Walmart/windows8.1 Discs$20 extra charge attempt at exchange

I bought Windows 8.1 from Walmart online and went to the Glenolden, PA store to pick it up. I waited 15 minutes for the woman in front of me to get what she came for until they found it. It took them a half an hour to figure out that they lost the key to the lock on the gated area it was in. I suggested and finally went to get a copy off the shelf in the electronics department. The 64bit disc would not load so, on New Years Day, I went to exchange it. I said to the girl at the counter: " I bought this online and I want to exchange it. The 64bit disc will not load. It costs twenty dollars more to get it in the store that is why I bought it online." She proceeded to scan the box and started handing me money. I asked her why because I asked to exchange it. She directed me to go and get another one. I said: " I have to go get another one and pay for it with you all over again? " She told me: " That's what we have to do. " I hobbled back to get another set of discs on a foot with a broken bone I had suffered two days prior. When I returned another employee standing at the other register (2) said she could help me.See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in Glenolden, PA I explained that the other girl had instructed me to return with another Windows 8.1 disc set and re-pay. I then gave her the money back. Then they said it was going to cost me $126.00 after giving me back $106.00. I explained that I was given back my money and told to get another one and come back. After asking for a manager a young man came over I explained to him the situation and then he voided the refund. After he walked away, the original girl said: " I can ring you up after this lady. If you still want it, it will cost you $126.00 " I said: " No it will not. I paid $106.00 for this online and that is what I am paying back to you." She evidently ignored what I said, because after she took care of the other customer at her register she rang it up and said it would be $126.00 again. I said: " You have got to be kidding me. I paid $106.00, you gave me back $106.00, and that is all I am paying." Her reply was that I could just get my money back. I said: " I've had enough of this. I tell you what, just give me the money back. I'd rather go to Best Buy or another store and pay the extra $20 to them instead of buying anything here." And I did go to Target and get what I wanted from a helpful and very sympathetic electronics associate. Thank you TARGET!!!

Walmart/windows8.1 Discs

Jan 07, 2015

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