understanding finances, you don't understand proper manners. To quote you, your complaint "sucks."

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  • Wi
    Williams1012 Apr 17, 2009

    On a further note, I hope Wells Fargo does not read your comments posted here, because there could be legal ramifications to your posting. You used someone's full name, and with the information listed, it would not be hard to figure out who posted this. Therefore, there could be legal issues with slander, liable, and other such problems from posting unconfounded allegations with someone's name.

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  • Fo
    Former WFF Manager Sep 29, 2009

    Chris Ives
    235 Town Center
    Santee Ca

    Chris has moved up to assistant manager. Congrats.

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  • Th
    thejoker Oct 27, 2009

    ive gotten a loan here before. i asked what the rate, term, and fees were and they pointed it to me and i signed the same sheet of paper that had the rate. you can't even do a loan without signing all the papers. my wife cosigned because we share the mortgage costs and she signed the paper too. i got the checks the day i signed and made sure it matched the papers we signed. i know that customer service is important but everyone knows--dont sign any papers unless you know what they say

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  • An
    AnitaS.415 Feb 03, 2010

    i don't think you understand APRs and how compounding interest regardless of the rate will usually cost more and take you longer to pay than a fixed simple interest loan. Even at a higher rate. That's what's wrong with America, people focus on a rate and not the loan. That's why so many forclosures and credit card users!

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Resolved wrongfull action with mortage loan

To whom it may Concern!

Good morning to you, our names or Mr. & Mrs. McKenzie. We are writing you because of a small problem that we are having with Wells Fargo Mortgage Bank. As you know, along with most of the world, people are losing their homes; we do not want that to happen to us. We been looking over our contact and looking over just how Wells Fargo has been handling our home payment, escrow account basally an overall look. Our payments jump for 876.00 to 1622.99 over a 21/2 year period. What we found was uncaring to us as a home owner and a value customer. With much talking back to back with the customer’s service people at wells Fargo we became unsatisfied again. Not only does the customer’s service have limited knowledge of the needs of some customers, they do want to answer your question, they can be very rude on the phone, because you are asking question and questioning the way Wells Fargo as a whole is handling your loan. We have asked on a many occasion to set a set down with someone from Wells Fargo to speak face to face. What we found was each year when wells Fargo did the yearly adjustment on our escrow account the estimated were so much more higher than our yearly pay out, and we would have to wait until next year adjustment for any refund do us, in the mean while our house payment keep getting bigger. And now that we have work on some of the item we were very unsatisfied with we still have a long way to go, because every time we ask for something we are being told that we cannot have access to such information and, here we trusted this bank to protect our interest and now that we are looking into things, which we should not be treated badly because we want answer as a home owner making such they are doing the right thing, we’re the ones who is paying for this home we are being told we don’t need or cannot get such information. It is one thing to send someone a statement listing what escrow is, principal and interest and such other things. But when a customer comes to you and says, look we have not been satisfied with some of the ways you have been doing things, and we would like to see receipts for all payment made on our behalf from your company and you’re saying there no such thing. There paper work for everything you do, if you are doing it right, a bank has rules, guideline and an ethic duly to keep what with all things from a penny you take out someone account to that C.D someone has invested in. All we want is to see the receipts, we want to make sure that the payment went to the proper place, the payment for mortgage insurance went to the insurance company and not someone else pocket or account . Not only that we are paying the bank premium on our own loan and we know banks are covered all the way around so why are we paying their insurance premium we do not know. It would be a different story if we wanted to protector our loan by adding a mortgage protection plan to our account but that is not the case. Also we were first told that the payment was made on behalf of HUD, that it was HUD who requested we have such a premium and we make the payment for their insurance premium, again all of these places are covered by the government and this has been going on since we first got the house, so it not like they just added this in because of the very hard times we are in as a whole. What is the real deal here why is it so hard to get some answer form the bank. Can you please help us get the answer we need, so that we can know for ourselves that the bank is doing the thing. Too many people are getting in trouble today for using other people retirement, saving, 401k etc and the little people are the only ones who is hurting here, were the love for one another, were the respect for the customers.

Resolved unsolicited phone calls

For the past few days, my workplace has been receiving phone calls that hang up when you answer--about 5-10 a day. I finally got so fed up with it that I star-sixty-nined the number--[protected]. 'Andy' answered at Wells Fargo Financial. I told him we'd been getting these hang up phone calls from this number; he asked the number and my name. When I told him who I was, he said, 'We're not looking for you.' and hung up on me!!

I called back and spoke to Andy again. I said 'You just hung up on me.' He said, 'No, we're not looking for you.' I said 'That's fine, but I need to speak to your supervisor.' This guy literally laughed at me and said 'Absolutely not.'

I was stunned, and he started to try to hang up again and I literally yelled into the phone 'No no no! This is a business, and I don't know WHO you're looking for, but this is a business phone number and you are harassing us. If you continue to do this, I will call the police. GOOD BYE!' Then I hung up on HIM.

It is incredible to me that a business with as big a name as Wells Fargo doesn't care about the kind of reputation jerks like Andy give them. I certainly won't EVER do business with this company. And I'm not even who they were looking for!

  • Vi
    vicky l howard Jun 22, 2009

    I have a complaint, this company is calling me at least 10 times per day.This makes no sense, I answer the firrst call explain when I will make the payment. I was told the call will continue until the payment is made. This is harrassment, not customer service. I can't believe a corporation this large would allow their customer service representive to conduct themself in this matter. Wells Fargo Financial is a horrible company, their cash on demand card is a joke. This just another way to keep you in debt with ridiculous interest rates. I will be e-mailing our Attorney General in Missouri, this can not continue.

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  • Me
    Metry Jul 15, 2009

    Wells Fargo Financial is a company that is third-ier at best. DO NOT do business with these people. DO NOT, I repeat...do business with these people. Disrespect, harrassment...all from Mumbai.

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  • Ju
    Julie50 Sep 29, 2009

    I agree. I cannot believe that a global bank would allow their customer service people to behave in such a manner: intimidation, threats, rudeness, disrespect (even to our 8 year old who happened to answer the phone), condesention, the list goes on. BTW: if it makes you feel any better these people have the IQ of a carrot. Toady when they called (from Oregon), my husband answered the phone and when they asked for him, he told them, "well, he's not here right now, said he was heading to Oregon". They were so stupid they didn't even get it. WF should overhaul their whol employee system and train these people in etiquette. I think seriously they were raised by wolves in a cave somewhere in Afganistan (btw: Afganistan doesn't even HAVE wolves so what does that tell you???).

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  • An
    AnitaS.415 Feb 03, 2010

    sounds like just your typical collection person looking for someone skipping out on payments.

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Resolved payment not authorized on date

This company has done this to us twice in the past 9 months. Ok, I know my payment was late but in this economy that is the way it is. In May 08 they did the same thing took out a payment on a date prior to when it was suppose to be done. I figured it was human error. Back then they did not refund the payment and the bank we were at did not do late fees, lucky for us.
However, this time the payment was taken out 10 days prior to authorization date, and our new bank does late fees. This is a nightmare. Our only hope is we caught it in time with me checking online banking everyday and the bank will be able to send it back to them for insufficient funds in our account. When they call for payment and a date is given for them to take it out thats the date the consumer expects for a reason. I'm hoping our bank can stop payment and sock it to them. Yes, we will still owe the payment but on our terms on the date they were told. If you have these people for a loan NEVER DO A PHONE PAY OR ANY TYPE OF PRE-PAY!!! NEVER!! There should be a suit brought against them!

Resolved ridiculous atm fees

I will never go to Wells Fargo again. Talk about a bank who is desperate for cash. Keep in mind that I am not a Wells Fargo customer and I am thankful that I am not. My car broke down while I was at the dry cleaners. The tow truck driver was cash only so I had no choice but to go to an ATM. The closest one, mind you I was walking, was at the Wells Fargo about a block away. I swiped my card and it made me check my balance-there was no option on the screen not to, and they did not say anything on the screen about a charge for this service. Then I took out 80.00 and they charged me 3.00 to do so. Fine, whatever, it was an emergency situation. When I got back to work and checked my bank account online I saw that they charged me 3.00 to take out the money, 2.00 to check the balance-which I did not need in the first place, and then my bank charged my 2.00 for using a different ATM. That's right-I paid 7.00 to take out money in an emergency situation. Can someone tell me what is wrong here? I will never go to a Wells Fargo ATM ever again.

Resolved poor buisness practices.

I have an auto loan thru Wells Fargo. They have taken money from my bank account, without my permission, which caused late fees. I complain to my bank, fill out the paper work, still waiting to get my money back. They charged me an extra $100 a month for not having insurance, took awhile but was able to prove I had full coverage the entire time, and Geico was able to provide proof of this, as well as proof that they had let WF know I had insurance thru them. Rather than refund the money they scammed from me, they took it from the principle.I have a family to feed they have no right to steal my money then apply it as they seem fit.Now that Iam trying to recoup the $75.00 fee from the bank for WF Illegaly over drawing my account, they put a "other fee" of $74.60 on my latest bill. I am outraged at this, but I don't know what to do. I haven't made my payment yet, not sure if I will, but I hate to ruin my credit and have this over me.

  • Fe
    fedup Apr 24, 2009

    What can we do to stop these people. They lost a payment for mine for 7 months. I showed them proof that they received and cashed the money order I sent them probably 10 times or more and it still took them forever to credit my payment. Then almost a year to get them to remove the 30 day late from my credit. I asked for a deferment due to an upcoming surgery and they said sure, but you have to call back when you are one day late. I did that and they said no. I told them if I'd known I couldn't defer a payment, I would have made other plans knowing I was going to be out of work for a month. These people lie, steal and deceive. I will NEVER do business with them again after this car is paid off. If it wouldn't stop my chances to finance another vehicle, I'd take the car and park it up their ### and tell them to keep it.

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Resolved terrible bank

This past week my expenses exceeded my income and my account balance went negative. It's not because I'm living beyond my means - buying all sorts of stupid nonsense. My spending is not out of control. It's because my means have dropped significantly below the cost of living. This time it was the gas bill ($238.61) and the phone bill ($77.95) - both auto-pay. If I could have avoided it, I would have.

I know it's my fault. It's my job to make enough money to pay the bills. I won't go into all the methods that Wells Fargo Bank uses to steer people into overdrafts. And, I know that the official policy of Wells Fargo Bank is to aggressively take advantage of such situations and make as much money as possible from overdraft fees. And, it's common knowledge that our government (both state and federal) allows banks to do this with impunity. In fact, the government facilitates this activity. But, this report isn't about any of that. I'm writing this report to warn people about new tactics that Wells Fargo Bank used in my recent situation in an attempt to prolong the overdraft feeding frenzy.

Three deposits were made to my account since it went negative. The first one was two days ago, the second was yesterday. But, neither of these brought the balance above zero. Combined, they exceeded the original overdrafts (gas and phone bills) with some margin to spare. But, they didn't cover the overdraft fees ($455) for every little subsequent transaction (several small postage purchases). The third deposit was today and it did restore the account. All three deposits were from my merchant bank account (credit card processing). Basically, these were from credit card sales that I had earlier in the week. There have been six such deposits this month - all from the same source. Over the many years that I have operated my business, there have been several thousand such deposits.

Here's where the new scam starts:

1. I received a call from a Wells Fargo Bank representative this morning. She wanted to let me know that there was an unusual deposit in my account. She explained that the bank had flagged it as suspicious and suspected that it was some kind of fraudulent activity. They were going to deny it if I hadn't answered the phone and verified the source. Lucky me! If I hadn't answered the phone then this overdraft feeding frenzy would have continued through the weekend and well into the next week as I tried to get the merchant bank to re-submit the deposit!

Who ever heard of fraudulent deposit transactions? This is a new one on me! And, it's pretty difficult for me to believe that nobody noticed most of the other deposits in my account were from the exact same source.

2. The second thing that she tells me is that my debit cards have been cancelled. I didn't report them lost or stolen. There were no suspicious or fraudulent purchases. So I asked her why they did this. She explained that it was done because my account was overdrawn. They have never done this on any previous overdraft situations so I asked her why they did it this time. Why didn't they just deny payment? She claimed that there is a 'law' which prohibits them from denying payment for a debit card transaction - even when the account is empty. The only way for them to stop transactions is to cancel the cards. Well, this is complete nonsense and I told her so. There is no such law. The whole system is set up to allow for charges to be denied. That's why debit card transactions are labeled 'pending' in the account for the first two days. The money doesn't actually transfer until the merchant does a batch settlement and the charges are processed through the system.

She went on to tell me that I could open up a different kind of checking account with a debit card that allowed them to deny payment if the account was empty. Somehow, this 'law' was able to tell the difference between these two types of accounts. What she described sounded a lot like a 'pre-paid credit card', which has a considerable amount of fees and overhead. That's when I realized that she was going to try and sell me yet another predatory financial product so I told her that I wasn't interested.

It puzzled me for quite some time why Wells Fargo Bank would cancel my cards and use such a stupid lame excuse. Then it occurred to me. The overdraft fee is posted long before the actual money is transferred. 'Pending' transactions can't be voided or modified after the card is canceled. If they didn't cancel the card, then I could have called up vendors and asked them to void the transactions and accept a different card or form of payment. Their precious overdraft fees would have vaporized into nothing.

3. Now, I've had my debit cards canceled before. It's a major hassle. I use them with most of my suppliers and service providers. I can't order supplies and goods that I need to fill orders. Several on-line services receive payment through these cards. My business comes to a screeching halt and I can't make money until I receive the new cards. My bank account shrinks and, you guessed it, becomes overdrawn again. So, getting these cards sent out quickly is paramount to me. Therefore, I insist that she verify the address. She reads back an address that I haven't used in nearly ten years! I know that they have my current address because I receive my bank statements and my payments are accepted (phone orders require address and zip code verification). In fact, replacement cards have been sent to the new address in previous card cancellation episodes. So, it's pretty difficult to imagine why Wells Fargo was all primed to send my new cards to a bogus address. Beyond doubt, their arrival would have been hopelessly delayed.

Well, at this point I wasn't sure what to think. I suspected that she was not a real Wells Fargo Agent so I challenged her authority. She provided confidential information verifying to my satisfaction that she was the genuine article. Then she reads the correct address, verifying that she knew where to send the cards all along. It's hard for me to believe that this wasn't yet another deliberate tactic.

You would think that banks would be treading pretty lightly these days. Apparently not so with Wells Fargo Bank. The malevolent greed which created the banking crisis is still alive and well creating more scams like the ones I have described here. Beware of Wells Fargo Bank, they are constantly dreaming up new and clever tricks to use against their customers.

  • Valerie Nov 25, 2008

    I agree to the woman with the file #379797. Wells fargo is making money off honest people. The bank says that they don't have to tell you anything about overdraft charges or when the cut off of deposit for the same day!! I have asked the employees of the Rohnert Park Branch, they say that they don't have to answer the consumers questions. I owe OVER $100.00 in overdraft fees, they don't tell you that when you use your ATM card for purchases that they can take it out TWICE!! Which is really unlawful, the merchant gets the cut and so does the bank! If i am going to use my ATM card to purchase one thing, i will NOT be charged for it twice!!! Plus if they don't close your acct when you tell them to, they add on a $5 every day until you pay for their mistake! THERE SHOULD BE A CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT!

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  • Ad
    Adriana Dec 15, 2008

    We have been customers of Wells Fargo bank for about two years. We are currently in the process of seeking out a more honest bank to switch our accounts to.

    Wells Fargo has made it a habit of fabricating overdraft charges every month and in all has probably stolen more than $1000 from us by doing this. They do this by 'moving around' charges so that if we come close to 'going over' they can charge more overdrafts by putting smaller charges towards the end.

    They do this by charging Overdraft fees on the SAME day we make large deposits. They do this AFTER we have deposited the money; acting as though it was not yet in there.

    They do this by placing a 'hold' on our PAYCHECKS when we deposit them. Our PAYCHECKS!! They will not clear them until midnight that day or sometimes not until midnight the NEXT day. These are paychecks from known, reputable companies.

    Despite REPEATED efforts over the years (ten+ times) of talking with a banking representative, they have only agreed to take off a charge ONCE. Most all of our phone calls to the bank results in them 'talking down' to us and suggesting that we manage our money better.

    This company is shady at best and does NOT have the customer's best interest in mind. We would very much be willing to participate in a class-action lawsuit, if anyone is pursuing one.

    I would definitely recommend that people watch out for this bank and not let them get a hold of your hard-earned money like they have done to us and so many others.

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    adrianlopez Dec 22, 2008

    join the lawsuite at http://www.wfblawsuit.com/ and inform everyone else,
    who deserve to get the settlement .

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  • Ji
    Jim Apr 02, 2009

    I called them yesterday morning about the damage they had done with all the extra overdraft fees and they were just plain rude. I had bought an energy drink on Friday and they overdrafted. So a single can cost me $38.00. They said the have the wright to charge a overdraft fee for each transaction. On my way to work I had to make a purchase and new I would overdraft because they wiped out my account but what I didn't expect was three (3) overdraft fee for the one (1) transaction. That's got to be illegal. If you want to file a suite then reply here and we can get the ball rolling...

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  • Ro
    Robert May 04, 2009

    I was charged a $25 annual fee for the Wells Fargo Check Card Rewards program. I was surprised to see this fee because I canceled the program three years ago. It took a 15 minute call and talking with three customer service reps before one admitted that there was an error made and yes I had indeed canceled the program three years ago. Seems, they explained, that I was somehow re-enrolled on April 1st and then charged the $25 fee. The customer service rep said this had been happening recently to some customers with no further information. She said she would have to de-enroll me in the Check Card Rewards program and that it would take 7-10 business days for them to return the money to my bank account. I'm curious about how many others were 'accidentally' charged this bogus fee. I'm suspicious that Wells Fargo will ignore this problem with their system because they assume most folks won't notice a little extra $25 fee taken from their bank accounts.

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  • Sa
    Sam Jul 27, 2009

    I paid off my student loan, last July of 2007. I got the exact payoff from them direct. Since than they have said that I still owe 400$. They are nasty, they lie and say they have no notes. In May of January, and May of 2008 I sent them 60$, and than 100$, I spoke to the rep and we agreed I was done and the account would be satisfied as an agreement. Well here I am, October of 2008, they still say, I owe them 400$, they are threating me, my father, and I am frustrated. I am also a New York City Fireifgter, who just received two stents in my heart. I am freaking out!!! I hope someone can help me!!!

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  • An
    AniOR Nov 30, 2009

    Happened to me too (excessive O/D fee's and ridiculous WF employee excuses why they cant assist you) ~ the first couple times I just dealt with it ~ then the last time I took the info down to the Branch, explained how the charges were incorrectly hitting my account which is causing the O/D's ...the Branch Manager said she didnt have the authority to change anything ~ even tho all I was asking is the extra O/D fee's to be removed and how I could prove with receipts ect and even the shops deposit records that WF was posting the charges incorrectly. When the branch wouldnt do anything about it ~ I scanned all the info and sent to the customer service contact given to me to contact. This is what I got back

    Overdraft and Return Check fees are posted to your account on the business day after the actual overdraft occurs.
    In reviewing your overdraft fees, I found that although you made your Check Card purchase at xxxx for $8.25 and $5.75 on 10/16/2009, xxxx did not present this transaction to Wells Fargo for payment until 10/19/2009.

    (more blah blah blah on how its not THEIR FAULT etc ... but note I never said it was or wasnt their fault I was asking that 2 of the 3 O/D charges be removed because I could prove with receipts that their was funds in the account at the time of the charge...but Nooooooo they'd rather lose a customer than lose their precious extra fee's and predatory income they sooooo rely on ...all Ive found are bad reports on Wells Fargo ~ so never again with me and Im telling everyone I know how they treated me...the letter continued)

    At your request, I have closed your Custom Management Checking account effective today.
    We realize that in today's environment, customer service often becomes the deciding factor when a customer chooses a financial institution. Wells Fargo is truly committed to coming through for its customers. ( Yah right~~!) Our goal is to continue to meet and exceed your service expectations. (If that was so a simple ~ removal of excess fee's wouldve been the answer!)
    We are sorry that we failed to meet your expectations but hope you will allow us the chance to serve you again in the future. (Again ~ Never again!!! EVER!)

    ~ BOY COTT WELLS FARGO ~ until they change their policys.

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  • Tr
    TRUKIA58 Mar 08, 2010

    WELLS FARGO WORSE THAN BANK OF AMERICA? Let's face the facts, the big bank doesn't care about their customers, especially on "small" accounts (read as me and you).

    Seems to me they must be very busy adding up all the fees and ways to collect more fees from their small account holders...this must be why they treat their customers so badly in their branch offices. Wells Fargo has obviously been on a big campaign to gain a large market share of our local Hispanic community, but once they have accounts the bad customer service begins. It is unbelievable to me the way they treat their customers who feel compelled to come into the branch for teller assistance. Their policy seems to be to keep only one window open for every fifteen or more customers in line and to completely ignore their merchant customers (assigning only one teller while all the other on duty tellers completely ignore the merchant customers) and then close windows for breaks and parties / meetings in the vault during peak hours. The employees aren't there to provide customer service, but to hide from their customers. Ladies and Gentlemen behind the counter...you aren't good at customer service...move on to another job! Don't take it out on us (the customers) we did not choose your career track.

    When I have complained, the teller calls over the teller supervisor du jour who then says they will tell the manager. I'm 100% sure the manager never hears about it and the sincerity of this interaction is non existent...they must hear the same complaint all day, but don't seem to be convinced they need to improve.

    Take your money to a local credit union. Wells Fargo, BofA, Chase...they are all exactly the same...use a credit union.

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Resolved filing wrong information/ rude customer service (supervisor)

have been banking with Wells Fargo for a few years now and I also have a car loan with Wells Fargo, and I am always on time on my car payments. I have been very satisfied with your personal until today. On February, 2008 I called Wells Fargo Auto Finance to inform that I was laid off of work and I wasn’t going to be able to make my entire car payment on time. I ask the lady that was helping me if I could pay a part of my car payment on that day and if there any way I could pay the rest on the 25th . She told me that I could do that. She set up an check payment for the 25th and I agreed. After speaking to the customer service personal I drove to Wells Fargo Bank and I made a payment of $224.36 on February 6, 2008. I was very satisfy with the Customer service personal because I thought she had help me. I was checking my e-mail on February 12, 2008 and I notice an e-mail from Wells Fargo titled Insufficient Funds. I open the email and read that my account didn’t have “Insufficient Funds “ I didn’t understand what was going on, so I checked my account online and I notice that my account had two overdraft of $35.00 I didn’t understand. I had about $200.00 on my account just to get me through the rest of the month and now I am over. I notice that Wells Fargo auto Finance took 197.18 out of my account. I was very confuse because I made the agreement that my bank account was going to be charge on the 25th . I called Wells Fargo Auto Finance and spoke to a gentlemen . He was very nice and he sound like he was trying to help me out . I explain to him that I agreed to electronic payment for the 25th of February, but no for the 11th of February, He then told me that he will talk to his supervisor and he put me on hold for abut 10 minutes. Once he got on the phone he explain to me that he spoke to his supervisor and she said that they can’t reverse the charge, but what they can do is send you a check of the amount that was charge on my account. Then I would have to fax them my account statement that states the overdraft fees so they can reimbursed me for the overdraft fees. I said “okay”, I agreed, the I asked him “ what am I going to do about the fees that are added to my account for being over each day“? He said “ I will need to talk to my supervisor about that issue“ .I asked him if I can please talk to his supervisor and he transferred me over to Mrs. Beddy. I explain to her about the misunderstanding and how my account was charged on the 11th of February and how I didn’t agree to this charge. I told her “why would I go to Wells Fargo bank the same day I had called to make a payment, instead of depositing the cash and just waiting for the check to go through on the 11th, this doesn’t make any sense at all. She then told me that she really could not do anything for me at all. Then I asked her about what the customer personal had told me about the check and faxing over my bank statement that show the over fees to fax number [protected], He gave me this number so I can process this information to them and they would reimburse me the overdraft fees and send me a check with the amount that was taken out of my account with out my “permission“. She denied that she ever gave him any authorization to tell me the information he gave me. I really don’t believe this is true because he put me on hold to speak to a supervisor, then when I asked to talk to the supervisor he transferred me to Mrs. Beddy. Mrs. Beddy is wha twhe said her name was when I asked her for her name. Then when I asked to have the names of the person who first file the wrong information on the computer she told me that she couldn’t release that information for security reasons . Then when I asked her to give me the name of the person that I was speaking to before her, she said that she couldn’t release that information for security reasons also, but she knows who he is, this is what she said.Once again I asked her so you never said or okayed any thing the costumer representative personal told me that you okayed? She said no, so I told her “ so he is given me wrong or false information ? At this point I was in tears because I couldn’t believe how rude she was with me. She told me that she never said anything because there is nothing that they can do for me . So then I told her that her worker just gave me false information, so what I am stating is true that her workers are making mistakes on there customers accounts. One entered wrong information and the other told me wrong or false information according to the supervisor and to what I have heard. One of the Wells Fargo Auto Finance personal entered the wrong information then the other customer personal is gave me false hopes and information, At this point I am very stressed out and feeling very depressed that Wells Fargo cant help me when I asked for help. I am always on top of my car payment and I am never late and the one time I do asked for help I come out paying $ 90.00 in overdraft fees that I cant afford in the first place. The money that I had in my Wells Fargo bank account was for food for my family and gas for the rest of the month until I get paid. I have a family, I have to take care of especially in this hard economical crises we are in. I have so much stressed at this moment that I really can handle any more. Mrs. Beddy if this is her real name gave me the hardest most afoul time I have ever had in my life when dealing with customer service personal . I was crying, I just didn’t know what to do. I asked her for a number where I can call to file a complain and she gave me the same number I called to reach her [protected] this to me is like she was laughing at my face, and she was abusing her power. I expected more professionalism when speaking to a supervisor, but when I spoke to Mrs. Beddy I received the total opposite. I asked her if any of my calls were recorded? and if they where if she could listen to then, so I can prove that I didn’t authorized the first Electronic Payment on the 11th of February and she can hear when I told the young lady that I was going to make my first payment right when I get off the phone with her and I did. I also told her if she can hear the conversation that I had with the gentleman I spoke with before her, so she can hear what he told me about sending me a check for the amount that was taken out of my account and to fax over the bank statement so they can reimburse my overdraft fees. She said” no we don’t record any of our conversations with our customers. I just couldn’t believe how bad this lady made me feel. I called Wells Fargo Auto Finance to inform them that I didn’t have all the money to make my care payment, that I only had half and if the can “help” me by letting me pay the rest of the money on the 25th of February and this simple plea for help turn out to be the worst experience I ever had with Wells Fargo. The conversation ended and then I called wells Fargo Customer Service and the lady I spoke with was very respectful and nice. I explained to her my situation and what had happen and she actually made me feel good. She explained to me what I can do and how she can help. She made me feel relaxed and she gave me hope that something can be done for my situation. I want to thank you for having employed like this lady I spoke with. I really do believe that Mrs. Beddy need to get replaced. I work Customer Service and I always speak to my customers with respect and courtesy and if there’s a problem with any thing I try to help as much as I can. Mrs. Beddy lied to me and made me feel like I was a liar. I am not a liar. I am a person who is going through hard times and is looking for some help. I am a hard working person that likes keeping up with all my bills. I don’t like staying behind on any of my accounts and the one time I asked for help there was a misunderstanding and when I try to fix the problem by speaking to what I thought where experts one so call lied to me and the supervisor made me feel like if I was trash. There has to be justice regarding my situation and what I have experience today on February 12, 2008. I wish that no honest, hard working person experience what I have experience with Mrs. Beddy at no moment in there life’s. I would never wish this treatment that I have experience with Wells Fargo Auto Finance on any other person not even on people who don’t pay there bills on time or at all.There has to be some kind of justice to this matter.

I dint authorized an electronic payment for the 11th of February and the supervisor was very rude and nasty with me, when I spoke with her about the matter

  • Li
    linda russell Apr 24, 2009

    I been dealing with Wells Fargo regarding a problem I am having I have a 2005 car financed threw which I regret since the day I did it. I lost my job and have fallen behind on the payments I called ans explained it to them but they dobt care I made arrangrments with them to pay so much a week to stop with the reposession it might work but i dont really think they will laeve me alone they are the rudes people I have ever dealt with . Yes I am wrong but Iam asking them for help and they dont want to hear it . The arrangementsI made I hope they dont still take my car you Dont know because you mever talk to he same person twice it always some one different everytime you cal. and they all ave to make a different arrangment. they are driving me crazy and I am really going to work on getting this caugt up so Idont have to talk to there people again and I will NEVER DEAL WITH THEM AGAIN AND I WILL TELL EVERT ONE I KOW DONT DEAL WITH THEM THEY ARE TO NASTY TO THE CUSTOMERS. YHANK YOU LINDA RUSSELL NEW PALTZ, NY

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Resolved terrible everything

This company has put me through hell. Due to the current mortgage and economic crisis I have had issues with making my payments on time. My goal was to keep my house out of foreclosure. My income has been decreased nearly $100, 000 per year. I received a letter from EMC asking for me to call them so they could 'help' me. This is not what I found when I called them. Both people I talked to were rude including the supervisor. I called and spoke to a person who wanted all my financial info to see if they could qualify me for a hardship program. After reviewing my information she told me 'you are beyond help' and 'you should consider getting rid of your car or getting rid of your house' She then went on to comment on the amount of my car payment and said 'well if you weren't paying XXX a month for your car maybe you could pay your house payment and maybe if you didn't have all that credit card debt then you could make your house payment' I explained to her that I'm used to making a significant amount of money and this financial hardship isn't due to lack of responsibility. I've always been able to pay my mortgage and my bills consistently for the last 4 years. I also pointed out that I've always made my payments on time up until this happened and she didn't care about that. She suggested that I consider putting my house up for sale and do a short sale. Wait, I'm trying to keep my home here and keep making my payments and be responsible. Based on my situation I was trying to explore my options to see if I would qualify as the letter had suggested for some help to get me on track again. She was extremely rude and I asked to talk to her supervisor. In a nut shell, the supervisor told me 'you're so far gone you need to sell your house.' I said 'I'm trying to save my house, pay you and not have this home foreclosed on.' My frustration was mounting and he proceeded to tell me that I was 'taking out my frustration on him and that I was made at him for not helping me' That wasn't the case at all. I was upset with how rude and unwilling to help these 2 people were. They also treated me as if I was a low life person who doesn't pay their bills because I'm out spending money somewhere else. The supervisor ended up hanging up on me.

Bottom line, EMC is a terrible company and if you're looking for good customer service or for their representatives to be curious think again because it won't happen. I'm surprised this company is still in business given the way they treat their customers. That call was very hard for me to make. I've not been in this position and to be treated that way was very demeaning.

  • Os
    Osei Apr 06, 2009

    To say that customer service is rude is a compliment towards this Organization that is as f--ked up as truck load of coat hangers. I've called at least 8 times in the past 4 months attempting to get a loan modification. Every single time I call no one has a record of the past calls and I go through the same s-it time and time again. It seems there are least 8 depts within a department and no one knows anything. I've faxed all the documents that were requested twice and each time I'm informed that the procedure has changed and I need to send them again. It is beyond frustrating and the only solution I see that will end the madness is to fire the CEO and top management in public; perhaps on Times Square (New Years eve). I also think it only befitting that a thorough ### whipping should precede the ceremony.

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  • Kb
    KBCB Sep 28, 2009


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Resolved do not work for this company!

I was a phone banker at wells fargo and first off, they pretty much lie to you during the interview. They try to say it is all about customer service but all the job is, is referring products and services that 90% of the time the person does not need. And they are very aggressive about it but during the 6 weeks of training you pretty much don't learn anything about the products so you are just pulling info out of your ### and if you ask for more information about anything you just get brushed off.

They have schedule "bids" where you are supposed to get to bid on a schedule before it is offered to the new hires (new training classes with 10-20 people every two weeks- should have been a huge warning sign) but the only schedules they offer the people already working there are the bottom of the barrel with the new hires having the most coveted spots.

People were getting fired around me left and right for believing information that my supervisor gave them. More than one person called in to find out if they had enough points to call in (our attendance was based on a jacked up points system) and she would tell them they had plenty only to call them later that day and say they were fired because of attendance.

We have our calls recorded and are graded on them. There was a discrepancy in our Virtual Library which is pretty much the phone bankers bible which resulted in a call of mine receiving a zero which is really bad, obviously. About 5 team leads, managers and even our centers QA expert agreed that it was mis-scored but my supervisor could not even comprehend what we were saying at all. She finally agreed to file a dispute. They next day I had to go to a meeting with my supervisor and her manager about the call and I explained what all we had discussed and said that we had filed a dispute and my supervisor looked at me like I was an idiot and said that we did not that I should have received the zero. Then two days later I walk in and get a hug and a congrats from that same supervisor because my dispute was found in my favor. The dispute that was never filed.

I finally got completely fed up and put in my two weeks and was told that I should probably leave. Knowing that if our supervisor tells us to leave in this situation they still have to pay the two weeks (she does this with everyone who quits- which is a lot of people) I try to verify that I would get paid and she said that was impossible but that I should still probably go. I had a training class for the job i had secured as a replacement in exactly two weeks and could not go without that money and had told her that upfront. I told her that if she wouldn't pay me I was staying. She was really mad. She told me that I shouldn't have put in my two weeks and I should have just left when I wanted. I explained that I was following company policy. She then tried to say I should go so I could start my job earlier and I explained for the 3rd time it didn't start for two weeks. She just got all huffy and left (early as usual) for the day soon after. I found in our handbook the policy regarding the pay situation and emailed it too her and left.

For the next 3 days i was trying to get ahold of my hr consultant only to be told that he was on leave. So I finally got ahold of his supervisor who was incredibly rude and put out that I was even talking to her. The next day I get a message on my phone that she talked to my supervisor and her manager and that my supervisor had begged me to stay and that both of them had been trying to call me everyday multiple times a day. And that I had abandoned my job and I would not be getting paid. And that I shouldn't call her back.

I did try to call her back repeatedly because I had phone records proving that no one tried to call me at all. (I did receive one call after the hr lady talked to them- full of fake concern about my well being and stating that they had been trying to get ahold of me- thru telepathy I guess).

Finally the only person in the company that seemed genuine at all, the hr consultant from the lubbock phone bank called and actually listened and within the day called me back telling me I was right and I would be getting paid. She said she had to go higher than usual because she kept getting the run around. She was amazing and I can't thank her enough.

This company is shady. I would not even recommend banking with them.

  • Ag
    a.good.cherry Jan 28, 2010

    I totally agree!! I work there and fing hate it... and this is why?

    I was on leave from 11-13 till 12-27 (once extended) all per my doctor. However I did not receive my direct deposit for the last 2 weeks of leave. Keep in mind you only receive 65% of pay on leave, so missing a week off 2 separate checks hurts. One thing led to another and my direct deposit account received 4 overdraft fees... ($140) should have been $210 but due to funky processing I saved two! thank goodness :) With that said all 4 overdrafts were on bills, (car insurance, doctor bills... etc) not frivolous ###.

    Now as to why I did not get paid... Metlife did not receive documentation from my doctor in a timely fashion (in actuality it was received 5 days prior to them canceling the claim) I also had communication with metlife during the time who assured me everything was fine. I contacted my financial institution who happens to be my work... Wells Fargo has a policy if any overdraft fees occur as the result of an irregular direct deposit. (which obviously happened) they will reverse the fees as a bank error.

    NOW why Im really pissed...

    After speaking to my Manager--who informed me that no they could not do anything for me and that I needed to call the phone bank and act as a customer & my HR manager told me to call employee assistance counseling...wtf? I preceded to check all my options by calling our HR department who informed me (and I quote) "Since its my personal doctor its my personal problem!" Are you serious?? I then spoke to the executive office and was hung up on. Now keep in mind I still do not have my check and I am out $140.00 (UPDATE amount is now up to 600.00 ) for something I could have not controlled. grrrrr (had I had the money when I was supposed to it wouldnt have made it up to 600.00 either. PS I havent had an overdraft in over 10 years!!!

    I am so disappointed in not only my financial institution but the company I work for, the company I personally have made up to $200, 000 for and they cannot reverse $140.00. Now tell me how you can work and make money for a company that obviously does not care about their customers or their employees? I do not want to represent a company that in all honesty doesn't care about their customers.

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  • Wf
    WFHM Mar 09, 2010

    Hmmm, it seems like each of you had a bad experience, and it's understandable to be upset, but both complaints seem very irrational. You can't blame an entire company for decisions made by a select few people. In an organization with hundreds of thousands of employees (I am an employee fyi), there are so many different sectors and decisions makers on that sectors level. Your complaint should be directed towards that management sector, if you were trying to make a more rational argument. For example, I am am employee who is extremely happy and fulfilled with my job. The company and benefits are excellent. I will be brutally honest...and mean no offense, but what do you expect from a call center job really? I mean in reality, they are stressful, the demands at WF are no different than any other call center. Attendance is a high priority, AHT, call recording, shift bids, this is all standard. You just seem like you didn't like the call center environment. My advice, find a different field and stay off the phone. I personally couldn't do Call Center CS. (and yes, any call center job is going to require you to push products and services, but guess what, those products and services are what drive revenue for the company and allows them to employ you...think about it) As for you getting paid for 2 weeks and not working it...unless you have accrued PTO then you shouldn't be paid if you don't work? Why would you expect to be? And yes management will sometimes offer you the opportunity not to return on your notice, but I have never known them to force you not to, and if you want to be paid, then just stay, sure your sup may be grumpy about it, so what, it's 10 days, deal with it and you're gone. I apologize again but a lot of the details you added it seem to be just that, "add-ins" to make you're position sound better, but it highly unlikely a lot of the things you said about lies, and forcing you out, and etc by HR, that any of it is true. HR professionals are highly educated, highly paid positions, and usually are very impartial, meaning they do not typically "take sides" with management simply because they're management. Since most HR Consultants are higher in the hierarchy than most supv/managers, and higher paid. In short, they don't answer to your manager, who has no influence over their standing in the company. But in any instance, good luck with your future endeavors. Best of luck.

    As for the 2nd complainant, you are completely misdirecting your complaint. WF did nothing wrong, you should be upset with your disability/insurance carrier, Metlife. They made the mistake, you just want WF to pay you for MetLife's mistakes, sorry that's not the way it works ;(

    best of luck to both of you!

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  • Ma
    -MacGruber- Apr 01, 2011

    why did you not just write down the confirmation number?

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Resolved never again!

I bought some Lazy Boy furniture because it came with an 18 month SAC financed through Wells Fargo. I made payments enough to pay it off in the 18 months. Unfortunately I also used a portion of the "credit line" for other purchases. I made payments enough to pay off the furniture but Wells Fargo applies your payments however they want. I even made a large payment over $1000 which was supposed to be applied against the Lazy Boy account. They applied it to the credit card instead. Then they hit me for the finance charges on the furniture. So the SAC program with them is a bogus scam. Don't Fall For It! Their website allows you to make a payment but you cannot direct it towards what they call a "sub" account. And you can't check your account balance or see how your payments were applied. There also isn't a place on your statement to show that you can direct any over-payment to one account versus the other. I'll never do business with them again. Think maybe I will go to CitiFinancial.

  • Do
    dontbankwellsfargo Mar 26, 2009

    i so strongly agree!!! Wells Fargo is a ripper!!! how come such a financial institution still exists!!! i hope it goes bankrupt really soon!!! they are Predators!!!

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  • Sa
    Sam11 Jan 08, 2010

    We applied for a Consumer Credit Loan with Wells Fargo through a local Mattress Giant outlet. We took it out only because of the "No Interest" promo if regular monthly payments were made and the loan was paid off within a specified amount of time. Everything was fine for the first ten months, the in October on 2009 they changed their account number system from a 9-digit number to a 16-digit number. We received one last statement in October of 2009, and now it has hit the fan. First we received a call on a Saturday when the November payment was 6 days late, basically demanding a payment in excess of two months minimum payment to "bring the account current". But we had already accrued a $39.00 late fee. This was supposedly waived as a courtesy by the phone rep, but I have nothing in hand to indicate this is the case. We have still not received a current statement since Oct. 10th of 2009. The phone representatives are inconsiderate and surly, and their pat line is "the statements were mailed out" and they have no reports of any statements being returned to them. I have received every other piece of mail I expect: mortgage statements, car payment notices, utility bills, other credit cards, all with NO PROBLEMS except for Wells Fargo. The account was opened in my wife's name, but she is now ill and takes medication that has her going to sleep at 4 in the afternoon, so I have been trying to deal with Wells Fargo. First she had to authorize me with them to discuss anything, which I understood, but when I asked to speak to a supervisor, I was told only the account holder could ask for a supervisor. I woke my wife in the evening here on the East coast to call them before they closed, as they're not open on the weekends. When she got a supervisor on the line and tried to authorize me to speak to them, he told her that he could only talk to the account holder and that if she put anybody else on the line, he would disconnect the call. We tried to have a three sided discussion while my wife was woozy from the medication she takes, and this "supervisor" would only say the problem was at our end and Wells Fargo did everything they are supposed to do, ie: mailed the statements. When we asked for copies of the missing statements, we were told we had to write a letter to the Billing Department. Couldn't even call them and ask for them. Their web site is a joke, only allows you to make a payment. So info as to due dates, minimum amount due, balance owing, nothing!!! You are totally at the mercy of the paper statements, which are still not coming. I am going to my local State Attorney General's office and the BBB on Monday to lodge formal complaints. Hopefully it will do some good. In the meantime I intend to tell everybody I talk to everywhere I go, grocery store, gas station, work, Walmart, everywhere, how terrible it is to do business with this insult of a "consumer" finance company. BEWARE and DO NOT GET INVOLVED with WELLS FARGO.

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Resolved got fired

i was fired few days ago, wells fargo claimend that i failed to follow procedure when i reversed a fee to...

Resolved loan refinance

I currently have a mortgage on my home with Wells Fargo. I asked about refinancing to a lower rate and they...

Resolved an un-merry christmas

I have an auto loan for this pos I bought in kentucky before I pcsed to california with the army. I have paid...

Resolved predatory lending

these companies will not help anyone with there mortgage and hides that your mortgage can ajust without you understanding it. they say one thing and the paper work says another . who reads or understands every page of the legal wording ? in fact they purposely divert your attention to other items thus confussing the party whom is going to receive the loan. they will not help, its time for a class action suit to bring them to the table.i am researching rightnow how to sue them on my own to stop these criminals from robbing the people blind.

Resolved customer service/terms

i was hospitalized 08/01/08 and was unable to return to work for several months i had no income during thi...

Resolved fraudulent charges

After reading the consumer rebuttals, I have a clearer understanding of how the banks work. I am hundreds of dollars overdrawn in my account, due to what everyone else is saying. I had a lot of money in my account and was just a-spending it away and not keeping good enough track of what I was doing. I KNEW that banks put through the largest item first and then the smaller ones. I KNEW that I should keep a checkbook register instead of relying on the Online Banking. SO THEREFORE, I can only blame myself for my situation.

If I had managed my money better, then NO MATTER HOW MANY TRANSACTIONS I MADE, OR WHAT ORDER THEY WERE PUT THROUGH, I WOULD NOT HAVE RECEIVED ANY NSF CHARGES! If banks put the largest transactions through first to make sure that car payments, loans, mortgages, etc. clear before Taco Bell, gas and entertainment charges, then GOOD! I didn't realize that until reading some of the responses to consumer issues. I'd rather my RENT go through than my lunch at Taco Bell...I'd rather have 5 or 6 OD/NSF fees than to have my mortgage not paid.

All the banks I know do the same things: largest items are put through first, then smaller ones. Deposits, UNLESS THEY ARE CASH, are held for AT LEAST one business day. They will tell you that if you want your deposit credited immediately, DEPOSIT CASH! I'd rather spend $20 in check cashing fees than $35 in OD/NSF fees! Transactions DON'T CLEAR in the order you make them...but in the order the BANK RECEIVES THEM!

Yes, I've had a transaction disappear for a day and cause me fees, which I still don't understand, but either way, it all comes down to OUR OWN spending habits!! Keep a checkbook register! Do not rely on Online Banking for your balance! Keep all receipts! Balance your checkbook (all bank statements include a sheet for you to balance your account on...USE IT!). Instead of using your card for 20 transactions, keep some cash on you! (Though I hate to do that, too, because hell, what if I'm robbed?! Then I'm screwed!!).

If you have $100 in your account, and you write a check for $101, it's your own fault if you get an NSF fee, because YOU didn't have enough money in there when you wrote the check! Banks are there to make money too, and yes, sometimes they are really unfair but that will happen anywhere! If you don't like how banks do it, get a PREPAID DEBIT CARD! Greendot! Advance America! You pay a bit more money but you don't deal with banks anymore! Go to a cash system! It's a ### but it works for some people (not me!). Otherwise, don't give the banks a reason to get fees from you.

  • Jo
    Johny Mar 17, 2009

    I purchased a vehicle in late 2005 and used Wells Fargo as my finance company. I added the vehicle on to our existing insurance policy with Allstate and maintained that until switching agents (still with Allstate). We then changed to a family agent who placed us with TOPA/RMIS. We have never had any lapse in policy or terminations of any policy. However, shortly after we purchased the vehicle, Wells fargo has sent us letters indicating the placement of Collateral Insurance on the vehicle for failure to provide proof of insurance. OK, we thought this must be a mistake and someone's something didn't talk to the next person's somebody. We called Wells Fargo and submitted via fax the Insurance declaration page. Upon receiving our next 2 statements, we noticed the Collateral Protection charge is still factored in to the amount (nearly $2000!!!).

    Then the collection calls began.

    I called back to Wells Fargo and after fighting with a collection rep just to get to speak with someone regarding the insurance portion, I was finally transferred to a manager (or so I thought!) who explained that they had no record of receiving my proof of insurance. Did it just vanish into thin air? Did someone just not do their job? OK, mistakes can happen. we faxed it over again figuring this 'manager' guy should settle this once and for all. 2 months go by, 4 months go by, and still nothing taken off our bill, all the while, the collectors are steadily calling and getting more in our faces and threating us with their veil little threats, as if it were their PERSONAL automobiles!

    2 months after switching to our new insurance, we receive another Collateral Protection placement letter for nearly $2000! We went through the process of calling again, this time being directed to call Balboa Insurance directly. OK, now we're getting somewhere, not. After Submitting our OLD insurance and the NEW insurance to Balboa, it seems at one point they mysteriously don't have a record of receiving it.

    the next time they saw the notes in the computer where we submitted it but nothing was processed and that they would look into it. Several months had expired with nothing being deducted from our statements and now it is showing an outstanding balance just over $4500. You can imagine the flavor of the collection calls now. It was really getting nasty when we changed to our Family's private Insurance agent who placed us with TOPA. Of course we received another letter shortly after for Collateral Protection placement (can you guess how much?!)

    I promptly called again, and was directed to Collections. I hung up and called Balboa directly again. This time I spoke to a representative who was only interested in receiving the proof of the current insurance coverage and would not listen or look into my claims regarding the other to CP placements. THIS TIME, THEY FINALLY showed a deduction for this 3rd CP placement amount.

    I called again to resolve the previous issues, and was directed to have my Agent call. He did while I was sitting in his office. It has been almost 4 months since and things have not been resolved at all. We have followed every guideline we can and still nothing from them. Not only is their insurance outrageously high, but the internal mechanisms of communication between these 2 companies is nonexistent.

    Additionally, I have previously purchased a used truck in 1997 wherein Wells Fargo was the finance company, and the same thing happened. It took them forever to get the records updated (both with Balboa, and then with Wells) to reflect the private coverage. It then took almost 2 months for the reduction to show up on my statement.

    We have recently purchased a new family vehicle and again, in no more than 2 months, we received a CP letter for this vehicle. We called Balboa and got the run-around. We then had our Agent call Balboa and 2 bills later the deduction appeared. We also received a confirmation letter from Balboa rescinding the Collateral Protection on this vehicle (for now!)

    In my opinion, Wells Fargo Auto Finance could be a good company to work with if they maintained their policies from a management perspective, dealing with issues of oversight fairly and not as if everyone is a criminal (guilty until you prove yourself innocent. multiple times!). They should have better communication with their partner companies. but then again, THEY DON'T CARE ABOUT THE LITTLE GUYS WHO

    PURCHASE A LITTLE CAR FROM A LITTLE DEALERSHIP. They only care about their monopolistic gains and it is just a paycheck to their representative. No wonder American jobs are getting shipped overseas at record pace! Because we just don't care enough to do our jobs properly. I can truthfully understand if I were trying to rip them off and just say 'screw them', but I am an average working class stiff, who has his financial ups and downs (who doesn't these days) but I am definately not trying to NOT pay for something I purchased.

    This whole company needs to be INVESTIGATED and a little CIVILIAN OVERSIGHT immediately!

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  • Yo
    youngs May 12, 2009

    B.S. We had 6 small transaction "Pending" On a Thursday..The next Tuesday, they pushed a transaction that was just posted that Tuesday ahead of the 6 others, just so they could charge 33 for each. That is stealing!! We would have only been $3 short on the larger posted transaction on Tuesday, and it would have gone through anyways. If you think there is anything right about that, then you deserve to have money stolen from you.

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  • Li
    LisaMF May 05, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer


    This is in reference to the Bank Manager, "who listens to their customers" and who states, "It is [the customers] fault...for the NSF fees." I am a small business owner of two businesses, one a construction company and the other a boutique.

    I have a Merchant Account with a credit card processing company (not Wells Fargo) of which my customers may run their credit card - for merchandise in my boutique. Again, I am a small business owner. I am not making millions of dollars, in this economy, but just getting by day to day like everyone else - to pay my bills.

    I recently had a customer - and this has happened to me a few times - tell their credit card company that they did not use their card in my establishment. So, without warning the credit card company removes the disputed $616.00 from my Wells Fargo bank account. I then received - and this always happens on the day they remove the funds - a notice from the credit card company, informing of their removal of funds from my bank account. See, the credit card company will remove funds, then have me prove my case. In their letters they request the actual invoice, the shipping address, the billing address, and their signature. All, of which I submit.

    Due to this recent removal of $616.00 - it created over $280.00 in NSF fees..now I am out $896.00. Due to my proving my case it will now take 7 to 10 business days for the credit card company to deposit back into my account the $616.00. Now, the $280.00 in NSF fees from Wells fargo, well, that may not happen. The incident like this before...cost me $760.00 in NSF fees from Wells Fargo. This "Bank Manager" who posted on this forum, was not my fault.

    One of my business offers online shopping. I deal with those incredible people who will purchase and will attempt to say they never received their product, or those who state they never made the purchase. I get slammed for the amount they are disputing. However, I win my cases showing proof of every delivery, or sale.

    This is my first problem with Wells Fargo. They only reimbursed me on the previous situations for half of the NSF fees. They state, that "they can only refund all the NSF fees, if it is a bank error". Of the $760.00 in NSF fees they took from me a few months ago, Wells Fargo only credited me half. Due to this recent situation I am trying to get my NSF fees back from Wells Fargo and have yet, to get anywhere with them.

    This is my second problem with Wells Fargo. When my account is in the negative during these situations, Wells Fargo continues to allow transactions of which transpired previous to my knowledge of the removal of credit card funds - to come through thus, Wells Fargo making a profit of $35.00 a transaction.

    I say, that Wells Fargo needs to quit ripping their hard working customers off!

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Resolved problem with home mortgage

Me and my wife had decided to refinance with Wells Fargo in the Corpus Christi area. This was a few months ago when interest rates were low and we were going to refinance for around 5%. We submitted all out paperwork and we were told that paperwork was taken care of and that we would have to wait around 80 days or so, due to them processing a large volume of loans. I then recieved a call from a Wells Fargo representative that stated that the individual who was working on our loan was terminated and she never submitted our loan and would have a new interest rate at 6.75% I was very upset and asked if they could uphold original percentage, and I was told that I would have to wait untill rate dropped that low again. I informed her that Wells Fargo had a moral obligation to uphold original agreement, and lady stated that they would agree to original agreement only if loans were to drop that low again. I then called Wells Fargo's direct line for quality control to file complaint, but was given several different number and spoke to supervisors who stated that they could not help me. I made the mistake of trying to refinance with Wells Fargo and I am going to pull all my money out of the bank and go with someone else.

  • Te
    ted phillips Jun 04, 2009

    We recently had a home on the market. Due to economic conditions we were behind on payments to Wells Fargo. In April 2009 we had an offer and contacted the customer service people at Wells Fargo for an estimate of the payoff to make sure enough would come out of the sale to take out Wells Fargo. We were told the payoff was $187, 000.00. I contacted the preforeclosure people (who had been bugging me ) to inform them. I asked them the approximate payoff and was told $187, 000.00. The house was in bad shape and being sold "AS IS". The appraisal came up short and the deal died. In May 2009 we had a cash offer and I again contacted Wells for a new balance which was $188, 00.00 good through May. At settlement with the cash on the table we were presented with the official payoff of $204, 000.00. This resulted in our having to come up with $5, 000.00 to sell the house. We contacted Wells and talked with a Ken and Ashley (who was very nasty) and got no relief. The young couple buying the house had moved to our area from Alaska to be near Johns Hopkins for care for their baby who has a rare disease.They did not have the time to go though the B S that Wells requires for a short sale. Through some additional effort by all involved in the sale our net loss is about $2300.00. I can tell you that as a 66 year old cancer patient on Social Security I am not worried about my credit rating ( I don't expect to buy a casket on a credit card ). I f I had not met this young couple and realized the urgency of their needs I would have let the proprty go to foreclosure which probably would have stuck Wells Fargo with a $30, 000.00 to $40, 000.00 loss on the deal. It would serve them right for all the grief they caused but alas the big guys win again. It will take about a year and a half for me to pay off the $2300.00 if I'm around that long. Spread the word on this every chance you get .I will in my small way.

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  • Iv
    IvyK Jul 31, 2009

    They forgot to do appraisal when they try to schedule a closing date. The loan officer J from Staten Island office made this mistake and delay the closing for the customer.

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