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personnel information being shared

My wife and I met Greg Leges and he wife Carla and friends party we found out the both where Mortgage...



greedy bank

This year my house was foreclosed on May 6, 2008. I realize I'm among thousands of people that this happened to, but in my situation, I had a contract to sell my house a week before it went into auction. I kept close ties with Wells Fargo Bank, and informed the Bank of my plans to sell and avoid foreclosure of which the real estate agent and I have proof of documentation of faxes sent to Wells Fargo Bank and their lawyers in regards to this sale. The day before the auction, the Bank informed me that the contract to sell my house was valid and complete and the Bank Rep claimed she would send an email to the investor responsible to carry out the sale of the house at the auction bid so it could be stopped, but that I would need to call the next day to make sure and confirm. I called the next day, and another Bank representative informed me that it was too late and my house would be going into auction that day. It was evident that although I tried to avoid this, the Bank had already made it's greedy plans to foreclose. My point in all of this is, I know recently the government had bailed out wall street and financial institutions, but I believe it's time the government helps to bail out those of us who have lost our homes. It seems that all I hear is the talk about how the government plans to help people stay in their homes to prevent foreclosure, but what about those of us who have already lost our homes to foreclosure. These new programs to help people stay in their homes to avoid foreclosure will surely help, but not for me any longer; my house now belongs to HUD, and may have already sold. When I think about my foreclosed house, I think about the meals I used to cook in my kitchen; the laughter of my kids running around the house; my family in the family room watching TV, and I really miss the house I once owned; I cry every time I talk about it, as I am crying while I am writing. My 10 year old daughter said the other day, " mommy I want to go back home to our house in Sonoma Ranch" I know she's been crying and missing the house she once knew as a home. I bought this house in 2002 as a single mother of 2 children, but after being laid off from my job 2 years ago and still have not been able to find suitable employment, I could not keep up with the payments even after I married last year and with my husbands income we still could not keep up because I was already behind on the payments of which the loan had been modified 3 times, and the Bank just kept increasing the payments until we could no longer handle it and decided to sell the house, but little did I know that the Bank already had plans to foreclose. We are living in a relatives home on a temporary basis until we can find a new home, at this point the Northside ISD has declared our 10 year old daughter as homeless under the McKinney-Vento Homeless Education Act, and is allowing my daughter to continue at the same school which was close by our foreclosed house near Helotes TX. I didn’t want to change her from the school and friends she knew since kindergarten and had to inform the school of our loss of housing and temporary housing situation. Please hear my story, I want other's to know and understand that we tried to prevent foreclosure by attempting to sell our house, and even had a valid contract to sell to a sincere buyer, but the greedy Wells Fargo Bank should be ashamed especially since the bail out will just make it ok for this Bank to continue with it's greed. Our American dream has shattered, while this Bank continues with their greed.

stupid letters about lack of insurance

I gave my insurance info when I applied for this loan. Since I've received a letter stating I...

refinance fraud

We applied for a refi on our home 4/4/09 and rec'd a rate of 4.5%. That was later changed to 5% with some Wells Fargo trickery. We have an excellent credit rating and they said that because we were an existing customer all they wanted to do was make sure we paid our bills on time and we would go to close within 60 days. It is now the middle of September and we still have not closed! Our mortgage rep said he could not tell us when we will close...maybe a week or two more. Our file is currently with the final underwriter and is considered at the 4A stage. We have jumped through hoops with all matter of paperwork. This extreme delay has even caused them to reorder title because it expired! They are either forcing us to default or get so behind in payments that they then will tell us they won't give us the 5% rate. This is unconsciounable and a true travesty to an American particularly after reading a WF executive has taken up residence in a tony neighborhood in Malibu on a foreclosure! Something must be done...NOW!

  • To
    To Catch a Predator! Jan 31, 2010

    exactly the same they did to us! scam!

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  • To
    To Catch a Predator! Feb 11, 2010

    We have spent years keeping our credit A-1 and now no one will even talk to us now about getting a good mortgage, this is our dream house that we built and would really like to keep it and with good loan. We have never been late on this Mortgage!
    I guess I was asking Wells Fargo for too much to be a great customer and prompt payer, they would rather jerk people around and get that high interest no matter who they destroy.
    Here are the 3 different mortgage scenarios we are going through with Wells Fargo Financial, very unhappy with abusive predatory tactics/promises/lies!
    On 02/18/08 we financed our home with Wells Fargo Financial to pay off dept that we inquired during the rebuilding process of our home, the home was previously free & clear, we dealt with Trish she contacted us cold call, and we were promised a 9% a fixed rate loan, no problem, get to closing and it turned out to be an ARM @12% interest with 3 year adjustment, my wife had a few things on her credit that was paid off so according to Trish that we can refinance at a good rate in 1 year, Great! Now we have good credit, no late payments on anything and I mean everything. also extra used funds to put in a new septic system & other improvements so we can get ready to refinance, ( last & final time, but Wells Fargo wants to keep us bouncing around in their corrupt system) at 95% of value next year as Wells Fargo will do that, but for them to get around that, they have their own appraiser and he low balled the appraisal by $20, 000, We had the house appraised for $90, 000 a few months earlier by another appraiser, (that deal did not go through due to old septic and water system), and Wells Fargo says it is only worth $70, 000 and that was after many expensive updates. remodel, the home will be worth $90, 000+ now.
    Now comes April of 2009 and we were contacted by David Olson one of the managers at the Grand Rapids, Mi. branch and said we are ready to roll this loan into a 4.5% 30 year mortgage, $7500, in closing costs, very high but he said was negotable, Great! We sent all the paperwork in, in April which was all there, complete, easy to find since we had the recent refinance. David also said the sooner we get our paperwork in the sooner we close this loan, so I did just that, 4/15/2008.
    Then 05/28/09 comes along and we finally got the Truth in lending Disclosure, Great! every thing looks good, the terms and everything were good for us.
    Ok, now that the home still needed a little work to be perfect, I finished some small projects and still needed to complete the garage, siding, electrical, so I contacted David Olson and he said the loan is all approved and just waiting on the appraiser, So I waited for a while and asked David Olsen again what was going on? and again he said the loan has been approved and still waiting on the appraiser, busy guy, So I asked if I could get my own appraisal and he said no to that and David Olsen told me to borrow money to finish your home before the appraiser gets there to get the best appraisal,
    OK, put about $5000 on credit cards to finish home and everything was good to go now, 6/15/09. just waiting on the appraiser. Now I also asked David if we should get someone else to refinance since they were having trouble getting a appraiser here and he said just be patient, the loan is all approved and the appraiser will be there, just wait for his phone call. Well this went on all summer, if I would have known this guy was lying to me, I would have found another finance company, but I would have 2% prepayment penalty on the loan, so I would just stick to the plan.
    Ok now here comes 08/31/09 a refusal letter stating that we insufficient income, and owe too much. We did not the year before and had many more obligations, yes that is true but since we borrowed money to fix up home, Thanks to David Olsen, I would think that would be expected, since I was going to pay off all dept with loan proceeds and we are on a path to great credit, I have been borrowing money to pay some bills till this loan went through, well since the loan did not go through, I cannot pay my unsecured debt, Now I am in big trouble, it is my fault for listening to these lies from Trish and David Olsen and Wells Fargo. I should have seen it coming.
    Ok, now comes the Home Affordable Modification Loan since our income has dropped due to my tenants not paying and the overwhelming unsecured debt etc. (my wife is a Vet and we are both on Social Security fixed income due to disability's), that was 09/11/09 We sent all required info for the Home Affordable Modification to Kerrie Holst and on 11/04/09 Kerrie Holst needed more info, we sent that out promptly and about a week later Karrie Holst called me and said we do not qualify for the Home Affordable Program, we made too much money and the payment would go UP instead of down, I then asked her if there is another way of getting this home in a good loan, and she said it was in a good loan and 12% ARM is a very good rate? WHAT? and she kept insisting me that she trying her best to help me? WHAT?, well that conversation did not end well.
    1. OK now check out these 3 situations- 02/18/08 had good credit except wife, not too bad, we get 12% ARM 40 year $675 a month, Ok no problem at time told we can refinance next year when these marks are off of credit
    2.OK, Been 1 year now, David Olson called us (cold Call) Apply for a good loan all credit issues cleared up, April 2009 4.5% 30 year fixed-$399.51 a month, down from $690.00 mo. perfect! come 08/31/09, got refused for this loan, findings-could not afford this loan? WHAT?
    3. Now we apply for the Home Affordable Modification 11-09, got refused because we make too much money and the payments would go up instead of down, Well That is my nightmare with this bank.
    Now How do these numbers really work, approved for $675. per month -currently,
    Credit cleared up and apply for 4.5% 30yr fixed loan $399. per month -did not make enough money What?
    Apply for Home Modification loan, got denied, payment still $675 per month, -now receive too much money and payment would go up instead of down, with and less income now than in the past 3 years. What?
    !Please help!
    Thanks, Todd & Cori Runnels

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checking account scam

Wells Fargo is scamming consumers. I would like other people to be aware of what they are doing so they don't get taken advantage of like my husband and I have been.

In short, Wells Fargo sent us a promotional offer in the mail to open up a free checking account with them and receive a $50 bonus. I called over the phone and opened an account with them giving them the promotional code for the $50 bonus. They never deposited the bonus and when I contacted them about this they said I had to talk to the customer service rep that set up the account but I can't get him to return my calls. So I filed a complaint with the Attorney General and the Better Business Bureau. They responded to the BBB saying they are unable to determine the promotion requested and they have not given me my $50 bonus. I gave them all the information that was on the mailer as it stated to do.

Wells Fargo offered me a promotion to open a checking account and now they won't honor it. I find this very upsetting for me as a consumer to have Wells Fargo use a bait and switch marketing scam to get customers and I feel consumers need to be aware so they don't fall victim to this same scam.

  • Be
    Beth Stephens May 15, 2010

    This one is subtle and oh so difficult to prove. Wells Fargo started sending me E mails about 3 weeks ago about how there may be suspicious activity in my account on line. I took the E mails into the local bank as the #'s they had me call were asking for my acct. # and if not my SS which seemed of course suspicious. The bank reported these E mails to the fraud dept. of Wells Fargo. Then I got a letter saying they had been trying to call me unsuccessfully and that I needed to call their fraud line at 866-867-5568. Well I reluctantly called the # and they wanted my acct. # again and if not my SS. I said no, I won't give them over the phone. I went back to the bank (same banker) he said that he'll report it but it probably isn't anything and I should bring in the letter.
    He pulled up my statement and printed it...nothing wrong or out of place. Went to pay my mortgage on line this AM and I am denied access (for security reasons). I called the # they give on line. The "nice young man" explained that it just may have been triggered if I used a different computer to access my acct. Okay,
    so then he goes into 15 ways why I need to pay $12.00 a month to get Wells special security policy against
    just this type of thing...Bait and switch by causing unnessessary fear this one is...imagine how many $12.00 per mo. policies this creates for them. I think it's criminal! Anyone else experience this?

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unauthorized billing

August, 2009; I called WF to make a payment because their website was down. I usually make my payments on line because it is free of charge and fast. When I made the payment on the phone I was advised that I should go ahead and set up another check for next months payment because the site may still be down. I went ahead and did that. They wanted to charge me $12 for taking my 'check by phone' and finally I got them to waive the $12 because it was not my fault their site was down. My husband has been out of work since May, so when the time came for the following months payment to come out, we were not going to have the funds. I called WF and asked them to post date the check for another week, until I got paid, so I knew the money would be there. They said ok. They tried putting the check through anyway which cost me a NSF fee. I called WF the day I got paid to advise them to put the check through, which they did that evening. 2 days later they put it through again which took my account into the negative. They took 2 car payments from my account when I only authorized one. They also charged me $12 on one of the checks. My next car payment is not due until September 13th! It is only Sept. 5th! I called WF to have them put the funds back into my account and not only was I hung up on twice, I was sent to someone's v/m that I didn't know I was being transferred to. So my fourth attempt at calling them back, I finally spoke with a manager who told me that she could not put the funds back into my account because' I didn't bank with WF' and what I need to do is fax over my bank statement showing the 2 withdrawls from WF, call back in 24 hours to make sure they got it, give them another 48 hours to cut a check so they can put it in the mail!!! In the mean time, my account is negative (thank God I was able to put some money into savings otherwise we would have no money to live on until they sent me the check). Its funny, when they want their money, they threaten you and make you western union it - spending more of your money so they can get their money on time. But when THEY make a mistake, not only do they not care that you are being charged NSF fees due to their negligence, but they make you wait over a week to get your hard earned money back. Wells Fargo sucks! We all know they have the capability to reverse funds as easily as they do to take funds. BTW - I was advised that WF does not advise their employess (the people that take your personal banking information for payments) to advise their customers they will put a check through 3x until it's paid. So, basically, when I called to advise the money was in my account, they took it as another 'check over the phone' which I DID NOT EVEN GIVE ANY BANKING INFO THE 2ND TIME I CALLED. Amazing this company is still in business... anyone interested in a class action law suit? Email me @ [protected]@hotmail.com.

unauthorized billing

I puchased a floor sample sofabed from Raymour Flanigan and had to arrange to shipment via a local handyman they suggested--to the tune of $100 cold cash. The payment was due over a 3 month period to Wells Fargo. At the last payment, for some mysterious reason the check was said not to be received by Wells Fargo even though Citibank had issued it (some mysterious reason two banking giants could not communicate electronically but used snail mail. Tho I spoke to WF reps and attempted to make the last payment via computer I have just now received yet another finance charge and another finance charge...almost a total of $30 in finance charges that I feel are unwarranted.

  • Valerie Aug 20, 2008

    A personal banker offered me $50 to open a checking account, but claimed he couldn't find a copy of the certificate. I told him to send the $50 certificate along with the account opening forms to my home. He opened a checking account and a savings account for me without my authorization and signature, but never sent the $50 certificate to me. When I complained to their toll-free number, I was told that I would receive my $50 certificate and that I would not be charged any fees. However, both statements were false.

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  • Valerie Oct 27, 2008

    I am writing on one last attempt to reconcile the problems with my account. I had several small check card purchase which for one reason or another did not go through until after my account had run low. I was charged $34 for 6 or 7 purchases under $10. I was under the impression that these purchases would not go through on my debit card if they were not going to be covered and/or taken out immediately.

    In the past I have liked your service but other than availability in most cities, there is nothing irreplaceable about it. I closed my account immediately after seeing these charges as I'm working in Osage, WY for a few months. My sister is handling my local business, she has power of attorney for that purpose.

    If you would consider refunding these charges I would reopen my account as I noted, it is convenient. I have a direct deposit of $400-600 per week.

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phone calls from [protected]

We have been getting phone calls from [protected] for some reason and asking for a name that we don't recognize and it seems fishy and annoying to someone to call like then ask to want to talk to my wife and not knowing who we talking to. I check this number and it coming probably from a skype and name probably Angelo Molinard.
I'm just reporting this because we need to be vigilant about spammers and let our fellow citizens know what is been going on and we need to protect our privacy and they know about this kind of practices which is illegal.

signed us up for a mortgage, now pulling out and says they will not renew

Just received a letter from Wells Fargo Financial Corporation of Canada, Missisauga office Subject "Well...

3 comments Coquitlam Loans

shady business practices, posting and overdraft and bounced check fees

Wells Fargo Bank Sucks. In my opinion. This bank has a lot of nerve. Not only do they have shady accounting...

poor customer service/misinformation

Earlier in the year, we were assessed the wrong taxes for our home because of an error with our county's tax assessor. Our taxes and whatnot are paid via an escrow account that we pay into with our monthly payments, so Wells Fargo paid the taxes in full, leaving a negative balance. When they reanalyzed our escrow this year, we had a shortage that resulted in our monthly payments increasing by $400.00.

After we got that escrow statement, we went to the tax assessor, got the correct tax amount, and were issued a refund. We promptly called Wells Fargo to inform them of the correction, and let them know we would call back and resolve the shortage when we received the refund.

A couple of weeks later, we received the refund and I called Wells Fargo to pay off the shortage and reduce our monthly payments to what they should be. The agent I spoke with told me that because we pay our mortgage in biweekly payments, we were ahead on payments for the year; that meant they could reverse the last two biweekly payments and apply them to our escrow account, leaving us to pay the difference (around $100).

Sounded like a great plan, and it was supposed to be resolved within 5 business days. After the five business days came and went, I logged in and saw that the reversal hadn't happened. I left this same agent a voicemail...no callback. I then called their main service number and spoke to another agent about the problem. She gave me the same response, which was that she would submit the request and they would take care of it in five business days.

Five business days later - logged in, account still the same.

Called back today and spoke to ANOTHER agent and was told that the two requests were denied because they cannot reverse bi-weekly payments, only monthly payments. She then got a bit of an attitude and told me that I should have sent the refund to Wells Fargo because it was Wells Fargo's money. This set me off because that's exactly what I called to do in the first place, and TWO of their ###ic agents misinformed me. On top of that, they had access to my customer notes and information and never contacted me to tell me the reversals could not be processed, nor did they check their notes and inform me of this on either of the previous calls I placed to them.

All in all, I will be glad when we sell our house in a couple of years and end this relationship. I will not be doing business with these jokers again.

  • El
    ElaineF Jan 22, 2010

    Part of letter I mailed the President of the United States today.

    I wrote this letter after reading the speech you gave in Ohio where you said "And I can promise you, there will be more fights in the days ahead. We're having one of them right now, because I want to charge Wall Street a modest fee to repay taxpayers in full for saving their skin in a time of need. You can rest assured, we're going to get that money -- your money -- back, each and every dime."
    Obama concluded, "I didn't run for president to turn away from these challenges. I didn't run for president to kick them down the road. I ran for president to confront them, once and for all."

    My TIME OF NEED is NOW I need some of the stimulus money that was handed to the banks to SAVE MY SKIN. REDUCE my interest rate, SAVE my house that I’ve lived in since 1979.

    One company you need to confront is Wells Fargo Home Mortgage. My current mortgage rate is 8.62%. My mortgage is $54, 000 but with escrows, taxes my payment is $1, 027 per month. My mortgage problems started in Dec 2008 when I fell behind in my payments. It’s been a horror show since then. I provided all the paperwork Wells Fargo required for a loan modification, they lied, everytime I spoke to someone it was a different story. I spoke to Wells Fargo 2-3 times weekly from Dec 2008- Jan 2010.

    On Jan 19, 2010 I received a foreclosure letter from xxxxx Law Offices. Saying I was behind 4 months. I called Wells Fargo the Loss Mitigation specialist looked at my payments history, agreed there were mistakes. Said talk to Customer Service and get a payment history print out.
    Which I never received.

    In 30 days I could be foreclosed on, what am I supposed to do .

    I’m not asking for a handout or anything for free. I just need HELP.
    I’m looking for what was promised lower interest rates, my house not going into foreclosure.
    That is what the stimulus money was for, not for mega bonuses, lavish parties.

    I’ve called a counselor numerous times at HOPE NOW but never got a return call.
    As I was typing this letter to you I received a fax from xxxxx Law Offices if I want to reinstate my loan I need to give them $6, 625.25 ($1, 410.54 in legal fees) before Feb 3rd after that date the fees get higher.

    Please HELP me, thank you.


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failure to meet closing date

In March 2009, with a preliminary pre-approval letter from Wells Fargo in hand, I made an offer on an...


I was eligible and filed the paperwork for a loan modification due to harship of my wife losing her job. Wells Fargo after processing the application and assigning a negotiator for five months they just close the file with no restructuring offer. In fact the loan mitigation department says they can't re-open the file and I would have to re-file from the begining since my wife is on unemployment and once that runs out I need to re-file. Unemployment as I understand is not to be used as a factor of income in these modifications. Wells Fargo has shown no intention of restructuring these loans eventhough we (the taxpayers) have given them bilions of our tax dollars for this program they are just sitting fat and happy paying their corporate bonuses as the rest of us suffer. The complete lack of accountability and oversight is exactly how we ended up in this financial mess in the first place.
Shame on you Wells Fargo! I want to file or join a class-action lawsuit aginast Wells Fargo Mortgage, anyone started one yet? Who is with me?

  • Li
    Lied to in Miami Sep 03, 2009

    Wells Fargo has wasted almost 4 1/2 months of my time and most importantly it closed
    the door on the hope it gave me to make my house affordable. I too, qualified for the modification according to government regulations and they denied the case. When asked how this could be possible, they gave me endless excuses and reasons, none of which make any sense at all. I would not only be part of a class action suit, I would also like to see their mask of "concern" pulled off of their face.
    WELLS FARGO IS PLAYING GAMES WITH PEOPLES LIVES. Their is no excuse for such insensitive practices.

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  • Ka
    KATNAPPER Nov 20, 2009


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  • Fi
    Fighting4MyHome Dec 02, 2009

    We are in. We have been jerked around by Wells Fargo for over a year now. We have everything documented. Names, employee numbers, the whole nine yards!! Our home is set to forclose in 4 weeks because of their errors.

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  • Ok
    okie chiarian Dec 14, 2009

    We are so in. I am ready. They are truley messing with peoples livelyhood. It is not fair. I bet they sit back and laugh at us all as we are stressing.
    Okie Chiarian

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  • 81
    813copeland Jan 11, 2010

    I agree 100%! My wife collasped while teaching in her classroom and the subsequent medical bills were more than we could handle. They were not willing to negotiate at ALL. We had to short sale and paid $3000 dollars of our savings just for them to allow us to short sale. The money was never even applied to the remaing balance. There is a special place where its HOT for the people who work there.

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  • Br
    Bronx 2002 Jan 18, 2010

    I agree as well, we have been in the Loan Modification process and only have phone interaction, you are completely vulnerable, not one supervisor has returned a call to us and now although I have a tracking # to prove they received our signatures and documents they are saying they never received it. Where does someone go to fight this type of service, we are good people trying to resolve our problem and the treatment is unacceptable and demeaning.
    Who can help us?

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  • Th
    Theresa Zaremba Jan 21, 2010

    I am going through the same thing and I am definately in, I actually had a forbearance agreement with them until this month 1/6/10 to be exact where I was to pay a decreased amount until they did the figures to see if I qualified for the Obama act...I just received a summons to court for foreclosure scheduled the beginning of February. They are sheisters because I have representatives through Home Rescue LLC who has been working with them on my behalf since Sept 09. A few weeks ago they sent me a letter stating that they sold my account to another Wells Fargo division and have been trying to contact me, they know that if we make arrangements over the phone that I breach my contract with Home Rescue and they will no longer represent me..they are sneaky, sneaky, sneaky..and have no regard in the lives and well being of their clients and I do plan to be a voice in this matter!

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repayment plan, did not disclose facts

Take responsibility Wells Fargo! I had gone through 2 layoffs and a total of 14 months of unemployment without missing a payment with Wells Fargo Home Mortgage. Then in November of 2007 I had to make a decision, either pay the mortgage or monthly bills, there was not enough cash for both and if I were to pay the mortgage I would have to over night the payment to get it there on time. I called wells fargo and told the seemingly "nice" customer service person my dilema who proceeded to tell me about a repayment plan where my payment would be divided up over 10 months at at the end I would be current. Sounded good to me so I hung up and proceeded to take all the cash I had and pay my monthly household bills. A week and a half later I get paperwork from wells fargo reconfirming my conversation which looked ok, so I signed it and mailed it back. Fast forward 5 months, I go to trade in my wifes car and am told my credit is so bad I couldn't finance an apple. I checked and sure enough, wells fargo was showing me dilinquent each and every month. I checked the paperwork and it said I would be reported "late" which I took to mean the payment did not arrive on the 1st of the month. <br />
<br />
My credit has been destroyed. At this very moment I am scrambling to keep my son in college because I cannot qualify to cosign a student loan. I have contacted State Representatives, Senators, the Attorney General and my complaint even found it's way to the Comptroller of the Currency who agreed like others I have a legitimate complaint but not their jurisdiction. I finally got somebody from the executive complaint department at wells fargo on the phone last week and after I made it clear I want nothing from wells fargo but my credit restored I was told it was my responsibility to ask the question as to whether it would hurt my credit or not. Wells Fargo has gone back and listened to the conversation and has reported everything that was said during the conversation accurately but they continue to convienently leave out the part of whether it was disclosed to me that it would destroy my credit.<br />
<br />
I am looking for help here anyone have any ideas on how to fight this battle. I just want my credit restored.<br />
<br />

  • Ne
    nevera wellscustomeragain Sep 01, 2009

    We are going thru the same thing. I am so pissed after seeing a story today on CNN about others dealing with the same thing we are, Mtg companies try to get you to do a repayment plan, you do everything to the dime as they asked, then a week or 2 passes and they state we were not cooperative or returning their calls. BS!!! So we go and redo everything and they say the same crap 2 weeks later, or we get some dumba** employee that doesnt have a single clue how to handle it .
    there HAS TO BE something done about this, they are screwing us over!
    We go with Wells Fargo and I would never recommend them to anyone EVER!
    I hope they go under with no bailout at all.

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  • Si
    simtina Sep 03, 2009

    OMG! I have a credit card through Wells Fargo and I got behind on the payments, so they also got me to agree to a repayment program that is directly taken from my checking account each month. My husband and I are also going through unemployment/layoff issues! We are just trying to hold out and try to keep our credit decent incase things do start looking better in this economy! I hope they are not screwing us too! Chapter 11 may be our only way out! I do have one complaint about Wells Fargo, their customer sevice people are rude as hell! One lady actually hung up on our husband when he said he could not make a payment by a certain time and then after that is when they called about the repayment plan! Come to think about it, we are probably getting screwed!

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  • La
    labtech12 Sep 29, 2009

    Wells Fargo will continue to report you late even if you are on a repayment program and stay current with the payments until the whole amount is paid up. They report you late each month because they apply the payment to the oldest month's bill.

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email scam

From this addy: [protected]@usajobs.com comes this email:

From: Wells Fargo N.A. <[protected]@usajobs.com>
Date: 2009/8/21
Subject: Attention Required: Wells Fargo Customers.

Dear Wells Fargo Customer,

We hereby introduce a part time job offer for only wells fargo customers.If you are a wells fargo customer then you are elgible for this fantastic part time job offer.This job is very simple and easy, we have customers all over usa and most of them feel difficult to make payment to us and hence the payment will be done by the client to you and you have to forward us the funds deducting your 10%.For a start 10% is your commission and then your commission and will increase depending on the number of transactions you make.If you are really intrested in this offer we request you to fill in the the application form below and send us and we will reply you back ASAP.

Full Name:
Complete Address:
Zip Code:
Branch At Which You hold Your Wells Fargo Account:
Do You Hold A Wells Fargo Credit Card (YES/NO):
If So Available Limit:
Phone Number:
Mobile Number:

Reply us with all the informations above to [protected]@micth.com

Mr.Frances James
Employment Officer
Officer Code:K092LA

Note:Delete this message once read.
Thank You For Banking With Wells Fargo.

  • De
    Deliicate Aug 24, 2009

    I just got that email today but I don't even have a Wells Fargo card. So it doesn't apply to me. I do think it is a scam there. That is just random. They are probably just trying to get your information and use them or something. Well don't let them. Emails and the net can't always be safe so be caution.

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Propertyis in forecloser but still within time to reinstate. I have all mortgage payments plus late fees. I...

they are not honest or knowledgeable

Warning to buyers on Wells Fargo Mortgage in Beverly Ma. If you want to actually purchase a home and close...

rude associates

The representatives for Wells Fargo Auto Finance have no customer service skills what so ever. The are rude and brash over the phone when discussing your account. I actually told one representative that if she did not cut out the attitude the conversation was over. She proceeded to advise me the nature of her call and that she didn't have to watch her attitude. I hung up on her.

I'm to the point where I'm about to tell them exactly what they can do with the car and I'll just start hitch-hiking to work.

Not to mention the calls are in such excess. I've also given them a number that is more practical to reach me on since I'm hardly ever home. They still call my home number and insist I've never given them an alternative number. I have an easier time explaining computer programming to my kindergardener.

  • Jc
    JCBoston69 Mar 04, 2010

    I was unemployed for a year and a half. I went from 90 days past due to 5 days past due. I told a rep that I would make my next payment in a week and a half. He said he would enter that into my account. They are still harassing the hell out of me, each person who calls saying that I didn't make what they consider a valid agreement.

    Anyway, I'm so fed up with their crap that I logged into my account at www.wellsfargo.com, and changed my two phone numbers in my contact info to two of THEIR phone numbers.

    So now, when they call to talk to me, they will be talking to themselves.

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scam charges

I tried to close my accounts with them. Went in person to do it. They closed everything, gave me checks for the balances, etc. However, they kept charging me for the monthly fees ON MY CLOSED ACCOUNTS. I called them, they reversed the fee. But they keep charging me for monthly fees ON CLOSED ACCOUNTS. I ended all autopays but they refuse to ever actually finally close my accounts.

My advice, do not ever start doing business with them - it's like a virus that you can never officially delete. They are still charging me for my quicken integration fess ON CLOSED ACCOUNTS.

  • Valerie Jul 02, 2008

    I recommend anyone with a WF account to close it and move it to another bank now. I was screwed over five days. WF refuses to fix their errors. I have moved my finances to their competitor. I also am filing a lawsuit against WF for my damages. They will have to send their $500 per hour attorneys to defend them at court. Maybe they will listen to their customers better after a good lawsuit. Get the word out, everyone get their money out of Wells Fargo & Company. Bringing them to justice, in COURT.

    Thank you,

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  • Valerie Sep 19, 2008

    Wells Fargo is a terrible bank in my opinion. If you are banking with them you may want to reconsider. If you are not banking with them but you are considering doing so, you may want to think about this a little more. This is a very low quality customer service bank. It is very unpersonal and does not care about its customers at all. Furthermore, they are quite dishonest. They stolen out of my account over $800.00 simply because my step-son's account got overdrawn. My step son is an adult. I have no control over his actions or over his account. I had no access to his account or knowledge of the status of that account. They claim that because I allowed my wife to have access to my account and because she had also access to my step-son's account that somehow these two accounts are linked or related. Total nonsense. This bank is a total scam!!!

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  • Valerie Oct 27, 2008

    I bank at the warm springs marketplace branch of wells fargo, Las Vegas Nevada. I walked up to the teller unsure of how much money was in my account, and I was told that I had about twenty dollars. I asked if anything was pending, and I was told no. Feeling safe and assuming I had overdraft protection as I was told when I opened the account, I made two more charges that day.

    Unfortunately, the teller was wrong, and I still had a pending charge. Therefore, I was charged three overdraft fees, two for the purchases made that day, and one for the pending charge. I accept responsibility to for the pending charge one, even if I do feel it's unfair. When I went to the manager to ask if she could fix this, since it was her teller's mistake, she nicely offered to take ten dollars off as a courtesy. I appreciate this, but that doesn't change the fact that I now have three overdraft fees totaling over 100 dollars.

    I make nine dollars an hour and I work very hard for my money. Last month I paid an overdraft fee that was also not my fault (merchant charged me twice for a book instead of refunding it) but I really cannot afford to pay three of them in one month.

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  • Le
    Levi Morgan Nov 13, 2008

    I would love to join you in your pursuit to sue Wells Fargo Bank. They have put over 20 day hold on checks, stole, and the left hand has NO clue what the right is doing. I have been told they were to release charges and then had them not do it. It is a nightmare with them.

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  • De
    DebsC Dec 18, 2008

    I had the same thing happen to me. I had opened a new acct because there was a fraudulent check posted to my acct. I opened the new acct and 162 dollars was transferred from the old acct to the new one. I called Wells Fargo to verify that yes, I had this money IN my acct. The phone banker said yes. I made sure I had no pending charges. I had her check 3 times. She said no, this WAS the amount I had. So, I went out and purchased groceries. When I got home, I had 20 dollars left. The next morning I woke to find 5 past paid entries added to my new account (none were "pending") plus the 3 new entries I had just done.

    In all, I was over drawn by 137.63 dollars without the fees. What's worse, I had a 52 dollar pending amount I spent on groceries. Payday was days away.

    Well, I was on the phone with WF which denied the banker did anything wrong, in fact, they maintain I should have had overdraft protection.

    I owed as of yesterday 207 dollars WITH the fees from 2 bounced ATM withdrawls. The only good news is that the grocery purchase of 52 dollars was paid in full.

    I know when I visited my old acct that the chunk of paid items were transferred from the old account to the new acct. causing a double dip for the bank AND the excuse to levvy fees on me.

    I'll be moving OUT of WF as soon as I clear this mess up.

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  • No
    nonmafia Jan 08, 2010


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