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Wells Fargo / fees

1 AZ, United States Review updated:

Wells Fargo is willing to lose a customer over $5. That seems like horrible customer service to me, and I will leave them because of principle. I have been a customer with them for over 8 years, I have a chk, savings, credit card and home loan with Wells Fargo. All that they are going to lose because they will not reverse my full $10 fee, which I feel was due to their error. I am sick of banks and companies charging all these extra little fees that they think people will not care about, knowing full well it all adds up for them. And I don't believe the excuse that they do not have the capability to remove it; then get me someone who does~!

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  • Ja
      14th of Apr, 2010

    this is the 3rd time this bank has tryed to say ive overdrawn, its getting really old, and this is it, im working on fileing a class action suit against them, so if anyone else would like to join me, email me at [protected], or call/text 563-271-6268

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  • Cr
      13th of Jun, 2010

    Years ago I purchased stock through AG Edwards. Through a series of acquisitions they became part of Wells Fargo. I learned the hard way the Well Fargo charges not only commission fees but also annual fees for their broker service, regardless of whether you buy or sell stock.

    I realized (after the fact) that they had sold off several shares of stock to cover their annual brokerage fees. They claim they told me about this in my quarterly statement but I didn’t recall seeing anything notifying me of fees due. I now have the tax hit from the sell off, residual cash.

    I have opted to move my holding over to Fidelity which charges no annual fees. Oh... and wouldn’t you know... yet another fee opportunity for Wells Fargo... They want $95 to process the transfer.

    WORD TO THE WISE... DO NOT USE WELLS FARGO FOR brokerage services (unless you want to pay a lot of fees). Also, if you own stock held in Well Fargo Brokerage, consider transferring it to Fidelity unless you just like paying them fees each year.

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  • Er
      13th of Jul, 2010

    Last August, I was charged $60 per regular account and $40 per IRA account by Wells Fargo because I did not opt for their "Going Green" option of going paperless (online). I marked on my calendar to "go green" in July (today) . When I went to the office, the broker told me that the date of "going green" was June 30 and I missed it, so I would have to pay the $60 per regular account and $40 per IRA account if I wanted to stay with them.
    I let loose with "This is F---king ridiculous" and the broker responded with "You will not talk to me in my office that way". She even told me she was going to liquidate my accounts. I think this is in violation of SEC rules, so I hope she does it at her own peril. I called corporate telling them the story, and after giving me some hope that I would be refunded the fees, the customer service girl found that the June 30 date was effective. What a letdown.
    I was also told of the $95 transfer fee. Wells Fargo is bad news and should be avoided. They call themselves Wells Fargo Advisors, but try to get advice from them. Advisors is a misnomer. The should be called Wells Fargo Fleecers with Fees. My accounts were involuntarily transferred from Edward Jones to AG Edwards to Wachovia to Wells Fargo. I should have seen the red flags. AVOID WELLS FARGO UNLESS YOU LIKE HAVING YOUR MONEY TAKEN AWAY IN HIGH FEES.

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  • Sp
      8th of Dec, 2010

    The $5 fee wells fargo charges a non customer to cash a check wrote from their branch is bull*. It is a transaction that should be illegal. I don't receive anything, not even a piece of candy for my 5 bucks. When a person gives me a paycheck for my labor, the check is supposed to be a receipt for my labor, and redeemable at the bank. in full. If the bank wants to charge a fee for cashing that check, it should be between the account holder and the bank and not me an innocent third party. My labor has already paid for the entire amount of the check, and the bank has no right to stick there hand in the middle, even if I am not their customer. I receive nothing for my 5 bucks. If I refuse to pay the 5 dollars then I cannot be paid for my labor. Wells Fargo should therefore be accountable with the labor board for non payment of my wages...where are the shark lawyers? I am sick of this bank...surely not a people's bank. BTW US Bank cashed the same check without fees or hassle and it was a Wells Fargo check to begin with...

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  • Gm
      14th of Dec, 2010

    The above posts are correct WELLS FARGO ADVISORS will hammer you with fees and totally drain your account! My broker at WELLS FARGO ADVISORS just laughed at me (LOL) and told me they charge fees now the old days of AG Edwards are history where they didn't charge fees and gave decent interest rates to clients large and small. Of course there is no disclosure of their fees till your a client don't make the mistake of opening account or getting bought out by WELLS FARGO or you too will have your account hit by fees. I travel most and work as a archaeologist and found out the other day they hit me with huge fees had stocks and $400 cash in the account and its close to zero cash.

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  • Da
      17th of Aug, 2011

    My debit card for Wells F says I have been a customer since 1983. I guess I will be shopping for a different bank. Yes a bank that understands the customer comes first. Social Security hasn't had a cost of living raise for over 2 years. This wells fargo crap is just like our worthless president shoving obamacare(less) down our throats. If enough people revolt I believe that WF will have a change of heart.

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  • Ja
      6th of Oct, 2011

    Where should I began. Well first off credit means nothing to these people, they process every card swipe whether you select debit or credit as a debit. They will bounce checks due to PENDING transactions, that usually don't actually post within 48 hrs. These ###s are quick to post there fees to you account though. I just learned today that if you write out a check to a wells fargo customer to make a depost into that customers account, and you also have an account with wells fargo, they take it upon themselves to debit your account right away, but according to the customer services rep, the check is actually is still in processing. Its (PAR POSTED) I was told. WTF is that??? Either its posted or pended, what. Wells Fargo is looking to make money off of fees any way they can. They can give a rats ### about their customers.

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  • Be
      9th of Oct, 2011

    It amazes me how some people believe that they can actually still use their checks, debits cars etc without balancing first. Good Grief if you write a check for 200 for a bill, then check your account couple of days later to see the 200 still in your account it doesn't mean that you have an extra 200 in cash to spend. It means that the check hasn't gone thru yet! Learn how to balance.

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  • Ma
      29th of Dec, 2011

    Wells Fargo, as with most big banks but particularly Wells Fargo got into a mess with bad loans, received money for a bailout, and paid it back by charging excessive fees which border on being illegal so to sum it up, they messed up, got bailed out with our tax dollar then paid it back by cheating the very tax payers who bailed them out and the government, beginning with the Bush Administration allows it. What once was considered predatory lending is now within guidelines. Thank you Mr. Shrub!

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  • Ba
      9th of Feb, 2012

    I hate all banks. Today, I especially hate Wells Fargo. We have our mortgage with them and a HSA with them. Last year, they offered me a credit card that would earn $ towards the principal on my house. I thought that was a good idea and I set up auto payments for any bills that took Visa.

    One of my husband's dumb ### doctors couldn't figure out how to run the debit card that goes with the HSA, so I had to go to the bank to get a cashier's check. When I was at the bank, they said I couldn't take a cashier's check from the savings, but I could open a free checking account with $100. and I could get the casheirs check that way. They said I didn't need to use the checking account, it was free and it would just sit there in case I ever wanted to use it.

    Today, I get a statement showing $30 fee taken out of the checking. I called and they put me through to the premiere checking specialist who said the checking is only free if I have a $25K balance. I've never had a $25K balance at Wells Fargo. I asked if that was new because it sat there for months without the charge. He said no, but that the bank took my mortgage into consideration when I opened the checking and he would be happy to transfer it to a free checking if I wanted. I said no, close it right now. He said another $30 monthly fee went through, so I had $40. that he could transfer to my HSA. Whatever, I told him do that.

    I will be closing all the accounts there, just sayin. I wish I could move my mortgage away from them, but that isn't an option right now. If it ever becomes an option, I will do it for sure.

    Other things Wells Fargo has done in the last few months:
    *Starting charging my HSA $3.95/month - it wasn't like that when I opened it.
    *We pay the mortgage in broken up payments each week instead of monthly in order to pay it down faster. They hold the money and don't apply it to the principal until the entire payment (PandIandescrow) it in the hold account and then they apply it. Therefore, cheating us out of paying excess amount directly on the principal.

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